Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales: Blood feud. Passing, puzzles, endings

Blood feud: Witcher. Stories.
All kinds of options for passing, solving puzzles, game endings.



Eagle stream

The peasants helped the bandits for food and money. After listening to, we decide what to do with the traitors:

  • “Flog” – we will see the process of punishment.
  • “Shave men into soldiers. Let the women go” –
  • “Let them go” – the peasants will be grateful, but the morale will drop.

Puzzle “Collapse”
Gradually falling on us 3 boulder with force 5, all of them need to be destroyed with shots of crossbowmen, until they reach the map of Meve. We put in the top row: archer, then three crossbowmen, shoot at stones. At the end, we use the archer's ability.



  • “Order to return the values” – we get the second card “Field Medic”. There will be enough gold in the destroyed camp without it.
  • “Hold on looted treasures” – we get 920 gold, morale will drop, Knight Eyck will not join further in the story.

Disturbed peace:
At the monastery cemetery puzzle battle. Against us 3 foulbrood with force 8, need not kill them, but leave by 1 health, otherwise explode. Decision:
1) we put the cart on top;
2) here we put three crossbowmen, shoot three foulbrood, they will have 4,3,2 health;
3) put the lord between the crossbowmen, and we will have two more cards;
4) put the crossbowman down, hitting foulbrood with force 2;
5) put the second crossbowman, hitting foulbrood with force 3;
6) apply the scarecrow to the crossbowman from the top row, put it down, hitting foulbrood with force 4.

Dichki village

Stormy waters:
Drowned people settled in a fishing village on the shore. In battle, if they have an even number of strength, they change rows and deal damage all over our row. Solving the puzzle:
1) Crossbowman to the top row, shoot at the top drowned man;
2) Apply the scarecrow to the crossbowman, he will return to our hand;
3) Crossbowman to the top row, shoot another top drowner;
4) When all 4 drowned at the top, we apply a trap on their row;
5) We put the archer up, we put the cart, shoot with an archer.



  • “Will stand up for nonhumans” – you need to solve the puzzle.
  • “Bypass the village” – we call in later, the remaining peasants will thank us with gold, and the elves and dwarves of our troops are deserting.
  • “Join, and then order to hang the instigators” – the peasants will be unhappy
  • “Join, and then order to flog the guilty” – some of our troops of elves and dwarves will consider this sentence mild, and will leave our squad.

Puzzle “Neighbors”:
1) We put the archer up;
2) We put the cart up, two infantry will appear, we bring them down;
3) We put Commander Reynard up, infantry will get another move, move the soldier back up. Archer has accumulated armor 6, shoot the rabble.

Old cemetery

Mourner of Bully:
To the west of the village we will meet a cemetery woman, she is surrounded 4 rotten. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the mower up;
2) We put the crossbowman up, shoot one foulbrood, a woman will kill a peasant;
3) We put the 2nd crossbowman up, shoot the same foulbrood, and the woman will start attacking him, as the weakest.
4) We put the graph between the crossbowmen, put on the right 2 emerging crossbowmen, shoot other foulbrood. After a series of explosions, all monsters will die.

Thistle field

In the pasture.
On a field with cows, you have to kill a mad cow, while not damaging any other cow. Solving the puzzle:
1) Put the drummer up;
2) We put the crossbowman down, shoot any healthy cow, so that she has strength 3;
3) Mevoy use the ability, in the deck we make the first card of an ordinary fighter with strength 3, drummer call this card to ourselves, there will be more 4 such a fighter;
4) We take the drummer off the battlefield with a scarecrow, the cow will hit the cow;
5) Put the drummer up again;
6) Using the drummer's skill, we summon a crossbowman, put it up, shooting a mad cow;
7) Putting Commander Raynard, using the drummer's ability again, with another crossbowman we finish off a mad cow.

