CryoFall: Fast development! (PVE)

Acceleration of development on average in 3-4 times. Advanced drones for 8 hours of play. Hoverboard MK2 and shotgun for more 4. PVE.



ATTENTION! The guide accelerates the "passing" of the game in PVE format in 3-4 times. Decide for yourself, do you need such experience.
Our goal is from scratch and very quickly to get something, thanks to which advanced players easily get resources and quickly progress in talents: hover for fast travel, advanced drones for the most efficient farming of resources and good weapons for defense and farming of talent points.
For some convenience, the guide is divided into conditional hours and what needs to be done during this time. Of course, this is only approximately - everyone can do it differently, faster or longer. It is only important to follow the indicated direction of development and try to do as little unnecessary things as possible..

Preparatory part

Install addons CNEI and Automaton (pinned topics on the forum at the link below). They will save you a lot of time and will change the whole style of play.. Without them, you will not get close to the deadline within the specified time frame.. They lie here - this is the official forum of the game, there is a link to it even in the start menu. So everything is completely legal. Automaton, as the name suggests, automates a lot of gaming features (car beam, auto-selection of production, auto harvest, etc., and not only!). CNEI, on the other hand, is an extremely convenient knowledge base for the game., which will answer a lot of your questions. Moreover, since we started to play, wholly, shows the contents of large boxes without shells - very convenient in the later stages of the game, although not needed in our walkthrough.

First hour

Turn on the addon (F6) to autoselect everything (on / off button "X"). Everything will be useful to us one way or another, what's just lying around. And pay special attention to the fibers - at some point everything will rest against them, and there will be no time to craft them through chemistry. Felling, digging and fishing can also be turned on. But it is better to activate the cutting of fish as needed - fillets take up more space and spoil faster.
Our first goal is to put the base in a good location, where there is a lot of ore nearby, preferably there are meadows with herbs and a lake. Somewhere within the circled in red and preferably right next to the lake. I marked with black circles potentially good places, but this is optional.
We run in search of a good and unoccupied place for the base. Along the way, we select everything, loot everything, eat everything. All of this will give bonus talent points for exploring the world.. We do quests. As soon as we get the first stone knife, we beat all defenseless animals. It gives a lot of OT (talent points) and angry. Aggressive animals are best avoided at this stage.. And don't forget, that the mechanics are like this, that animals run to help each other. Ie. chasing a chicken you run the risk of being shocked by wild boars and wolves, that they will come to her defense. be careful. It's not worth dying again.
Building a base, melting furnaces, bench, catchment. Our intermediate goal is to make iron tools (ax, knife, pickaxe - farm will go much faster with them) and the first 29-30 quests. For things and tools that started to break down (apart from the very first, stone) dispatch a separate box or two. Not useful within the guide, but then you will pump your repair skill on them. Well, since it's all the same to do on quests, you can make a farm on 12-15 cells and plant everything there, what you find will help, because food is always in short supply with our style of play. Watering is optional.
By the end of this stage, your skills should look something like this:
Only herbal medicine was taken in the preparation. (to the quest). Protected by fabric armor (again on the quest, although later you will need to take another). In farming – watering can and humus - again for the quest. On the attack - paper cartridges and a musket (you can take a pistol instead - some say, that he is even better).
Skill rank 2:
In electricity - only a steam generator, bioreactor and energy storage. I only managed to open chemistry during this time - but it will need to be pumped all over. When farming ore, you will encounter "Crawlers" – red insect creatures. Insect meat, what will fall out of them - put in the evaporator – come in handy. For storing loot - and we store everything, since we will need everything sooner or later, have to use wooden boxes, which cannot be labeled. Alas, there will not be enough time and resources for iron games at our pace. So try to organize them somehow or at least remember them.. There will be more and more loot every hour.
Remember to stick the second base next to the first, otherwise there won't be enough space.

Second hour

We farm wood and ore. You can make a couple of muskets / pistols and cartridges for them. We pump chemistry. We open the technology "Xenogeology". We just open it - there is no need to study buildings dependent on electricity. We will work in wood. The task is to build 4 lithium extractor and 1 oil pumping station. Run extractors (they work on wood). Start making canisters (so far made of iron and copper) for an oil pumping station.

