Red Solstice 2 Survivors: Global map and general state of regions (Fighter Introductory Course)

In this guide, I will try to explain to beginners (And not only), what awaits them in the story mode of the game and how to deal with the threat. Why some missions in one situation are insanely simple, while others… Insanely complex.


Infection and difficulty level.

This is the first, what do you need to know: There is a global scale of infection of the entire planet and there are separate levels of infection, specific regions.

  • Sure, the difficulty of the missions depends on the one you chose at the beginning of the game, but this does not affect the global picture so much. If you make a series of critical mistakes on the world map – even “simple” complexity will become hell for you.
  • The complexity of a specific mission depends more on the infection of the region, in which you will perform tasks.
  • The complexity also depends on the date counter in the lower left corner.. Beyond storyline quest triggers, some types of monsters appear only after N-month.
  • Apart from all the points above, the difficulty of the mission depends on the type of mission, as you might have guessed. There are quick missions, of type “find and escort a VIP”, which run very quickly. And there are missions, where you will need to stay for a long time and at the same time prevent the destruction of N-things / people. Such missions are usually associated with huge risks., even if you are ready for them.

Possibilities of influencing the complexity of missions.

In this window, we see our capabilities to influence the mission. But it's worth remembering, that any landing – this is a fee in deployment points. Any of your manipulations to simplify the mission – this is an increase in the cost of landing.

  • Red skulls – this game evaluates the difficulty of the mission.
  • Side quests – this jackal of the intensity of occurrence, who would have thought… Side quests. Useful thing, if the mission is objectively easy, and you need experience to level up your profile and / or your bots “Follower’ов”. A plus – this is a good way to dilute the routine of the main tasks. By removing this slider to zero – you do not simplify your life and at the same time refuse content.
  • Air support – this is a way to make life easier for you in the form of dumping supplies of varying degrees of value on the card. To use this kind of simplification of life – you need to build appropriate upgrades in your main headquarters.
  • The appearance of the horde – It `s that, how fast the waves will be generated. The most critical slider of all, for in the region, which has a high infection rate – you are almost doomed to fail, if you do not delay the appearance of the monsters. Hordes of high-level opponents will almost instantly pour out on you, for which you will not be ready. This slider should be reduced only in case of complete confidence., that you will solve the mission. It also affects the rate of distribution of biomass.. be careful, putting it on “immediately”.
  • Artillery support – a way to reduce the population and quality of life of all mutants. Usually a very cheap way to make your life easier. Before you disembark, a detachment of fighters with bombs passes through the region and mows biomass, thereby cutting off the maximum health level of the enemy. A very useful thing, I advise you to use it constantly.
  • Add item – this is a die of your supplies, which you can take with you on a mission in advance. Also a very critical indicator of success.. Unlike other sliders – this one does not take your deployment points. You can take everything with you, from cartridges to nuclear bombs with highly controversial biological weapons.
the main thing – remember it, what:

– All the ways to simplify your life on a combat mission – these are upgrades, which can and should be unlocked for full access.

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The more research in these branches – the more you can turn the slider in the pre-disembarkation menu.

Intelligence service – It `s that, which is always wrong.

You don't have to listen to this title, in our case, unlike the classics of the genre, intelligence service – It `s that, which will always tell the truth.

This is one of the reasons for the failed mission. – insufficient data on, with what (and when) you have to face. Aiming at the scale of waves, you will be able to find out the number and types of mutants, that they want to rip your head off and dissolve your insides, pouring it all into disgusting biomass.

In this window, we will be able to see many more information we need. (Starting from weather reports and ending with information about the most dangerous monsters), but, Unfortunately, many beginners ignore this due to their own inattention or reluctance to learn all the intricacies of a strategic game.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact, what we see characteristic “Bursts” sliders on this scale. Redder or redder waves – these are the so-called “killer waves”, more dangerous enemies appear on them and in greater numbers, what should be. Try to calculate your ammo and capabilities based on this knowledge.

Important ship components.

In this section, we will take a closer look at all the necessary components of your ship and its development..