In sorrow and in joy:

  • “Refuse to participate in the wedding” – the task will close / “Participate”, during the wedding, the bride will be kidnapped and the task will open “Kidnapped”
  • “Catch up with the kidnappers and let the lovers go” – guests will be dissatisfied, and the girl will give us a card “Lyria: merlot” – to the weakest card, the strength of the strongest is added.
  • “Catch up with the kidnappers and send the girl home”
Lord Clayton's estate

I, Ardal Aep Dagi…

  • “Give an answer to the ultimatum” – write a short answer, and leave the diplomat unharmed.
  • “Attack the emissary escort” – Entering the Puzzle Battle – “Immunity is canceled”

Immunity is canceled.
Ambassador Tragaern var Vdyffir must be defeated (4 strength, 30 armor), but all his armor is made up of the strength of his entourage, so in the beginning you need to shoot them. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the archer up;
2) We put the drummer on the right, use Meve's ability, choose a spearman in the deck, using the drummer's ability;
3) Applying the scarecrow to the drummer;
4) We put the drummer on the right, Mavoy is chosen in the deck of a crossbowman, shoot an archer at the retinue – 7 damage;
5) Use the drummer to call the crossbowman on the right, shoot the ambassador – 8 damage, put the crossbowman card on the right, shoot again after – damage 9.

Abandoned land

The stench of decay.
In the southern ruined village we will meet a couple of corpse eaters and an algul. They will have to be killed with three crossbowmen and spells. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the crossbowman up, shoot at algul (-1 strength);
2) We put the crossbowman down, shoot at algul (-1 strength);
3) We put the crossbowman up, but we shoot at any of our warriors;
4) We cast a spell “Alzur: Thunder” on algul (-10 strength). Using Meve's ability, and all the crossbowmen will shoot at the algul (-6 strength);
5) We conjure “Execution”. The strength of the monsters has leveled, and that means they will all die together.

Rustburg Castle

In the west:
After the castle on the road we will fall into an invisible ambush, a detachment of Nilfgaardians with assassins in the deck will attack us. “Interceptors” put on all our cards 2 damage every 3 course, so you need to shoot them first. You need to finish off very quickly, since the enemy has several medics in the deck.

  • “Promise the captives freedom” – they will give away the location of the enemy. After that, you will be able to keep your word., or still kill them. If we let the prisoners go, worsening the morale of the army.
  • “Hang the captives” – show everyone, that there will be no mercy to the invaders, but we will not find out anything about the location of other units.
Shy hill

Black sheep:
In a burned-down village, people accuse the only elf of spying for Nilfgaard, but they have no proof.

  • “Save an elf's life” – the elf will wish to join our squad, we can agree or leave him in an unfriendly village. If we allow to join, then soon the elf will begin to poison the water, which will lead to the deaths of soldiers in the army, Meva herself will hang him for this.
  • “Allow lynching” – the elf will curse us, but soon he will be hanged.
Milin village

Enemy maneuver.
If earlier we successfully interrogated the Nilfgaardian assassins (in the west), now we can organize an ambush in the village of Milin. We choose:

  • “Attack the Nilfgaar squad” – we enter the battle, capture three imperial caravans, and they come to our side. Increase morale. Plus, in the battle of Dravograd, the Nilf advantage will not be triple, but only double.
  • “Wait, until the detachment passes”

Lyria, h.2

Gnus ravine

In the north we will see, how the nilfgaardians attack the troll's lair.

  • “Help the troll” – we enter the battle. Troll Shop (force 10, armor 10) sits in our rear, he must be kept alive until the end of the fight. It is necessary to eliminate most of the enemy crossbowmen. We can heal a troll with Meve's ability. In the second half of the battle, enemies will have “Slave hunters”, they will take the troll prisoner, it cannot be left in this position.
  • “Keep out” – the troll wins and hides in a cave.

Battle of Dravograd.
After the victory, we can allocate money for the restoration of the city:

  • “Okay. Let's support Dravograd” – spend -1000 gold.
  • “Dravograd must now cope on its own”

Goodmund Big Hailo.
At the next river we will meet a pirate boat from Skellige, fighting their leader (150 strength). Goodmund kills the strongest warrior every turn, but he spends the same amount of energy. We need to place weak cards on the field with minimal strength., so the boss doesn't notice them, and attacked his own strong pirates.