Third and fourth hours

We continue to farm and collect everything, what is going, we ensure the operation of pumping units for lithium and oil. We do quests until the 35th. To do this, you will have to walk north and into the tropics.. At the same time, fill the OT with hunting with your first firearm.
We open chemistry 3 rank (and study the power cell). We open production 3 rank - here you will need to study everything. We are building an oil refinery, steam generator and bioreactor. It is worth additionally farming sand on the coasts and making 200 empty bottles. Build on second base 4-8 wells - there should already be enough stone. Also build barrels, where will you pour gasoline and oil - they will be very useful in the future.
Along the way, now and next hours - fill in 3-4 barrels of water on the sly during the return to base. There is no need to specially wait for filling. Threw bottles into the well - left. Returned - poured into a barrel - returned to the well - left.
Same, during the return to base, craft a little nitrocellulose or reagents for it. This should go in parallel with the general process of playing and farming., then you will not waste time before going out into the desert, how did i lose him.

Fifth and sixth hours

You should have accumulated a lot of insect meat in the evaporator already.. Learn Fishing (for this you will have to finish learning some talents of the first rank). In fishing itself, learn everything except mixed bait. Make some fishing rods and go to the shore of the nearest lake - farm with the mod, not manually of course. This is a great excuse to take a break.. Butcher the fish - make new bait - and so on until the bait runs out. Do not forget to put almost broken fishing rods in a specially designated box for future repairs..
Of course, the farm of ore and wood has not been canceled - it is permanent. Always, if it is not written what to do, then you are farming and melting, blues and farms. Also, don't forget to keep an eye on the oil.. By the way, you should have collected some oilmen - it can be processed into oil. By this point in the game, you should already have more 100-150 lithium. And around 30-40 canister.
Unlock the skill "Manufacturing" Rank 4.

Seventh hour

Research "Improved Industrial Drone" and "Improved Remote Control Drone" in Production Rank 4.
We continue to farm ores, wood - for our generator and extractors to work.
Crafting the remote and 4 drone.
By skills, if after the drones and the remote control there is something left – direction of "Attack" Rank 3. There we need a shotgun and jacan bullets 12 caliber - for a shotgun.
You can also study all the talents on the quest 1 rank.

Eighth hour

We just farm with drones for the whole hour. Talent points should come in times and times faster!!!
Rocking Attack 3 (as stated above) and medicine to the bandage. If coffee beans are lying around, then you can go to the Quest before the Small Strength Stimulator.

Ninth and tenth hours

Of course we farm and farm! The tree for the functioning of the base, ore for smelters! But in the process, we pay more attention to preparing for a sortie into the desert.. We need nothing less 500 (to be sure, farm the desert without any luck or bad luck), and better 800+ shotgun cartridges. It will take most of the time, but, if you started crafting nitrocellulose in time and have 200 bottles, then, probably, get out into the desert before 10 o'clock.
To the exit to the desert you, probably, you will have time to reach the pragmy sensor in production and study the "Transport" Rank 3.
Make bandages just in case. In general, desert farming without a sensor and a hoverboard was not difficult at all., but still, as you can see, in the process of writing the guide, I prepared myself conscientiously: shotguns, bandages, mountain of cartridges, food ... the attentive reader will notice, that I forgot the water and almost died on the way home.
Check, do you have 50 salt in stock. If not, be sure to stop by in the desert to farm salt marshes. You don't need much. Just for the MK2 hoverboard we will need 50 salt for smelting 2 gold bars.
It seems, we are ready!

