Scrap Mechanic: Turning on “cheats” in survival

In this guide, I will explain how to enable Survival Creative Mode., without pictures but in detail.


Actions To Take
Let's start with the basics, where are all the code lines and commands to execute them? Right, in game files. To turn this action in the game, we need:
1. Open Steam -> Library -> RMB on Scrap Mechanic -> View Local Files.
2. Navigate through these Scrap Mechanic folders > Survival > Scripts > Game; Then, open the file SurvivalGame.lua ( I open a file through Word Pad, You can also open in other ways., the main thing is that you can edit the text )
3. Looking for strings:
g_godMode = true
g_survivalDev = true
Copy the command g_survivalDev = true
4. Then we insert this command under the line labeled end, it is under it and not on it.
5. Insert the command g_survivalDev = true
6. Close the editing program and save it all.
7. We go into the game ( It is desirable that your world has already been created )
8. We go into our world and enter the command / help, if a lot of commands are displayed and not three as by default, then you did it.
Basic commands for use:
/seedkit ( A box with all the seeds and a relatively large number of beds is dropped on your head )
/spudgun ( Potato “pistol” )
/ammo ( You can enter / ammo 100 and you get 100 potatoes )
/keycard ( Map that opens access to warehouses )
/unlimited ( The discovery of that very creative, with this team you can craft for free and take whatever your heart desires from there )
/limited ( Transition to a regular backpack )
ATTENTION. Doesn't work when you want to play with a friend.
In order to play with your partners again, you need to check the integrity of the game files and everything will be as before, you can play with friends.
That's all, maybe i will supplement this guide from time to time, but for now I will hold my horses. All working buildings and sweet cucumber ass!

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