Console cheats in CS:GO

This guide will help you learn useful commands to win..


Weapon commands and other very useful commands.
give “weapon” – general command to obtain weapons:

give weapon_awp – drop AWP
give weapon_aug – loss of AUG
give weapon_ak47 – drop of AK-47
give weapon_m4a1_silencer – loss of M4A1-S
give weapon_m4a1 – loss of M4A4
give weapon_galilar – Galil AR drop
give weapon_famas – loss of FAMAS
give weapon_p90 – loss of P90
give weapon_ump45 – drop of UMP-45
give weapon_mac10 – dropping out of MAC-10
give weapon_xm1014 – dropping out XM1014
give weapon_elite – drop of Dual Berettas
give weapon_fiveseven – drop of Five-SeveN
give weapon_deagle – drop of Desert Eagle
give weapon_usp_silencer – drop out USP-S
give weapon_glock18 – Glock-18 drop
give weapon_knife – a knife falls to the ground
give weapon_knifegg – a golden knife falls to the ground
give weapon_m249 – loss of M249
give weapon_tec9 – loss of Tec-9
give weapon_negev – loss of Negev
give weapon_scar20 – loss of SCAR-20
give weapon_sawedoff – Sawed-Off drop
give weapon_nova – drop Nova
give weapon_ssg08 – drop SSG 08
give weapon_sg553 – drop SG 553
give weapon_cz75a – drop out of CZ75-Auto
give weapon_hkp2000 – drop P2000

give weapon_hegrenade – normal grenade drop
give weapon_flashbang – dropping out a flash drive
give weapon_smokegrenade – smokey
give weapon_molotov – loss of molotov
give weapon_decoy – false grenade drop

give weapon_c4 – roll c4
give weapon_taser – falling out of zeus
give item_cutters – dropping out of the demining tool
give item_kevlar – kevlar falls
give item_assaultsuit – full armor drops

sv_cheats 1 – core team, activates the ability to enter “cheats”.
sv_cheats 0 – prohibits input “cheats”.

mat_wireframe 1 – the ability to see the entire frame of the walls, see through walls, in addition, places are marked separately, who are shot.
mat_wireframe 0 – disables the ability to look through walls.

noclip – flying through walls. Re-entering the noclip command disables this feature..

r_drawothermodels 2 – the ability to see other players through the walls, but does not show the overall frame of the walls.
r_drawothermodels 1 – disables this feature.
sv_infinite_ammo 1 – endless rounds without reloading
sv_infinite_ammo 2 – endless rounds with reloading
sv_showimpacts 1 – colored bullet marks on the walls
sv_grenade_trajectory 1 – shows the trajectory of a grenade

host_timescale 2 – accelerating the passage of time on the server. It can take on any large values 1, but at VERY LARGE values ​​it can LIKE GREATLY.
host_timescale 1 – default time pass value.

thirdperson – third person view
firstperson – returns to normal first person view
Voice Chat Commands.

In order not to establish voice communication through third-party programs, you can activate this function directly in the game itself. The voice_enable command is key here – she turns on voice chat, but there are other commands. for example, voice_forcemicrecord allows you to record conversations on a microphone, а voice_loopback – mute your own voice.
skill – with its help you can change the difficulty of the game. mat_autoexposure you can change the brightness of the screen, and with muzzleflash_light – turn off the light from the flashes in the game. You can even influence mouse inversion with the m_pitch command. – func_break_max_pieces, which sets the number of shards, into which the subject is broken, if it can be smashed.cl_autowepswitch you can disable automatic weapon swapping by then, which you pick. Very often used commands, which affect the sight – cl_crosshaircolor and so on. mat_wireframe 1 [default: 0] standard WallHack (view through walls). You can see players through walls, also you can see, what walls can be shot through.

noclip - lets you fly through walls. It is impossible to die in NoClip mode.

r_drawothermodels 2 [default: 1] extended WallHack. Allows you to see other players through walls. Works similar to mat_wireframe 1.
To reduce recoil, with the weapon_recoil_scale command, only now we need to set a value from 0 to 1 (eg, weapon_recoil_scale 0.5). So when shooting, the spread will be the less, the smaller the value you put.
Mat_fillrate 1 — ASUS WallHack.
mat_proxy 2 — ASUS WallHack 2.
r_drawbrushmodels 0 - Drawing models.
mat_fullbright 2 - White walls.
mat_normalmaps 1 - Blue walls.
mat_fullbright 1 - Full brightness.
r_drawparticles 0 - Disable smoke.
fog_enable 0 - Disable fog.
r_drawlights 1 - Drawing of fire.
r_drawrenderboxes 1 - Drawing boxes.
mat_luxels 1 - Squares on the walls. cl_disable_ragdolls 1 - cs go console command, which will help with fps during training. Often, when lies 3-4 smoke becomes noticeable, that the FPS is sagging. This team will remove physics from the Ragdoll game.. truth, it only works with sv_cheats 1.
dsp_slow_cpu 1 - similar to the previous command, it will help you increase FPS by slightly reducing sound quality. +50 fps guaranteed.
mat_disable_bloom 1 - disable unnecessary bloom effect. Yet +50 fps minimum. mp_warmuptime 99999999999 - thanks to this command, the warm-up will literally last forever. When all the required console commands are entered (Well, or not all, but only those, what are needed), I would advise you to do the following - host_writeconfig train. This way you will save the config, which can be downloaded and used at any time, which will save you a lot of time. The command to load the config.

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