Muck what a game? How to play?

Explanation of what actually happens in this game


What is this game about?

Hello dear, this is my first guide, please do not judge strictly I tried very hard, in this guide I want to tell you a little about the game Muck.
Let's start with the fact that this is a survival-roguelike(survival roguelike), the game is quite difficult after playing it for a while, having tried most of the modes, I'm ready to say the game is really hard.
You have to survive here, it is possible to build houses(which, in general, are not needed, they quickly break), craft and mine.

Where to start?

Firstly, worth finding a stone, they are on the ground in different places.
Secondly, need to get wood.
Thirdly, create a workbench, to craft it you need 10 wood. When they got it 10 wood, press Tab, the inventory opens and there we craft a workbench.
With the help of the workbench, we can already move on. By creating new instruments, oven anvil.

Hp, food, endurance?

The main elements of the game are Bars stripes(bars).
The game exists 3 stripes:
1. Health
If the health bar runs out, the player dies, the world is leaving, in multiplayer mode, the player is reborn the next day.
2. Hunger
If the hunger bar runs out, stamina is not restored.
3. Endurance
If endurance runs out, the player will not be able to run and jump.


In the game of everything 8 types of mobs (enemies)
1.Dino (Dinosaur, little green monster)
Kills easily with a stone.
2. Fire Dino (Fiery dinosaur, little green monster with fire)
It is harder to kill as it casts fireballs and deals more damage, easier to kill with a bow.
3. Electric Dino (Electric dinosaur, small yellow with electricity)
Just like the fiery one cuts the spheres, only in this case electric, the way to kill quickly and easily is a bow.
4. Water Dino (Aquatic dinosaur, little blue monster with water)
The brother of the previous ones, but buys the water spheres, the way for a simple kill is no different is the bow.
5. Goblin Goblin or a zombie (Green man from the cave)
The best way in the common people carousel, twist and beat because he will not have the opportunity to hit you.
6. Rock Monster (Stone monster big and stone heh)
The tactics are the same as with the goblin, twist and beat.
7. Dragon (Dragon green and large)
Hardest enemy of all, but not a boss. Flying and costing electric balls, the easiest way to kill is a bow or rocket power (rocket power up)
8. BIG CHUNK (Big Chunk)
Considered the boss and the hardest enemy you can come across. Here, as well as in other cases, you can kill with a bow shooting from afar, well, or if you have steel balls, run up to the enemy's feet, jump up and beat between them, it turns out we do damage on two legs, torso and possibly arms.

Bonuses, ability.

Exists 4 type of bonuses:
The first type is bonuses for attack:
Orange Juice (Orange juice) gives + to attack speed.
Dumbbeli (Dumbbell) gives + to base strength.
Horshoe (Horseshoe) gives an increased critical strike chance.
Crimson knife (Crimson knife) restores health on damage.
Bulldozer (Bulldozer) gives a chance to knock enemies back.
Sniper Scope (Sniper scope) gives a small chance to deal huge critical damage.
Adrenaline (Adrenaline) when health falls below 30% from maximum increases damage.
Knuts Hammer (The translation is literal Hammer Whips, rather, judging by the visual effect, it is similar to the hammer of Mjolnir) deals additional electrical damage.
Wings of glory (Glory wings) when falling, do additional damage.
Berserk (Berserk) the lower your health level, the higher your damage.
The second type is health bonuses.:
Broccoli (Broccoli) restores health.
Red Pill (red pill (pill)) increases maximum health.
Blue Pill (Blue pill(pill)) adds shield, with each tablet increases the amount.
Danis milk (Danis's milk, translation is also literal) adds damage.
Damn it (Dracula) increases maximum health, increases only when you kill a monster.
The third type is movement bonuses.:
Janniks Frog (Yannix the frog) double jump.
Sneakers (Sneakers) add movement speed.
Jetpack (Jetpack) higher jump.
The fourth kind is different:
Peanut butter (Peanut butter) improves endurance.
Checkered Shirt (Checkered shirt) increases damage to resources.
Piggybank (Piggy bank) improves loot in chests.

Game Tips.

After playing this game I will give a couple of tips.
Firstly, during the night it is better to run away from buildings or houses, mobs spawn near the player and if the player is far from home, then they will definitely not break him.
Secondly, the night starts at 00:00 by this time it is worth preparing, craft at least a pickaxe or an ax to fight back.
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