  • “Punish the pirates” – we put them in shackles. All subsequent pirates will join us in battle.
  • “Set pirates on Nilfgaard” – declare to Goodmund, that he is afraid to attack the southern empire, and he immediately go to battle with them, plus a squad of pirates to join us in Angren.

Solid, like a rock.
On the way, we will meet the stone golem D'ao. First, it must be made of stones., and then kill. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the archer;
2) We put the crossbowman in the same row, shoot at the stone, with an archer we shoot two stones at once;
3) We put the cart in the same row;
4) We put the crossbowman in a row, we shoot at small D'ao;
5) We put the commander in a row, shoot an archer at two small D'ao;
6) We put the forager in another row. After D'ao's turn, he will automatically take damage from the cards he discarded.


For the homeland!
In the southern village we will see, that the commandant cannot recruit recruits for the war.

  • “To give a speech” – raise morale, but there will be no recruiter
  • “Spend gold” – +10 soldier
  • “Take the peasants by force”

Pre-road reptile.
To the south of the village on the field we will meet a wyvern (force 18), cow-eating. You need to kill her before, how will she eat them all. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put in turn: archer, archer, carriage;
2) We put the crossbowman, shoot the wyvern (-6 strength);
3) We put the crossbowman, shoot the wyvern (-7 strength);
4) Two soldiers move to another lane, we put the commander to the archers, we return the soldiers to the same row;
5) We shoot the first archer (-9 strength), then second (-8 strength).

Ruddy meadows

Controversial garden:

  • “Award the garden to Cartwright” – get recruits
  • “Give the garden to Mansfield” – get gold.
  • “Order to divide the garden”
Monks' Pleasures

In the lair of the beast.
Before the battle, we take weapons to Mewe – palash, so that she has the ability to inflict on enemies 4 damage, and other enemies with the same strength. In battle, immediately hit Mevoy with the paws of the monster, why do we check every move, can she use the ability again, attack again.
When there are almost no paws left, we put a couple of archers on the field. Due to the fact that the wings will move warriors here and there, archers will constantly accumulate armor. Save enough, and knock down the wings. All this time “Eyck from Denesle” increased my strength, for the fact that our other units received damage. Apply the knight at the end on the manticore head, and he will finish her.

Lumberjack village

We enter the village across the road, inn owner complains about noisy pirates, we can spend either -2 soldier, or -100 gold for strengthening the spirit.

If earlier we took pirates prisoner, now in the tavern we will immediately enter the puzzle battle. From the map “Tavern” 4 Robbers will come out (force 7), they will challenge our strongest card to a duel. Decision:
1) We put the cart, apply Meve's ability on her;
2) We put in turn 2 drummers;
3) We put a sapper, but we are not attacking the enemy, and the drummer;
4) We use the card “Execution”.

Queen hunt

We need to find a way out of the dungeon. By card “Raynard” on every move we can turn 1 of 9 dark enemy cards. There is only one way out, all other cards are patrols. We apply 3 cossacks, then Gascon with the bandits will come under our command. When we find the map “Goal”, need for 3 the remaining moves to win by points.


Tree of the Wanderers

Tree of the Wanderers:

  • “Head to the Tree of the Wanderers” – one of our soldiers will kill a mercenary for a bad word about us. We solve, what to do with a soldier, cut off his hand according to local laws (we get +192 gold from local residents, but the morale will drop), or pardon.
  • “Send a spy for reconnaissance” – he will be caught, will be tortured and killed.
  • “Avoid the Wanderer Tree”

Among the ruins.
In the second village, monsters algul and a cemetery woman are waiting for us. We need to align their health, and kill with one execution. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put a sapper, hitting the right naker;
2) We put a sapper, finishing off the right, hitting the middle naker;
3) We put a sapper, finishing off the average naker, hitting the algul;
4) We put a sapper, hitting the algul. We apply execution.

