The Suicide of Rachel Foster: Secret dialogues

I did not find information anywhere about those game dialogs, which are not required for passing and even for achievements, but in my opinion they are still interesting and can help in a little more disclosure of the characters, well, for the general picture of the whole plot, since the game does not spoil us anyway due to its transience.


A bit of lyrics
After completing the game, I wanted to play the game again, to see that, what I could not pay attention to during the first playthrough and hear what was said between the lines. In my opinion, this is a special kind of pleasure.. Therefore, most likely this guide will be relevant for the second playthrough., the same as me.
I am writing with small comments, but still I will try without big spoilers.

I will say right away, most dialogs open only on 6 day. Perhaps some of them are available before, but I checked them for activation on this very day, unless otherwise specified.

And further, most things – these are the items, which will be available to us further in the story, but even before those events, we can learn more about these things.
Here are collected only those dialogues that you might have missed, as I, playing for the first time.

  • Ice hockey team poster (in Nicole's room)
  • Stack of books (in father's bedroom)
  • Telephone (when leaving the master's room)
  • Pills (in the master's toilet)
  • Leonard's motorcycle (in the garage)
  • Claire's car (in the same place)
  • Oven (in the hotel kitchen opposite the microwave)
  • Old skis (in the room in front of the ski run, the one that we see from the garage through the closed door (locker room))
  • Female toilet (here you can get an achievement, but it is still quite interesting to listen to the rest of the answers in the dialogues. In particular, the last option is very different from the first two.)
  • Washing (in the laundry, yes-yes the same)
  • Slot machines (descent from the room with the diorama)
  • Financial documents (in father's office, where the phone rang at the very beginning)
  • Chandelier (in the ballroom, active only on the 7th day before finding the source of the noise)
  • Window (any window in the master's room will do here, active only on the 8th day after the return of the inventory. Here, in my opinion, both dialogue options are also interesting.. Who will be the first to say the very words)
  • Church (included it in the list only because there are quite a few active items, which are activated only on the 8th day after returning there)
  • Ventilation grill and pink box (in the secret room it is generally better to examine everything else, before taking the key, if you take it first, everything else becomes inactive)

Most likely, these are not all “optional” dialogues in the game., these are just the ones that I found, since I hardly strayed from the path on especially terrible days and when we did not have a phone (so I will endlessly be glad to any hints, if I missed something)

You can restart the day only by exiting the menu after the dialogue of interest., another way i, Unfortunately, I do not know.
P.S.: The picture with the wolf is also not as simple as it seems., especially in the last two days.

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