Muck Guide (How to play it)

I will explain how to play it, short.


1. What to do

At first I will explain simply, how to at least survive one night. At several points
In short, you will spawn naked, seemingly resign to die, but this is for the weak, right? Looking for a stone on the ground, after you open the inventory you put it in the slot and go to get the tree, namely Tree, since only this you can get with the help of a stone.
So that's why you have to do everything before 23:00, explaining. As soon as night falls, mini dinosaurs begin to spawn, which generally don't give a shit and just kill you. They run through the buildings (any) I hope this will be fixed later, so there is no point in hiding in houses)))) You can build a fortnight bridge to survive up to 4-5 nights, I will also explain why exactly before these nights. IN 4 more powerful monsters will spawn during the night, my friends and I were medium dinosaurs who shot electricity and cut down the fuck our bridge. When did you live 5 days and night falls, the first time you see the boss (as I understand it, the script will spawn it every 5 days at night). You can say goodbye to all the buildings that you had, fuck them

2. Upgrade

How you got this fucking tree crafting workbench in your workbench inventory, we also shift it to the slot and put it on the RMB (you can turn it by the R button). To craft an ax you need 5 Bark (in my soul I don’t fuck what is it) and 5 wood (wood, logically) the same with a pickaxe. As soon as you have crafted this, we can already break a birch (Birch) and faster the usual tree (Tree). With a pickaxe you can mine stones (rock), as well as iron ore (Iron ore).

3. Aboba (Iron era)

Get resources, large number. After all this, you craft a stove in which you melt iron into ingots. To craft an iron ax / pickaxe, you need Anvil (anvil). For crafting you need 10 Birch (Birch), 5 (Bark) and 5 iron ingots (Iron Bar), for a pickaxe exactly the same. To make it easier to kill monsters, you can make an iron sword, it will make your life easier, it is made from 7 iron ingots (Iron Bar) and 5 Birch trees (Birch). Iron can also be used to make armor, but as practice has shown, I ran without it more 10 days and lived quietly until he was not for failing fight. Roughly speaking, if a lot of iron, make armor.

4. Stage of later life (If you have lived of course)

After iron equipment you mine Mithril blue ore, it is more powerful than iron from it in the same way equipment is made, after Mithril, you extract a green ore called Adamantite and make weapons from it too. There is also ore from the boss, I don’t remember the name, but it is there and it is very imbued, so fuck the boss just like that.

Mushrooms, mushrooms)0))0)00

1.Gulpon Shroom

Red mushroom, replenishes health

2.Ligon Shroom

Yellow mushroom, replenishes satiety

3.Sugon Shroom

Pink mushroom, replenishes stamina

4.Slurbon Shroom

Colorful mushroom))0))0, replenishes health, satiety, endurance


The altar is the place where you can get / farm coins. It looks like a pillar. You come to him press “E” and monsters will spawn, whom you must kill, in order to receive a reward.


As you have already seen there are a lot of chests in this game., what are they for? By killing mobs you get gold, thereby earning your chest. there is 5 varieties of chests.
Chest category:

1.Green chest

Chest that comes across in buildings or carts. Usually comes across food, if you're lucky you can find some equipment, which will improve your survival.

2.The poorest chest (does not mean that he is the worst)

It opens for free without requiring coins, it looks like a shabby chest, who lived more than us. The fact that he is the most beggar does not mean anything, he can also drop a very cool ability / passive that can greatly help in our survival.

3.Normal Man's Chest

The cost of opening it is 25 goldy. That he's worth so little, also does not mean that nothing will fall out of it, he can also drop some kind of cool passive / ability.

4.Diamond chest (type)

To open it you need 100 goldy. It can drop like a bad ability / passive, which is rare, since the chest is no longer cheap and costs money. Most of the drops are good ability / passive.

5.Billionaire Chest

Worth 250 goldy, open only if the Gold no longer fits into the inventory, or if you believe that you will get a cool passive / ability.


1. Stone / Rock (not really ore well like yes)

Mined with a regular wooden pickaxe, there is also a chance, that coal will fall out (coal) and silicon (flint).
Can make Flint Arrows.

2.Iron Ore

It is also mined with a wooden pickaxe and there is still a chance for coal and silicon to drop out.
Can make iron arrows, armor, ax, pick, sword.


Mined with an Iron Pickaxe.
Can make Mithril arrows, armor, ax, pick, sword.

4.Gold Ore

Mined with an Iron Pickaxe
Gold can be used to make gold / coins, ax, pick, sword, armor.


Mined with Mithril Pickaxe
Can make Adamite arrows, armor, ax, pick, sword.

