Will To Live Online: All About NDP Teleports

In this guide, I will introduce newbies about NDP teleports., and also why they were created, their lore, how to use them, what is needed for this, show the map, I will tell you what dangers can lie in wait for you at each teleport and how much the journey will cost.


History (Lore)

NDP teleport – This is a military development designed to move units, equipment and wounded from point A to point B. As the game's lore says, that after the player dies, the corpse is automatically teleported to the infirmary thanks to the NDP teleport, but there are failures and most often the NDP teleport fails to move some of the things from the backpack of the deceased person.
You can watch the full history of the world on the YouTube channel WTL Online

Instructions for use

In order to use the NDP teleport you need an NDP battery.
You can find it all over the world in boxes and boxes.. Since a charged battery cannot be found, have to charge it. To charge the NDP battery, we need an NDP Polymer.

You can get it in several ways.:
1. Craft at a chemical station.
2. Knock out drones at the location “Test site”
3. Completing the quest on the coast(but it is not given enough, and you won't have enough)

1. Craft
1.1 Resources, for crafting NDP polymer we need:
— NDP stones or NDP crystals
— Polymers
“NDP crystals and stones you can search in the exclusion zone and the labyrinth. NDP crystals also drop from some bosses as a reward, but have a small drop chance.”
“Polymers fall from almost all spiders”
1.2 Preparation.
Now we need to grind NDP Stones / Crystals into powder on the press
The process takes 1 a minute.
1.3 How to create an NDP polymer
Next, we go to the chemical station and using the module for the PDA Energy modules: newbie, NDP powder and polymer create NDP polymer.
The process takes 5 minutes.
1.4 Charging the NDP battery
Next, we just need to fill the NDP battery with NDP polymer., for this we craft an NDP battery at the same station.
The process takes 2 minutes.
2. NDP polymer from drones
Here everything is simple, after receiving 30 level you will get the opportunity to get to the location “test site”.
All GROUND drones drop NDP polymer (and not only) in different quantities, also every hour an event takes place at the bases of this location “Drone Arena” there you can also be enriched with NDP polymer.(available only for factionalists)

3. For completing a quest at a location “coast” entitled “not like a kid” give 13 NDP polymer units.

And so we charged the NDP battery and now we have the opportunity to use the NDP teleport.
NDP teleport looks like this:
It contains a scoreboard, with which we will build a route.
Please note, that not all dots are on, NDP teleport takes us to the nearest other NDP teleport, that is, we will have to move from one to another.
The screen does not indicate where we are, that's why I'll post the number and name of each NDP teleport later.
Next, we need to select the point to which we will move, let's say this point will be #2101.
1. Left-click on the point to which we will move
2. Click on the button “Teleportation”
3. Turn the camera to the left
4. We go to the activated teleport
After moving, new points for teleportation were opened for us

Points of arrival.(Map)

#1001 – Sun. Square A2 / 8
#2101 – Big village. Square E13 / 7
#2702 – Garages(eastern territories). Square I7 / 7
#2701 – Swamp(eastern territories). Square i4 / 7
#2901 – Coast. Square B5 / 6
#2401 – Canyon. Square G4 / 6
#3301 – Test site. Square C3 / 9
#2703 – Base CZ (eastern territories). Square L5 / 6

Solar “Sun” #1001

Location square A2 / 9
Teleport to Solnechny is completely safe, it allows you to quickly get to the base of the conference, locations “Swamp”, ATP, Tunnels.
On the way to each of the listed places, you will not encounter threats(not counting the rats, dogs, etc.)
If you are from a faction “black sunset” then you will not be welcome there.

Big village #2101

Location square E13 / 7
Teleporting to a large village is bad, that there are a lot of aggressive players, who constantly ambush and prevent a calm walk to the village of Korovye.
There are no mutants around.

Garages(Eastern Territories) #2702

Location square i7 / 7
The teleport is used to quickly get to the base of the CZ, bunkers, minaev mines and before the boss “armature” Boars are dangerous here., and faction CZ.

Swamp(eastern territories) #2701

Location square I4 / 7
Dogs are present near the teleport, there are wild boars a little further. The teleport is mainly used to get to the Minaev mine., some run from him to the tunnels.

Canyon #2401

Location square G4 / 6
You can use it only with 20 level.
The only NDP teleport in the canyon, next to him are found 2-3 matadora (1-4 lvl), bloodsuckers and matador boss(15-22 lvl), there is radiation nearby.
p.s players who have not reached at least 30 level I do not recommend using this teleport.

Test site #3301

Location square C3 / 9
You can use it only with 30 level.
In general, nearby is safe, there is a fortification nearby(if it doesn't belong to you, don't go near it), on the way to any base, you can meet Phalang (15-22 lvl).

Eastern Territories (base CHZ) #2103

Location square L5 / 6
Next to the mutant Corpse Eater, there may be wild boars, ЧЗ. Faction players cannot teleport “confederation”

Coast #2901

Location square B5 / 6
You can use it only with 30 level.
Probably the most dangerous teleport in the game. Wild boars roam nearby (5lvl and above), toxic spiders (15-23), fire spiders (15-23), nearby lurkers (1-4), observers, there is a gravity anomaly on the way to the shopping area. You can find more information about this location in my guide at the link

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