Tips for NORMAL Muck!(+list of items)

Here, I will give some advice and list many items(Almost all)



Here I want to give TIPS!I will not tell you how to play,develop and the like.
In the next category I will tell you, how many people it will be easier to learn,about monsters and mobs,buildings,resources. Let's start


If you come alone, then i promise you, you are even the first,you won't survive the second day))). Why, you will understand in the following sections.
If you go with a friend, it will be easier to survive. You will be able to adapt normally to the conditions of the game, what to do, etc.
Therefore, it is better to go and find a partner to play. Sure, if you study subjects, fins(additional abilities), resources and so on, then you can alone. Only evolve without tactics until 5 of the day, it will be VERY difficult, since not a fact, that you are lucky with the area. 5 day? and there is a boss, which is not weak. Also there are mobs, who will greatly interfere with killing him.
boss 5 of the day

Monsters and mobs


small green monster. walks on four legs. usually demolishes 5-20. Easy to kill even with a stone.
Fire dino:
small green monster with fire. Harder to kill, for he throws fire (at the same time you do not start to burn). It is best to kill with a bow before, how will he aggro on you.

The best way to kill is to spin around him and hit him non-stop. So he will die faster, and won't be able to hit you.

The tactics are the same, as with the previous two.
Big Chonk

Use a bow, to shoot him from afar or, if you have friends (or solo), attack him, when he appears, there will be a chance, that you can reduce its hp to 1000 (if you have friends) or 1400 (if you are without friends).

You will not be attacked. Raw meat drops from it.


Raw meat.
No photo.
Meat drops from cows..
Apple pie

Can be found.

having cooked a bowl and raw meat
Red mushroom

Restores HP.
Yellow mushroom

Restores hunger.
Purple mushroom

Restores stamina.
Rainbow mushroom

Restores everything.


needed for crafting. Use it to extract ore.,wood,food.

needed for melting.
Iron ore

to obtain iron.
Chunkium ore
needed for the hammer.
iron ingot

there is also mithrit, adamatite. Same.


Needed,to open chests. Can be crafted and knocked out.
Hammer Shaft
Dropped by Big Chunk. Used to craft a hammer.

Bark – made in a workbench from 5 wood units.
Dough – made on a workbench from 5 wheat units.
The bowl – crafted on a workbench from 1 wood.
Rope – crafted in a workbench from 10 bark and 10 wheat.
Arrows and bows
Flint arrow – made from plumage using 1 flint and 4 wood.
Steel arrow – made from plumage using flint, 1 steel bar and 5 birch firewood. Stronger than a flint arrow.
Mithril Arrow – made from plumage using flint, 1 mithril ingot and 5 spruce forests. Stronger than Steel Arrow.
Adamatite arrow – made from plumage using flint, 1 ingot of adamatite and 5 oak forests. Stronger than Mithril Arrow.
Wooden bow – crafted on a workbench or plumage using 1 ropes and 10 wooden planks.
Birch bow – created from plumage using 1 ropes and 10 birch forests. Stronger than a wooden bow.

Cut down the first tree. To cut it down, need a stone. Used to craft a workbench, bark and wooden tools.
You chop down the second tree. To cut it down, need a wooden ax. Used to create steel tools.
You cut the third tree. Steel ax needed, to chop it down. Used to craft mithril tools.
The last tree you cut. To chop it down, need a mithril ax. Used to create adamatite tools.


In them you can find 1 or several chests(and not a fact, that there will be at least something).
you can also find a chest
A statue
You can use it to resurrect the player.
Smelting resources
Creation of things from any metal
There is still a building(I don't remember the name), you can cook food in it.
These are the basic buildings you need to know..
From Hearys

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