Muck: How not to lay back on the first night (+ Advice)

In this guide, I will explain how not to die on your first night of Muck.


Step 1.
Find a lying stone on the ground, and pick it up, and run to the nearest tree with a BROWN trunk, and chop such a couple of pieces, collecting all the MUSHROOMS along the way, APPLE, and Incomprehensible yellow sticks.

Step 2.
When you got at least 50 tree go to the nearest water, collecting MUSHROOMS along the way, APPLE, and strange yellow sticks. When you get to the water, Make a workbench (TAB -> glory will be a picture of the table, to do it you need 10 wood) build her a house, 2×2, without a roof, and with an open part near the water, but so that the house is above water, then you can injure the attacking monsters on the first night.

Step 3.
When we survived the first night, get out of the hideout and try to kill the remaining monsters, well, either we do legs, Pre-crafting an Ax and a Pickaxe. And that's all, you successfully survived the first night.

1.) Collect all the mushrooms, apples, and strange yellow sticks on its way, they will save your life.
2.) If you find a chest with a black border, you can open it just like that and get an accessory.
3.) If you have accumulated 25 gold coins, run and open Chests with Brown Border, there you will find better accessories.
4.) If you see a strange house, run into it, it costs 1 random machine and from 1 up to 3 green chests that you can open and get good things ( in the flesh to armor and weapons )
5.) If you see any stone pillar, do not click on it if you do not have armor and weapons!!!!!!!!!!
6.) Prepare actively for 5 nights, stock up on onions and 70 to 200 arrows ( depending on difficulty and accuracy)
7.) Kill all the cows in your path, and roast the meat over the fire.
8.) Before 5 at night I advise you to place a bunch of workbenches around the island, they will help you if you run out of arrows, and they will distract Bose 5 nights.
9.) run away from big stone enemies in the first nights, they will give you LULEY!
10.) If you have just started playing, play Easy Difficulty!
11.) Do not be overwhelmed if you put on all your armor and got a good weapon, there is always an enemy who kicks your hat.
12.) If you play with friends, and someone died, but there is still 1 alive, then just wait for the morning, and you will be resurrected at the place of death.
13.) The machine that stands near the house, determines what loot will be in the chest in the house. Examples of:
•Наковальня- Armor, weapons, coal.
•Плавильня- Ores, coal, wood.
•Верстак- Wood, stones.
•Костёр- Food, mushrooms.

14.) Each mushroom restores its characteristics. for example:
•Красный- Restores health.
•Жёлтый- Replenishes Hunger.
•Розовый- Replenishes Stamina (Fatigue, from behind which you cannot run and jump).
•Радужный- Replenishes everything, Health, Hunger, Stamina. But not much.

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