We get all the achievements of Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021: Prologue

We get all the achievements in the prologue.



Achievements in the game are not difficult, but sometimes English, for some people, becomes a kind of obstacle to getting these. I will try to give you all possible descriptions, how in this, and in future guides.

Abbreviations used:

  • PCM – right mouse button;
  • LKM – left mouse button.



Buy any spare parts in the store Can be done as in training, and after him. Press Tab – Score, we buy a couple of spare parts and your achievement.
Junkyard motorcycle
Buy your first motorcycle at a junkyard During training, you will be sent to a junkyard. We buy a motorcycle and an achievement in the piggy bank.
Landfill Parts
Buy any spare parts at the landfill During training, you will be sent to a junkyard. After buying a motorcycle, you will need to buy a fender for it – achievement received.
First ride
Complete your first ride The easiest way to get this achievement – it is to agree at the beginning of the game to complete the tutorial, at the end of which you will receive not only this achievement, and the following from the list.
The first steps
Complete the training We just complete the training.
Nut master
Become a nut master We turn the nuts during the game (about 30 PC.) and get the achievement.
Repair Wizard
Use a repair workbench 10 time! You just need to use the workbench 10 time, rather than repair 10 details.
Inspection Master
Become a Master in Inspection of Parts. Inspect 10 details. In motorcycle repair mode, press RMB and select “Inspection” – we poke at everything possible in quantity 10 pcs and your achievement.
Your first photo
Take your first photo with photo mode. Press Tab – Camera. We take a photo with LMB.
Real mechanic
Complete all objectives in the prologue. We carry out all orders (about 7 PC.), they are very simple and get an achievement.
Upgrade your bike!
FROMmake it shiny and ready to ride! After completing all orders, we proceed to repair our motorcycle. The easiest way will be to disassemble it for parts., repair all possible parts at the workbench (don't forget to learn the skill, which will allow you to repair the engine made) and then assemble the motorcycle by purchasing only electrical elements and some suspension elements.
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