My Summer Car: How to quickly get Hayoshiko's van at the beginning of the game

In this guide, I would like to tell, how to quickly get Hayoshiko's van as quickly as possible after starting the game.

Let's start with the background: Hayoshiko's van belongs to our neighbor Toivo Kesseli, who, according to the plot, will lose his rights after driving in alcoholic intoxication. This van is very helpful at the beginning of the game to cope with the first difficulties.. So, let's start…

At the beginning of the game take a set of tools Spanner set and fasten driver's seat in the salon.

The driver's seat is bolted down from 4 parties with a key on 9.

Next, you need to install cylinder block / Block

To install the unit correctly, I put on it head gasket, sets the head from above cylinder head Cylinder head, twisting it 10 bolted with a wrench on 7.

The last step is to install the left rear suspension arm..

The rear suspension arm is attached to the body two bolts with a wrench on 12.

After the actions taken, the timer starts from 30 to 90 minutes of real time, after which a blue van will appear at the uncle's house, it can be seen from the window of the kitchen or hall at this time, I advise you to chop wood into the trailer for further sale. There is little left to do – knock on his door and pick up the keys.

Important! The van can disappear after the player goes to sleep or is saved. You can return the van when your uncle is at home again.. The van will disappear 3-4 times. After that, how will uncle give the keys to the flusher, the van can already be found near the technical inspection, not far from the store. After that, the van will remain with you forever..

Interesting fact: According to the note on the fridge, uncle Kesseli – player's mother's brother.

Thanks for reading this guide., if you have any questions – ask. Suggest what else to write a guide about.

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