Hentai Killer Girls & Chess: How to get all achievements

How to get all achievements in the game!


Power On!
Power On! – these achievements can be obtained by launching the game / map

Winner – win your first game

Zoom in
Zoom in – go to the gallery, choose a picture, and press the magnifying glass in the corner (simply put a picture a picture enlarge)

Clever – when you open new stages of art, mini-games appear, you just need to go through them

Girl 1
Girl 1 – open all stages of art from the first chan

Girl 2
Girl 2 – open all stages of the second chan arts

Girl 3
Girl 3 – unlock all stages of the third chan arts

Girl 4
Girl 4 – unlock all stages of 4th chan arts

Just Heart
Just Heart – open all stages of any chan arts

Super Winner
Super Winner – to win 50 matches

Exit – during the match, use ESC to exit to the menu
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