Gemini Binary Conflict: Russian game guide

If some things are not clear, or you want to quickly learn how to play. See this guide.



The guide is written in early access in Russian.
So that you can be sure that I studied this game here is a proof.

First you need to understand the concepts in the early interface..
FDM – Free For All (Normal fight against everyone)
TDM – Team Deathmatch (Team fight to the death)
WP – Warpath (War Trail – Google translator) Capturing Points
HO – Holdout (Retention)

In the settings, the usual functionality, graphics, sound, management. You can turn off the sound of the hitmarker (he may get bored with you after a while. Also change FOV. The game is pretty gluttonous and it is better to set the Low settings, Medium on most machines. If you are sure that you have a gaming PC like (i5 4570, 8 GB RAN, GTX 960) feel free to put High, Ultra may be unstable for this configuration.
– Currently there is no VSync, but you can enable it forcibly in the video card settings.

In modes, you can lose armor, it will have a bad effect on survival. Or at worst death. So be aware. Should you go ahead, or stay in cover and defend positions.

The selection of cartridges and health in the game is specific.

Green – Health

Blue – Cartridges

Yellow – Equipment

You can also take ammo and health from Dispancer (Dispenser) or ENFORCER skills – but.


In total in the game there are 5, everyone has their own style of play. When you play, you pump them, and get buns in the form of weapons, abilities.


Small pistol, does little damage, mainly designed to kill drones or heavily knocked players.


Designed to kill players from a long distance if you have a specific weapon.

HUNTER (Hunter)

His task is to kill targets small / middle distance. Not effective on open maps.

The gun you will hate at first, not only do you have to press the attack button after each shot. So it still works like a shotgun. What makes him literally suicidal, especially with KNIGHT


Similar to the principle of the past, but has very good additives in the form of high precision shots, quick fire, and high ammunition. Which gives him the ability to calmly walk ahead or shoot from a short distance. Hold RMB to charge it.

Neon Frisbee

Throws things that bounce off walls damaging enemies. Used as a consumable. Deals significant damage.

Xenon Boomerang

A shtukovim that is thrown and returned to the sender if you hold down the equipment throw button (Return if enemies do not shoot him or you are not behind a wall). Deals minor damage.


A class that uses weapons such as a grenade launcher, can shoot multiple targets at once.

A regular grenade launcher that deals damage to enemies when it hits or touches the surface. You can use his Rocket Jump but you will lose your armor. So be careful.

Singularity Slinger

Weapon opposite to the previous one. Because it creates small black holes that attract and damage. Suitable more for killing multiple enemies at once.

Corrosion Nebular

Works like a gas grenade. Taking off 10 hp for staying in it. Doesn't damage you if thrown by an ally.

Lucidity Liquid

Poisonous goo that disorients opponents, preventing them from shooting accurately and moving quickly. Rather suitable as support, rather than protection.

ENFORCER (Stormtrooper)

Standard class, can shoot like medium, and at long distances.

Normal assault rifle that fires automatically. Can kill wounded enemies, or kill them if you shoot them in the head.


Assault rifle firing three rounds with a burst. Suitable for precise shots, deals fire damage on hit.


Zone in which all allies can recover HP, can help if you are in an area with a lot of opponents.

Supply Zone

Like Medizone, can refill ammo. Best suited for Holdout mode.

RANGER (Sniper)

It is not hard to guess that this class is intended to be at a distance..

Weapons that shoot directly at the target, can instantly kill if hit twice in the head. Suitable for killing players and defending positions / teammates.


It is a rail cannon that charges and deals continuous laser damage. Can instantly kill a player with one headshot. But from – for a long recharge is more suitable as a damage dealer. More precisely on points or things that are used on it. Also effective against a boss in Holdout.

Sentry Drone

Launches a drone that deals damage to targets encountered. Can serve as a defending player, and protecting the point from the same drones.

Deployable Cover

Releases a small wall that can block passageways, or be a wall that will protect you. Suitable for both large and small cards.

KNIGHT (Knight)

Suicide, or, to be more precise, a player who deals heavily damage up close. Has a more sensitive damage multiplier.


Sword, which can do a lot of damage. Must have charge


Brass knuckles, which do damage quickly, but worse than a sword. Also uses charges.


Shield that blocks damage taken. Of course it doesn't protect from behind. May break and you will be left without a shield until you find a yellow sphere.


Invisibility, spends charges – but if played properly can help a lot to kill multiple players. An inattentive player not listening to sounds will not notice you. So you can kill him instantly.. If you have such an opponent in the match. You should listen to a specific sound. So you will know that he is near.


A mode that consists of a task – destroy the enemy base. Capture the points first, improve them with money. And destroy enemy points.
There are minions (drones) which passively spawn at points. They follow the route of the nearest enemy point. Can aggro on the player. Do not represent a big threat, give money for murder.
There are also large drones, they can be dangerous, as they are more accurate and do more damage.

You can upgrade points by buying..

Dispenser that dispenses ammo and health. Thereby making the team more survivable.


The thing that passively regenerates the point. It is bought last as it rebuilds very slowly..

Super Dispenser

Be only at the main base. Restores the same but faster, also gives you armor. Making death a foolish enough decision to restore armor.

Droid Turret

The turret that protects the main base. It cannot be bought at points other than the main one.


Stupid wall, can greatly improve the survival rate of points. But of course it doesn't save you from snipers)

Sudden Death – Mode where all auxiliary points are disabled (except for distributors). And HP are taken away from points. Can't Avoid It.

Team of those will win – who will destroy the main tower.


Cooperative mode that presents the task of rebuilding the team's ship and flying away from an alien planet.

You will periodically drop capsules “recovery” and “improvement”. The former are naturally intended to repair the ship.. And the latter to improve protection.
You can improve

  • The number of HP and cartridges
  • Weapon damage
  • Create a Drone Generator
  • Turn on turrets

After two waves, you will have a boss who will use laser and projectiles. So on this wave you need as many rounds as possible (take for example ENFORCER with the ability to recover ammo).

If you died and lost your ability, you can approach the upgraders to return them.

I see no point in talking about TDM and FDM – Kill or you will be killed.

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