Terraria: potions for a warrior

In this guide, I will show you all the potions in the terraria for war and show them how to craft.


1.Rage / Rage Potion

Increases Critical Strike Chance by 10%. Active 4 minutes
There will be different potions in a world with corruption and crimson: Potion of rage – for crimson, potion of anger – for spoilage.
1. Potion of rage
1)Water bottle
2)Hemopyrania (can be caught in water bodies of crimson)
3)Dead grass(can be found in the crimzone)
2. Potion of Wrath
1)Water bottle
2)Ebony koi (can be caught in spoilage reservoirs)
3)Dead grass(can be found in the crimzone

2. Regeneration potion, iron skin

You probably ask:”Why combine?”. And I will answer you, that these two potions are similar to each other.
1. Regeneration potion
Being drunk, applies a buff, increasing the rate of health regeneration by 2 units per second. Active 8 minutes
1)water bottle
2)dayflower(grows on the surface during the day)
3)Mushroom(grows on the surface)
2. Iron Skin Potion
Gives you a buff when used, increasing protection index by 8 units. Active 8 minutes
1)Water bottle

3. Vitality potion

When used, it increases maximum health by 20%. Active 5 minutes.
1)water bottle
2)Prismatic fish(can be fished in the holy lands)
3)Moonlight(grows on the surface at night)
4)Shiverbloom(grows in snow biome)

4. Stamina potion

Reduces damage taken by 10%. Active 4 minutes.
1)Water bottle
2)Armored snapper(Can be obtained by fishing in the dungeon at the rock layer level)
3)Shimmering root(appears in all biomes, but most often underground)

5. Ale

This potion increases damage, but reduces protection. Namely:
Applies the intoxication debuff:
-4 units. protection
+2% melee critical hit chance
+10% melee damage
+10% to melee speed
Active 2 minutes
Workplace: Beer keg
Thing: A cup(craftable from glass)
You can also buy it from the innkeeper

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