Force of Nature 2: All ghosts

The main activity in this craft game, and to facilitate this process and speed it up a little, we have ghosts, however, to get them, you need to do certain actions, we'll talk about all this. (also for getting all the ghosts into the team, an achievement is given)


All ghosts

In total, the game contains 5 ghosts. The first (Wanderer) and the last (Dora) the easiest way to get, they join your team as soon as you meet them. So are all ghosts, except for the first, appear after defeating the boss of the location. For the others to enter, you must “solve puzzles”. If you carefully read the dialogues with them, then everything becomes clear., but let's go in order.

The first ghost

As I said, the first ghost is the easiest to get, you need to find at the first location the altar of the forces of nature near which 4 portal and after a short conversation with the ghost, he joins your team (by the way, dry trees near this place give a decent amount of logs).
This is a unique ghost, since after joining your team, he has a dialogue with which you teleport to the place of your first arrival on this land, in other words, the respawn point, it is for this reason that it is better to build your base there.

Second ghost

Second ghost (Vikasa) requires solving a puzzle in a canyon. The solution to this puzzle is well described in other guides, so I will say in general terms.

In the first canyon you need to find 3 stone on which a labyrinth is drawn in the center and 5 of things. Trying to find a way out from the center of the maze, exit indicates a certain thing, as a result, we get a list from 3 things that we need in the future. After passing the caves and going outside, we go to the end of the location, on the way we find more 2 such a stone, we also go through the maze and get a complete list from 5 necessary things. At the end of the location, we defeat the boss and see the same stone under it, but no drawings, here you need to place those 5 things in the cells and then we get the item, which you need to transfer to the ghost and then he will go to your team.
List of possible items needed: Stick, Apple, pen, water, cactus, skin, egg, land, the fire (corner), a rock, claw, meat. This list tells us a ghost, it was these words that he taught the locals when trying to communicate with them.

Third ghost

Third ghost (Captain Skipp).

The first thing we need to do is break the chests scattered around the location and find a treasure map, which will be displayed in our chest.

Once you have found the card, bring it to Captain Skipp., he will decipher it and a cross will appear on the map. You run up to this place and start digging approximately where this cross is located. Dig enough 1 time, so if not dug up, try to move the dig site a little. Dug up what you need, pick up and carry Skippa, he will join your team.

The fourth ghost

The fourth ghost (Flora) perhaps my least favorite ghost and now you will find out why.
First you need to reach the boss and defeat him. After talking with Flora, you will receive a wand..

This wand allows us to activate the statues of which in total 7 (3 in the first swamp, 3 on the second swamp with the boss and 1 in one of 5 caves).

Perhaps because of the procedural generation, they will be arranged differently in you., but in any case they all need to be found. After that, you need to activate them all and everything seems to be simple, only you need to activate them in a certain sequence and if you make a mistake then you will have to activate them from the very beginning. If the eyes of the statue lit up and did not go out (as in the screenshot), so it was the right statue, if it goes out, then you made a mistake with the activation order and you will have to try other statues.

The biggest problem is that in order to run to these statues, you either have to clean up in advance 3 locations (not completely, but only to run to the statues), or place teleports near the statues, which is a little expensive, but only in time. So I wish you the best of luck to activate everything at random the first time..
After activating all the statues, talk to Flora and she will join your team.

Fifth ghost

Fifth ghost (Dora) no problem with her, joins your team after defeating the boss of the ice biome. You can also give her a book from the corpse of an invisible person. (talk to her and read carefully what I mean). You can find an invisible person in “crevices”, these mini-locations are completely empty and come across along the way in the ice biome when descending and ascending through locations.

However, this ghost is no longer necessary for you., since this is almost the end of the game.
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