Muck: How not to feel a huge bolt

In this custom guide, I will tell you which tactics are best to act in MUCK.


1. Beginning of the game
As soon as you appeared, mine wood as usual. Make a classic toolbox. It will serve as a weapon. Weapons are better than a wooden ax and you don't need to, as weapons can be found in green chests, which are located in carts and huts. (Highly recommended for robbery.)

It can spawn from 1 to 3 chests.

It can spawn from 1 to 2 chests. In addition to the huts, all sorts of machines can be installed, which can be easily done at the workbench.

By mining resources or building a base, before killing the first boss it is useless to study.


2. Loot monsters, and the consequence is the extraction of MONEY.
With the initial set of tools, you must immediately go into battle. You must kill as many opponents as possible. You can just kill monsters that spawn at night, but everything must be done as quickly as possible, so follow the advice given below.


It is better to knock out money in these miracle stands.
The opponents are strong here, but terribly stupid. Do it at your own peril and risk.. No opponent kills on the first strike. Therefore, if you are a mummy manser, then dodging attacks will not be difficult for you.

You may also come across a bunch of DUNGEON MASTER, who want to find out “Who's BOSS OF THIS GYM”

When you have killed all the monsters that came from “miracle stand” it will collapse, and in its place will lie 1 random artifact.

3. The one who knows how to run will not get the stars!
Here we come to the most important topic of the guide. – waste of money, or rather what you get from this waste.
You can open chests for money.(Detailed information on chests in the section 4) IMPORTANT that there are two types of chests:

1. Paid

2. Is free? Is free?! IS FREE!

Artifacts will be in the chests.
They will help you in battle.. It is important that all artifacts are useful and harmless, so every artifact should be in your pocket.

I can't tell you about any special artifacts, so how they all help you as you play. There are no artifacts, which give you a special skill for a separate button. They all mostly just give you stats.. But how!

4. Detailed information on chests.
All types of chests EXCEPT TYPE 5 can be found just standing on the ground. More on this later in this section..

1 a type: “Free”
Price on easy difficulty: Is free
Price on Normal and Hard Difficulty: Is free

2 a type: “Wood”
Price on easy difficulty: 20
Price on Normal and Hard Difficulty: 25

3 a type: “Silver / Blue”
Price on easy difficulty: 80
Price on Normal and Hard Difficulty: 100

4 a type: “Gold”
Price on easy difficulty: 200
Price on Normal and Hard Difficulty: 250

5 a type: “Green”
These chests can be found in carts and huts.. (As it was written in the 1st section.)
They usually contain: Instruments, food, building elements. And with the patch, which came out at the time of writing the manual, there now can be found: Ores, ingots and armor.

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