Blasphemous: Location of all empty bile vessels

Good day. I decided to paint all the places, where can I find “Empty bile vessels”. Because on the first playthrough it was damn hard to find them all.. And Russian-language manuals in Steam only 10. And now I wanted to make the passage a little easier for you. I also spied information on the Blasphemous Wiki to correctly explain their location.. Successful searches :v


Description of the subject.

A vessel of gold with crystal faces, who can store the sacred bile from the fountains of sobbing.

“Get up and tell, what you see” - said the scribe, without looking up from the paper.

“I received an order to exhume a penitent, who was buried about a year ago, - answered the gravedigger. - Everyone loved him in Albero, and many parishioners came to his grave. But when I dug it up, we saw blood, protruding from a crack in his sarcophagus, - red, like wine. They, who were there, hurried to open the lid of the coffin and carried it on their shoulders, looking, how the blood flows out of it. Others ran home to look for buckets and bottles., to keep that blood, which did not stop in any way”.

Cost of filling vessels at the Sanguine Fountain:
1. Tears: 500
2. Tears: 750
3. Tears: 900
4. Tears: 1050
5. Tears: 1250
6. Tears: 1850
7. Tears: 2250
8. Tears: 3000

You can also improve the vessels in the Sunrise character..

1. Corrupted cistern.

An empty bile jar is located at the end of the room closer to the location “Dreams of mercy”.

2. Dreams of mercy.

The vessel is located behind the illusionary wall at the very end of the third room. (left).

3. Mountain peaks cemetery.

The vessel is located on the very right side of the location, to reach it, you need to jump in the direction of the wind.

4. Library of refuted words.

The vessel is located at the bottom of the long room after the first Sanctuary., under the illusory floor.

5. Mountains of endless twilight.

To pick up this vessel you need a relic “Blood, immortalized in the sand”.
Will be in a room with two “Running ringer”.

6. Hondo.

The vessel is in the lowest left room..

7. Wall of Sacred Prohibitions.

An empty bile jar is in the upper right room.. To open it you will need “Key
The Inquisitor”.
This key can be purchased from Candelaria (seller) in “Sleeping canvases” for 9999 “Tears of redemption”. It is also needed to open cameras in “Wall of Sacred Prohibitions.”

8. Sleeping canvases.

You can buy it yourself “Empty bile vessel” at Candelaria, for 9000 “Tears of redemption”.
(It is also sold there “Inquisitor's Key” from the previous section.)

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