Eleventh hour

We move out into the desert and in an hour (or a little more), tired, but well rested, coming home! On the OT received for the genocide of all desert animals, I personally opened (just opened) Transport T4, for which it was necessary to open construction and chemistry of the third rank.
Ah, Yes, as for pragmy. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the screen. The pragmy columns look like this and are usually guarded by a trinity of rather strong and very fast beetles from which the pragmy also falls. Having dealt with the guards, you need to collect small heaps of pragmia lying around and with a pickaxe bring the column to low HP. Then install dynamite next to it and run as hard as you can! Hearing the first explosion, run even faster!!! It exploded dynamite, but now it bangs for real! After the second explosion - go back and use a pickaxe to collect pragmias.
And finally, about fishing. Initially, when this fast leveling experiment, was just an idea, I wasn't going to pump it at all. Later, looking at two stacks of disappearing insect meat still pumped. And while it did pay off well in the end thanks to the research bonuses, I wasn’t sure anyway, is she needed in such a fast leveling. Controversial. but, returning from the desert, I still understood it was right to download it. As seen in the screenshot, the meat of insects brought from there was enough for whole 75 bait. With her I went to the sea, where haven’t fished yet (in the lakes and in the sea - different fish). So right now, while I'm finishing the guide, me by myself (thanks again fashion) farm OT for fishing and for new types of fish. In addition, you will pump fishing for this time before 16-17, which means not far 20 level meaning, if necessary, endless OT farming and non-perishable canned fish as a bonus! My second fishing trip was not very successful., but even she brought order 250 OT including bonuses for research!

Twelfth hour

We build a garage, immediately the second hover (do not click, as your humble servant, otherwise I built the first one by accident, fortunately, there were enough resources for the second!)
Done! You are gorgeous! You can farm like a harvester with advanced drones, collect meteorites and containers from space (it's better not to go there on foot, unless they fell right on your head). Mob hunting turns into an entertaining safari, and movement on the map is accelerated at times! And pumped fishing allows you to make a bonus 200-300 OT after desert farm almost in AFK. By the way, that's why, including, second drones at once - they withstood a bunch of visits to the farm, provided ore and wood with a large supply and they still have a normal margin of safety! The very first, believe me, much more brittle!
My Adventures Map:
Both my bases at the time of completion (as you can see, still T1):
This concludes my adventures and my experiment on this server.. But, by itself, I have a plan for further development of this "build". What would i do, if I continued to play this character.

What's next?

1. The next leveling target, in my opinion, electricity should be T5. Oh yes - we will have to download the entire branch practically from scratch (at the moment, only electricity has been taken in T2 talents - and even then not completely, without refrigerator and floor lamp). Everything you need exactly 1000 FROM, to unlock the T5 electricity and pump the improved recharging and pragmy fuel cells there. But this will help completely bypass a rather long and monotonous stage of the game with the management of canisters or a long craft of solar panels! You will immediately have a top-end power system for the base, which will save a lot of time and effort. And improved recharging (bonus) will help increase the pace of OT farming, because. the next thing we will have to do is switch to plasma.
Small idea as a bonus!
Our base is now a dump of useless sheds around control points 1 level! Of all the buildings of any value, there is only a garage.. Workbenches, sure, useful too - but they cost almost nothing to create. What does it mean? Means, what if you want now (the reactor is not yet built) moving is easily accessible to us, if at the beginning you put the base in an inconvenient place or you were built up and there is no possibility to put neighboring bases - the idea can be considered and the reactor can be put in a new place. Now is the best time. Let me remind you, that the desert might seem like a great option. for example, somewhere near the portal. One of the three bosses is nearby, pragmias and kainite from the crushers can be farmed right in the backyard. However, everything has its drawbacks - you cannot farm there., so decide for yourself.

2. Next direction. Plasma. Since any cartridges are very expensive to manufacture, and scatter with incredible speed. Everything is easier here. Just pump T3 Attack (180 FROM) and reach the plasma in T4 Energy Weapons (230 FROM). Now, by making a few plasma rifles and a dozen batteries, you can farm nonstop. Batteries, sure, wear out, but in general, this is an order of magnitude more economical than endless crafting of cartridges. Especially, we already have a pragmy reactor and now recharging (and she eats - my respect!) no problem.
3. We need at least Manul (yet 280 points in transport T4) and at least poor cartridges for it (open attack T4 = 150 FROM) - to take part in massive PVE events (Queen, Tyrant). Well, either a Behemoth with rockets - that's your business.
4. And finally, I highly recommend pumping cybernetics in this order.. Not only because, that implants are useful, but also to start the mechanism of pumping the skill of using implants earlier.
That's all. We either have already pumped all the most important, either set as a priority goal. What to develop after that - see for yourself. There are many more interesting things. Armor here, eg, you still have braided or bone. And it would not hurt to stock up on canned food!

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