Stay Out: How to earn 200kk + per month (PVP SEASON)

I wandered half a year in the game, playing it for hours 5 in a day, but earned only worthless 15 million. Quests almost never pay off, and without a clan on farm locks (by the type of Caravan) nothing to do…I'm tired of sitting in the cemetery of witches, at that moment one friend told me a way to make a decent income, pvp-related season, from which I literally earned for myself in a month 107 и Alice Medium (on that moment 180 million). Let's start off with, what is pvp season. Pvp season – this is, so to speak, certain period, when players can throw steam on each other, shoot in a location separate from the world. (you can get to it through the bulletin board). Now let's figure it out, how exactly can you make money on this.


The first step to wealth (or up rank “experienced”)
Finally, you have waited for the pvp season, now we do the following. Go to the mode above which the green mark is lit (this is the regime, in which league points are awarded to you) and through sweat and blood we apologize for the title of a seasoned (1700 rating points). Actually, If you +- know how to shoot, nothing complicated here. I got the experienced one up for about 4 of the day, playing with AK74M. It is quite possible for a beginner to do this too., if you try.

“I’m mine .. Let it go.”
You were able to do it! Smashed, but not broken, now you are ready to receive your reward.
Rank “experienced” received, now you can go to “Officers' club”. Pretty useful thing, inside which you can get any buff once in 12 hours, eat, and teleport to almost any point in the location, but it is so, little things, because we are not here for this. We approach the bartender and ask him to test our abilities, he gives us tasks, they can be taken once in 12 hours. This is where our financial journey begins..

All about quests.
Now I will tell you about the quests, from which we will receive babosiks.
Quests can be taken in any of the modes, but it is advisable to take them to the regime, over which the green mark is not lit, I'll tell you why a little later.
Only three types of quests :
1 complexity – with a small chance the bag may fall, mostly give trade points and experience (can be taken from rank “Lover” at the club guard)
2 complexity – given a bag, more trade points and experience. (taken in the club)
3 complexity – given a box, a lot of trade and experience points. (taken in the club)

The thing is, that bag in this game is a very mystical thing, if you're lucky, then you will have too much money, you will not know what to do with them and you will go crazy. Bags and boxes are the mystery of the zone. But I was lucky, and several times a month I knocked out a machine gun (20-25 million), boxes fall, become, which also cost decent money and it all adds up to one picture, namely in a bunch of dough.

In addition to loot from boxes and bags, you accumulate trade points from all the top hucksters of this game and once a month, going through all of them, you get a huge amount of money.

How to complete quests. (322 matches)
Mostly such quests are given, which are very difficult to do alone. Therefore, they came up with the idea of ​​launching fake matches.. You ask your clan, or friends, so that they register for that regime, which you need, and then, when the game starts, they will just come out, or there will be one person left, where you can get kills with certain weapons. It's simple. All useful contacts can be made, when does the season start, you can make friends with many people, which you will help launch, and they will help you.

The problem with weapons is much more serious.…There is already someone as lucky. You can take weapons from the same friends, with which you do quests, leaving them something as a pledge. There are also special people on Gourmet, who rent weapons, payback in any case will be, but in this case a little less.

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