Suspicious Downpour: Obtaining achievements

Caution, spoilers! Here's how to get all the achievements in Suspicious Downpour.


Obtaining achievements

Flashlight enthusiast
Take a flashlight and just click

Wishful thinking
Look at the photo, lying to your right on the ground.

Full house
Wait for all night guests to arrive, don't shine a flashlight.

Bye, mr wilson
To get this achievement, you just need to find a random key, who throws away the sandwich. Once you do it, just watch.

Feed the whole family
Throw away your sandwiches until then, until they stop appearing.

Time to sleep (Go to sleep)
Press the key combination Shift + space.

Super secret recipe
Lie in a sleeping bag and find a book with this recipe behind one of the boxes..
From W3p3F1c

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