Everlasting Summer: ALL ABOUT LENA AND GLORY

Today we'll talk about Lena and Slava, and the most important thing - there may be spoilers in the manual, read at your own risk.



Lena is one of the main heroines of the novel "Endless Summer".
The basis for it was the IIchan.hk image mascot - Unil-chan.

Lena's character:

Lena is a girl of medium height with dark purple hair, collected in two tails sticking out in different directions. At the first meeting, the main character describes her as follows: “On her beautiful face, as it seemed to me, torment for the fate of all mankind mingled with downright universal sadness ".

Antisocial, extremely shy. Likes to read books and avoids being the center of attention. With all this, behaves confidently and calmly in certain situations. In love with the main character, why, when meeting with him, Lena's shyness manifests itself more strongly. But getting to know Semyon better, Lena can talk to him quite freely. (and sometimes even very expressively).

What the game writers say about her:

"Lena - no one has ever seen her real (Besides, most likely, Alice), because she never showed herself like this to anyone. She has desires, have aspirations, but she is afraid of being misunderstood, afraid to such an extent, what crushes all this in itself, until it explodes and bursts out, like Vesuvius. She wants to love passionately, to self-denial, but to get to the bottom of this, you will have to go through a lot of protective layers ".

Lena's relationship with other pioneers:
  • Ulyana - for her Lena is a "victim" for all sorts of tricks and pranks, but, most of the time they do not contact in any way, since she is too boring for Ulyana.
  • Slavia - in the game itself, the relationship between Slavi and Lena is shown in the form of friendly conversations.
  • Alice - are old acquaintances, in some way rivals. Lena has a rather negative attitude towards her.. Relationships between girls become highly conflicting., when there is a common interest - Semyon.
  • Miku is the housemate.
  • Semyon - in love with him at first sight.

Interesting Facts:
  • Of all the main girls, Lena has the most non-standard endings., which gave rise to various assumptions about Lena's special place in history.
  • Originally, before release, Lena's bad ending was called "Along, not across ". Its current name ("We open up!») she received already in the release version due to the popularity of the pre-release version of this phrase among readers when discussing the bad end and their analogy with the similar phrase Electronics while explaining the rules of the card game he invented. Due to untranslatable puns, in foreign versions of the game, the name of the ending remained the same (eg, English. «It’s Down The Road, Not Across The Street»).
  • First day, when Semyon approaches the counselor's house, instead of "... and stop mocking Lena ..." he heard "... and stop mocking Rena ..." (a reference to the series of short stories "When the cicadas cry"). This reference is played in the Miku route..
  • According to the scriptwriter, Lena is his favorite character..
  • Due to Lena's unusually calm behavior in the mines, a theory arose, according to which she, like Pioneer, remembers previous cycles (refuted by the screenwriter).
  • Lena has (or was) cat, she is mentioned in her good ending.
  • Lena is engaged in fine arts. This is indicated by drawing supplies at the head of her bed and canvases with landscapes., hung over the bed instead of the usual posters for all other characters. In some mods, this hobby of hers is played up..
  • From version 1.2 for girl, the image of which accompanies the disclaimer text when the game starts, Lena's sprite is used.
  • Because, that Lena's last name is not mentioned in the game, in the fan environment, several unofficial variants of surnames have spread, which name the character. The most widespread was the version of "Tikhonov" used in the popular fashion "7 days of summer". Other popular options are "Unylova" and "Ichanova".
  • According to one of the early concept art of the game, Lena's height is 162 centimeters.
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Slavia is one of the main heroines of the novel "Endless Summer".
The basis for it was the IIchan.hk image mascot - Slavia-chan

Character of Glory:

Slavi's appearance matches her name - a beautiful blue-eyed girl with golden hair, braided in two long braids. Good, responsible, actually plays the role of assistant counselor. Trusted by the camp workers, sometimes for their own purposes. but, controversial root ending, the scene in the forest after the card tournament and the initiative, manifested in hentai scene, gives reason to doubt her sincerity. Unchained, often does not feel embarrassed or ashamed in front of the main character. Loves to embroider and knit. Loves swimming, moreover, sometimes he does it at night. Semyon says, that he loves nature.

Slavi's relationship with other pioneers:

Following your image, tries to maintain good relationships with all characters. Due to its correctness, sometimes it has problems with Alice and Ulyana. Is Zhenya's neighbor.

Interesting Facts:
  • The surname is not indicated in the original novel., is mentioned differently in different mods. In fashion 7DL - Feoktistova. Upon personal questioning of Ritochka and in some mods - Yaseneva”.
  • Full name - Slavyana. At the first meeting, she says so: “My full name is Slavyana, but everyone calls me Slavey. Call me too!”.
  • In the introduction of the game, Slava is depicted on the billboard of the bus stop.
  • Slavia is the tallest girl among the pioneers, however, according to early concept art, her height is 165 centimeters, and Alice's height 168 centimeters.

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