Imperial convoy.
A Nilfgaard caravan will go to meet us near the stone bridge, we can attack him (let's join the battle) or skip past (let's skip this battle). We agree to attack the caravan. Enemy wagon (5 strength, 30 armor) need to scare off to the right to ambush Gascon. To do this, you need to inflict some damage on her., we can throw a bomb in this row, or aim with the rider. When the wagon arrives, will appear 3 our Burglar. The remaining time we finish off the knights.

After the victory, we will find out, that slaves were transported in the caravan – captive peasants of Aedirn. They have nowhere to return, houses destroyed. We solve:

  • “Let refugees join” – there are no soldiers among them, but they still have to be fed. Then they will begin to steal I go, but if they are not kicked out, then when they settle in one of the villages, then they will give a decoration, applying two properties of random jewelry from your collection.
  • “Leaving refugees to their fate”

After the victory, the aged burgomaster will turn to us, he asks to leave the gold of enemies in the city, as soon the Nilfgaardians will return in our absence, and will take revenge on residents for the loss of supplies. Answer:

  • “Pick up gold” – we get +1000 gold.
  • “Leave gold in Trogir” – morale will not change, take a promise from the residents, that they will kill enemies, when will we start winning.

Born in fire.
In the burnt fields in the south, we will meet fire golems, you need to equalize their strength. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the crossbowman up, shoot a strong golem (force 25);
2) We put the crossbowman up, shoot a strong golem (force 24);
3) We put the crossbowman up, shoot a strong golem (force 8).


In the middle of the ashes. When we get to the fortress, see, that the Nilfgaardians have already captured it and burned it. Elves and dwarves helped the enemies, blowing up the wall from the inside (not really, there was a nilf spy)

In the fog.
On the road behind the bridge we turn to the southern houses, among them a monster Mist was wound up (45 strength). We need to have time to destroy the enemy, until his assistants broke the entire fence. Total 8 fences, if at the end of the turn the fogger is on the bottom row, he will destroy 1 fence. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the archer;
2) We put the scorer, set fire to the bottom row of enemies;
3) We put the slinger, displace 2 healthy fogs up, and the main one - down;
4) We shoot at the bottom row with an archer, accumulated there 6 foggers. We put the sapper's card, we achieve the remaining weak cards, then hit the boss;
5) We put the hayduka to the left of the archer, shoot again.

Blue Forest

Weeping willow.
We follow the bridge along the central road, we will enter the thicket under a huge willow. There we will find people, tied to a tree. We solve:

  • “Free the attached people” – sent soldiers will burn in a trap, elves will attack us.
  • “Move away from the tree” – lose fighting spirit, but we will avoid the battle with the elves.

Interrupted prayer.
In the forest of Sinyavaya Pushcha, we go south, Elves will attack us near the Melitele chapel. Meve will be captured by enemies. Solving the puzzle:
1) We apply “Becker's mirror”, The instigator will lose, and Meve will receive 15 health;
2) We read “King's decree”, put up 2 crossbowman, shoot the lower elf;
3) We put the card “Aretusa adept” up, add 2 crossbowmen in the deck;
4) We put the crossbowman up, shoot the left elf;
5) We put the crossbowman up, shoot the right elf;
6) We put the crossbowman down, shoot the right elf (2 strength);
7) We put the crossbowman down, shoot the left elf (3 strength);
8) We put the crossbowman down, shoot the lower elf (4 strength).

Krivoy Rog

Aborted transaction.
Fight with ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. At the end we decide:

  • “Destroy the weapon ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥” – Knight Eyck will be pleased, we get an increased spirit of the army.
  • “Equip your army with the weapons you've got” – morale will drop, get the card “Mewa: chain” (3 damage 3 adjacent cards).

Elven hideout.
There are many healers among the enemies, if you don't kill them quickly, they will completely restore the health of other elves on each turn. After the victory, we will find out, that there is an elven hospital in the cave.

  • “Allow Rila to finish off the wounded elves” – get better relations with Rayla, and aggravation with non-humans.
  • “Prevent Rile from killing the wounded.” – Raila will be offended, the morale of the detachment will drop, the elves will not thank us in any way.

With the enemy at the same time.
There are two Nilfgaardian detachments in our field “Geso: infantrymen”, you need to save at least one.
After the victory, it will become clear, that these are Nilfgaard deserters, and they will gladly fight by our side.

