How to play Shadownest

How to play the as-yet-raw version of the Shadownest horror


so, having entered the game, press Play and select: or we will create a lobby(host), or we will join (join)
consider two options:
-host: we create a lobby and enter either for a person, either for a monster and wait until everyone chooses their roles
-join: in the friends menu, select the friend who chose the host, click on it with the right mouse button and select join, choose a role

Playing as a monster
-monster (outgrowth mosquito): in order to attack, you need to hold down * the right mouse button * and as soon as the circle is fully charged, press * with the left mouse button *. In order to determine where the enemy is you need to press * space *. For a faster attack, our bloodlust streak fills from the bottom right, as soon as one reaches a certain point that does not need to be controlled, your screen turns red, and the circle *(on the right mouse button)* will fill up very quickly.
*NOTE*: avoid the light, he kills you.

Play as a person
-human: Your task is to collect keys, eggs(xs why) and open the doors). to charge the flashlight you need to collect the batteries and press * R *, thereby filling the lantern with dazzling light. If you lost your friend(human) click on * Q *. To use strong light(weapons against monster) you need to click on * Left mouse button *.

General settings
General settings:
*W* – go forward
*A* – go left
*S* – go back
*D* – go right
*Space* – to jump (human), flight (monster)
*Shift* – brisk walking

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