How to make a good cellar in Going Medieval

In this guide, I will show you how to make a warehouse or a good cellar.



1. Find a place where there is a depression, in the middle of the map, you chew.(It is advisable to find a recess in 3,5)
2. We put in the recess 3,5 stairs

Dig a hole

Digging a hole in 3.0( don't forget about the stairs to the level 3.0)
Place a door in front of the stairs.
Making a long corridor, maybe not the same as mine. At your request.
To make 2 one door at the beginning of the corridor, another to your cellar

Little trick

When you rebuild your Cellar, leave 2 empty spaces from different sides. You can dig a recess in them below. This gives off-temperature to your warehouse.(Kind of like a mini air conditioner ) REMEMBER TO BUILD SUPPORTS IT IS IMPORTANT

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