Press Any Button: 100% achievements

A guide to getting all the achievements in the game in one playthrough. Achievements are arranged chronologically


You’ve Been Challenged Enough
Complete the entire game with 2 hearts of life. To do this, at the very beginning of the game, say, that two is enough (that is, when asked “do you need more?” choose “not”)
You can die in peace, lose lives and restore them as you progress – achievement will still be given

What are You Trying to Achieve?
When they talk to you about, that the game can be opened in full screen mode via F4, then start quickly switching from windowed to fullscreen several times, until you get the achievement

It’s Quite an Achievement!
Some time after the columns appeared in the game, they will tell you, that this game is inspired by another game – “columns”. Answer, what do you know this game, and then, what do you know, what is this easter egg

You Know Your Sport
When the balls are brought into play, then just fence them off during the fall from above and below. The ball will bounce off the platforms and thus will be closed between them. After some time of such bounces, you will be given the achievement

Thank You for Playing With Me
Complete the game
From Kirama

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