As we see further, we have:

  • Mobile laboratory – it is a way to permanently reduce the cost of researching new technologies.
  • Robot shop – Adds additional equipment slots in missions, and at the last level it also reduces the research time.
  • Reconnaissance squad – brave guys, that they will be able to collect more information with improvement, and most importantly – faster.
  • Energy capsules – when landing, your squad will have additional levels and at the last level you get the opportunity “Black Ops”.
  • Medical compartment of the ship – a way to prevent your fighters from going to the next world a little earlier. Increases the number of acceptable “wounds” for all squad members.
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“Black Ops” – these are the members of the squad, who have the highest rank and are sent to the regions on secret missions. They allow the player to reduce the level of infection growth and even be able to complete large combat missions for you., if there are enough of them in one region at the same time.

Regions and their data.

In this picture, we clearly see the following icons:

  • Yellow frame – These are resources, which the region gives us.
  • Blue border – Effects, who work for the region.
  • Green frame – Infection levels and exploration in the region.
  • Purple frame – Outpost level deployed in the region.
Briefing on the level of infection in the region:

The higher the red scale, or rather – scale “infestations”, the more dangerous opponents will meet in the region, biomass will spread faster, missions will start from later waves, new types of missions will appear in the region. The higher the scale – the more privates, simple tasks, will be replaced by tasks for type “destruction of the colony”, “city ​​defense”, “Danger of Terramorphic” etc.

Regional Intelligence Briefing:

You know less – you sleep better. Here the saying speaks the truth, because the less you know, the sooner you will be eaten and you will never wake up. It is advisable to keep intelligence at a high level. This will increase your chances of finding dangerous targets., that require your immediate intervention or intelligence will help you find the most profitable warehouses, which can to plunder take over (Read like missions, which will give more resources.).

We can also see similar icons under each region..
Red indicates an increase in infection per tick, turquoise on decline. Maximum number of stacks – 3, or -45% increase in infection, or +45% infection for actions in the region.

Ideally, with 3x Black Ops'ac and 3x stacks of reduced infection growth – the region can remain static throughout the entire campaign and your operatives will cope with all tasks on their own, giving you the opportunity to operate in other regions.

Global deployment.

Competent location of your outposts and access points – the key to a quick and easy victory. You need to think from the very beginning where and how you will move along the global map. There are several types of expansion of your “link”.

And remember: If you don't see something – This does not mean, that this is not happening. It doesn't matter, do you have “link” to the region or not, the infection will still progress in it. The only way to contain infection in the region – get control over him.

  • First: Move your mobile base from point to point, but remember! Base movement – pauses all research and development of scientists.
  • Second: Complete missions, where the reward is given “link to neighboring regions”. Missions like these are rare and shouldn't be missed, if you have closed neighboring regions.
  • The third: Construction of outposts. This view – the most reliable. It reduces the risks of spreading the infection and gives you resources and bonuses of regions..
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The region bonus can only be obtained if you have increased the rank of an outpost to 3rd in a given region.

Global infection.

Global infection – has almost no effect on the game, but it's a display of how close you are to defeat. It can only be shortened in a few ways.:

  • Missions with minus global infection rate. This type of mission is very rare and is usually found only in HIGHLY contaminated areas., making it harder to do. Usually, the failure of this mission further breaks the combat situation., than just ignoring the given mission.
  • Story missions – can give guaranteed bonuses minus the contamination of the entire Mars. It is very convenient to pass them exactly in line with the infection..
  • Hit “Solar’a” – this is a radical way, killing all life in the sector. Does not divide targets into enemies and allies, massive civilian casualties – guaranteed. But at the same time – it is a great way to contain infection, each hit takes 20% ~ of the global infection. Alas, reloading such a powerful orbital strike takes a decent amount of time and fire more often, than once a month – will not work. Think before every use, for it can how to save Mars, so ruin him.

At least hit by Solar – this is a plot thing, but you can develop to it faster, than they will give you a shot from her plot. In this way, you can clearly define your boundaries of hostilities. Covering as much area as possible with your own forces and bombard dangerous areas with massive infestations, before that, how to go and conquer them, saving people. it, usually, helps a lot. You have successfully entrenched in 5 regions, while others are already completely captured and there STROL is raging? Hit with Orbital Strike and start conquering the region, while the strol have not yet mustered their strength after a massive strike from orbit. The power of the solar's blow depends on the amount of infection and he can never reduce the level to zero, you will always run into strolls on your way. But it's better to fight weak hordes of enemies, than with huge hordes, right?

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