6.Chunkium Ore

This ore drops from the boss
Only armor can be made of it., you can also make a hammer, if the hammer handle falls out, and also from the claws of the Wyvern you can make a dagger.

Mobs / Monsters

1.Mini dinosaur

Not particularly dangerous, little hits, easy to dodge his attacks. Has a small amount of hp.

2.Dice throwing goblin

Kind of like spawning on the second night, pretty nasty mob, throws bones an indefinite distance, it's easy to figure it out one by one. But this rat is calling brothers and it becomes harder against 3 it will definitely be more difficult to fight than one (unless of course you have already received the final equipment). Has a small-medium amount of hp


The nasty mob has 2 type of attack. 1 type of attack – throws a stone dealing a large amount of damage. 2 type of attack – hits the ground in front, dealing a lot of damage too. Has a pretty good supply of HP.

4.Elemental dragons

After a certain night, unusual dragons will start to appear.
They have 3 kind – Fiery, Electric, Also fiery only attacks with blue flame.
They have a lot of hp, and hits the over hard so it's better to dodge each of his attacks. If possible.


Is in the air, has a small supply of hp, hits medium


This is the main and only boss in the game.. Does not see obstacles in its path, ebash everything that it sees, so you can say goodbye to your home / base. Spawn with a random amount of HP from 1k to 3k. It has 3 type of attack .
1 the type of attack definitely hits one target with its “qualdoy”
2 the type of attack hits with its splash “qualdoy”
3 the worst kind of attack, jumps and lands, releases stones from under his feet, under which, if caught, will cause an insane amount of damage, like its previous types of attacks.

Equipment (Swords, axes, armor, etc.)

1.Wooden gear

Ax, Pickaxe, Bow and arrows
Starting equipment, with which you will not mess around for a very long time. Ax breaks common wood and birch, and the pickaxe is stone and iron ore. Make Bow, as practice has shown, it makes no sense does not particularly damage from an ordinary tree.

2.Iron gear

Sword, Ax, Pickaxe, Armor, Arrows
Better than nothing. Ax can now mine Spruce (Fir wood), pickaxe can now mine Mithril. The sword is pretty good initially, Armor gives 25 units of protection.

3.Gold gear

Ax, Pickaxe, Sword, Armor, Coins
You can skip this stage and go directly to the Mithril, at least it will be better in my opinion. Armor gives 18 units of armor.

4.Mithril Equipment

Ax, Sword, Pickaxe, Arrows
Very good equipment. An ax can break an oak (Oak wood), and a pickaxe to mine Adamantite. You can also make pretty good arrows from it.. Armor gives 36 units of armor.

5.Adamantite Gear

Ax, Sword, Pickaxe, Arrows
Better than Mithril gear. Peak gear, after which there is not much to strive for. The sword began to do even more damage, like arrows. Armor gives 49 units of armor.

6.Chunkium Ore

Boss gear. Armor gives as well as adamantite equipment 49 units of armor. But from the Hammer handle you can make a full-fledged hammer that simply destroys monsters / mobs. There are also Wyvern claws, from which you can make a dagger, it has a higher attack speed compared to the hammer, but less damage.

Ability / Passive

1.Sneaker – Gives movement speed

2.Red Pill – Makes your max HP even more

3.Blue pill – Gives a shield that refills when you are not beaten

4.Broccoli – Gives HP regeneration

5.Jetpack – Gives jump height

6.Dumbbell – Gives a bonus to strength

7. Orange Juice – Gives attack speed

8.Penut butter – increases endurance

9.Janniks Frog – Gives an extra jump

10.Crimson Dagger – When you hit an enemy, you restore your health

11.Bulldozer – there is a chance to knock the enemy back

12.Piggybank – As I understand it, killing monsters has a chance to get more coins

13.Dracula – when you kill any mob you will get +1 to health depending on the level of the ability / passive

14.Danic Milk – Makes Your Bones Stronger, thus you take less damage (probably)

15.Horsehoe – Increases crit chance. blow

16.Sniper scope – Chance to deal huge damage

17.Berserk – Deals more damage, when health is low

18.Knuts Hammer – Gives you a chance to hit with lightning

19.Chekered shirt – increase damage, inflicted on resources (the translator said it, I xs what is it, I didn't understand what it gives)

20.Adrenaline – When health is less 30% you do everything very quickly, everything

21.Wings of Glory – Deals more damage when airborne


Don't leave right away if you suddenly die, and my friend is still alive. If a friend survives the next night, you will be reborn..
It is not necessary to smelt / roast ore / meat with coal, you can also use wood as fuel
If you want to screw up the game then for the first 5 days you should have reached the Adamantite Equipment.

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