Sea of Thieves: Pirate life (All diaries from the 5th TallTale)

Look for the diaries in the latest Jack Sparrow story? Come in, we will help!



Greetings, pirates of the thieving seas! Today I will tell you, where to find 5 lost diaries of the damned and 5 diaries from the Black Pearl in 5 stories. Let's get started!

The Cursed Ghost Diaries

    After that, how Calypso will strike the tower spire with lightning, we moor to it and climb.
    Let's start collecting them in order., approaching the highest point.
  • DIARY # 1
    The first diary is located next to this passage.. Here we need to turn left:

    We approach the ghost on the left and next to him, by the stone, there is a diary:
  • DIARY №2
    Further, we pass higher, we cross the bridge of the boards and turn left:

    There, next to another ghost, there will be a second diary:

    It will lie inconspicuously in one of the recesses in the stone.:
  • DIARY №3
    We go further to the top, we see the prison part of the ship and approach it:

    Left, in the bushes, another diary will lie inconspicuously again:
  • DIARY №4
    We pass a little more and find ourselves in a room with water and a broken ship:

    Case, next to another ghost, there will be a fourth diary:
  • DIARY №5
    Without going far, we climb up this destroyed ship.
    And then we see the last lost diary next to the ghost:

The Black Pearl Diaries

    After that, how you defeat Devi Jones and sink the Flying Dutchman
    Thereafter, the Black Pearl will emerge. We go up and start the search
  • DIARY # 1
    The first diary is located at the very bow of the ship on the railing.:
  • DIARY №2
    The second diary lies inside the ship at the barrel and the base of the mast.:
  • DIARY №3
    The third diary is in the cabin of Captain Jack Sparrow himself.:
  • DIARY №4
    The fourth diary is located next to the steering wheel:
  • DIARY №5
    The latter is located not far from the fourth, at the helm:

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