Fallout New Vegas RU: BUILD Melee weapons

Melee weapon build


General description of the build

Since I'm going through Fallout now: New Vegas, I decided to share my build for roleplaying.
This build is fun and, as I already said, intended more for role-playing, than for the effective extermination of everyone and everything. Although my build does a good job with this task too.
so, build based on skills “Steel arms”, “Barter” and “Eloquence”. We will act out such a kind friendly guy, but who can stand up for himself and his loved ones and does it as effectively as possible, using a super scooter or katana.
If you don't want to act out for good, then you can, on the contrary, endow him with evil qualities. It will turn out to be such a charismatic villain or antihero..
And unlike other builds, where they always save points on charisma, on the contrary, we will max it.


We distribute points like this:
Strength 7 + 2 Old World Blues + implant = 10
Perception 1 + 1 implant (optional) = 2
Endurance 8 + 1 Lonesome Road + 1 implant = 10
Charisma 9 + 1 implant = 10
Intelligence 4 + 1 implant = 5
Agility 6 + 1 implant (optional) = 7
Luck 5 + 1 implant (optional) = 6

The build is not based on crit. attacks, and we will have a lot of caps anyway, thanks to the charisma, therefore, you can transfer luck points to intelligence.
Agility is only needed to take one ability.
the main thing, to force, stamina and charisma were maximized.

Features of the

We take features “Heavy hand” (necessarily) and “Trained” (optional).

Prize Skills
We choose “Steel arms”, since we will only fight them, “Weapon” (needed for ability) and “No weapons”, or “Eloquence”.


Next, I will list the abilities for each level and conditions., which must be completed to this level to take the ability. I will highlight especially important ones in bold. The rest can be exchanged at will for something else..
L2 Convinced bachelor
L4 Educated.
L6 Bloodbath
L8 Stone wall
L10 Cowboy “Weapon” 45, “Steel arms” 45
L12 Superudar “Steel arms” 45
L14 Piercing blow “No weapons” 70
L16 Irresistible force “Steel arms” 90
L18 Purity fighter
L20 Atomic
L22 Solar battery
L24 Quick hit “No weapons” 90
L26 Infantryman “Weapon” 45, “Explosives” 20
L28 Rad-resistance “Survival” 40
L30 Child of Radiation “Survival” 70
L32 GRX Implant
L34 Shoulder Weight
L36 Toughness
L38 Toughness
L40 Strong ridge
L42 Entomologist “Survival” 45
L44 Practical Anatomy “Medicine” 70
L46 Fountain of Life
L48 GRX implant
L50 Still Alive

Recommended weapons and armor

Abilities sorted out, now equipment.
“Baby!” – Unique Super Squad – the strongest melee weapon in the game. Damage – 80. Damage per second – 138.9. Found in Charleston Cave, north of Jacobstown.
“Gehenna” – unique Shish Kebab. Damage – 42+5(5from). Damage per second – 117.6+5. Sold by the Gunsmiths.
“Tuk-tuk” – unique ax. Damage 66. Damage per second – 125.1. Found in a toilet stall on the second floor of the Searchlight Fire Station.
We select based on the level of protection.

Armor “Tesla” the Gannon family. PU – 26. + 10 “Energy weapons”, + 20 radiation resistance.
Helmet “Tesla” the Gannon family. PU – 6. – 1 “Charisma”, +5 radiation resistance.
The armor is good, but he takes off his helmet 1 point of charisma, therefore undesirable option.

Remnant Power Armor. PU – 28. + 1 “Strength”, + 15 radiation resistance.
Remnant Power Helmet PU – 8. – 1 “Charisma”, +5 radiation resistance.

Scorched Power Armor “Sierra”. PU – 24. +25 сопр. fire, + 2 OZ / s.
A good option, but hard to get, will have to spoil relations with the NKR.

Can be used for protection and wear NCR Ranger armor or Elite Police Armor. And beautiful, and PU is high enough.
Yet, walk without a helmet, as for me, much cooler, you can sometimes look at your character.


I strongly recommend that you upgrade the skill as soon as possible. “Repairs” for, to efficiently repair your weapons with the gunsmith's repair kit and “Breaking into” – it's clear why.
Yao-gai meat
Battle drink
Energy drink

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