Scrap Mechanic: The Adventures of a Dwarf Walkthrough

This guide helps players complete the challenge called ” The Adventures of a Dwarf “.


Chapter first “The dream of a hero”
In the first chapter, you first need to take a hammer, go through the sensor, break boxes to climb to the top, find a chest with elevators(somewhere in boxes), climb the wall(either on the steps, or how “cheating” way to climb the robot, jumping up to substitute, a lift on the robot's head on the wall, jump to the green awnings ), choose the right path(the most right), break one box(so as not to fall to the bottom, but go down one level below, you can break the box, which is closest to spawn) to go further, find bombs(put and blow them up on a lift), blow up the walls, the last wall doesn't blow up on purpose, put the lift on the side of the ledge and go around the wall from 3 metal, further 2 puzzles, 1- find a suitable ball and 2- solve the puzzle with buttons,
It is important to touch the sensor, this is autosave, if you fall take the elevator to the left of the spawn.
Further yourself, if everything is really bad: break the canopy at the ball receiver, then it only remains to light all the lights in the puzzle with buttons, or you decide it yourself, or find a hint(the puzzle is taken from the dragon age DLC 2 – puzzle with tiles), it is located immediately to the left of the spawn behind the boxes.
Chapter two “House”
1) find a way to get out of the house (find a hammer on the first floor).
2) find a way to get out of the fence (find buttons, to remove the alarm), button rippled with a bed behind a potted plant, button behind the picture, button in the garage on the wall opposite, button next to the gate, button behind containers and boxes.
3) fill the car(find gasoline, put any canister in the tank)
4) get to the bridge by car.
5) the bridge collapsed, drive through the tunnel.
5.1) search the pillars of the bridge(find clues, take the whale component)
5.2) take the lift from the chest in the car
5.3) see the password in the chest(from springs), remember this password -58243197
5.4) find where to apply this password (break an orange box in the yard) find buttons.
5.5) press one single button on the right side(so that the doors open), the chest is empty, enter the found password and press the green button.
5.6) take a spray gun
5.7) place the component on a lift in the recess next to the bridge and the tunnel passage.
5.8) remove the lift
5.9) paint the component with a spray gun in a specific order(color code inside the column to the left)-( red, blue and yellow from the second line), green from third.
5.10) repaint in sequence red, blue, green, yellow, red, blue, red.
5.11) press the green button
5.12) enter the tunnel

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