  • “Let the nakers kill the nilfs” – Eyck will not be happy and will jump to save them himself.
  • “Adopt nilfs to the squad” – two cards in a deck, but the fighting spirit will drop.
Forest Will

Reckoning hour.
In the eastern village we will see only elves and dwarves. If we let Raile take a tour of the village, she will find the corpses of all people in a burnt mill. Elves confess to the massacre of people. We solve, how to punish them:

  • “Send inhumans under escort to the nearest town” – spend 6 soldiers and reduce the morale of our army.
  • “Let Rila handle them in her own way” – get better relations with Rayla, and aggravation with non-humans.

In the heart of the Pushcha.
Preparing for battle, hiding in the elven ruins. The leader of the local elves will come to us – Eldine. He will ask us to leave the cemetery of his people, in exchange for the lives of our captured spies. We solve:

  • “Deal. We will leave the graveyard” – the elf will not keep the promise, and will still kill our captive people, and we will lose the advantage.
  • “And there can be no question, Eldine” – in the next battle we will have a map “Tactical advantage” – you can call 2 cards from the deck.

Eldine's Request:

  • “I will bury you in the graveyard, Eldine” – Raila will be offended, the morale of the army will drop, and the elf will just thank us in words.
  • “You don't deserve my pity” – improve relations with Rayla.

Ferocious troll.
At the western broken stone bridge we will meet the Trollikha (force 20). She is armed with a magic stick, and apply it, if it gets damaged, so you have to kill her in one hit. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the archer up;
2) We put immediately 2 rider up;
3) We put the cart down, riders will move to her;
4) We put the cart up, riders will move to her. We begin to move the soldiers from the carts one by one: down, up, down, up. Riders will follow, and increase the archer's armor;
5) We put Commander Reynard up. Moving the soldiers out of the carts again: down, up, down, up. The archer will accumulate exactly 20 armor, shoot the troll.

Aedirn, h.2

Rogue Fortress

We do not try to kill enemies in battle, only we reduce their strength. If we kill, they will be resurrected immediately. After the victory, we will find out, that the bandits were helped by Isbel from Tretogor, she was forced to conjure. We can invite her to the squad, but she will only use healing spells (before improvement, then it will be able to do damage)

  • “I agree to your terms” – get the card “Isbel: healer”
  • “And yet I don't want, so you join us”
Reconnaissance in force.

We go from the western stone bridge to the east, we will meet the camp of the nilfgaard scouts. In the battle on the field 4 scout (6 strength), we need to kill them all, until they ran away. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put a trap in the top row, enemies do not run away from her;
2) We put the archer in the bottom row, scouts will start running up;
3) We put the crossbowman down, shoot the lower right enemy;
4) We put the second crossbowman down, shoot the middle enemy;
5) When all enemies are in the top row, shoot with an archer. We put a detachment of sappers, throw grenades at the two remaining enemies.

Old Bargaining

Battle for the barn.
We solve, what to do with provisions:

  • “Save food for the army”
  • “Return half of the stock, and leave the rest to yourself” – we get +125 wood, the peasants will still resent the robbery.
  • “Return all food to the villagers” – the fighting spirit in the army will drop, and the peasants will thank us only in words.
Mrozy village

Crime and Punishment.
After the victory, if the general is still alive, he will ask not to execute him. He killed all the peasants for, that they burned his son. We solve:

  • “Exchange the general for a ransom” – worsening morale, +300 gold.
  • “Order to execute the general” – increase the morale of the army.

Rotting weapon.
In the southern village we will come under fire from cow carcasses. We need to destroy all carriers of the infection so, so that not a single carcass explodes on our side. Decision:
1) We put immediately 2 archers upstairs;
2) We put 2 slingers upstairs, moving everything 6 carcass on its side;
3) We shoot an archer in one line, then the second - on the other.

Traitors of Aedirn.
After our victory, the aged leader of the traitors Falbeson will ask for mercy. He was forced into treason, threatening to torture. We solve:

  • “Show mercy” – worsening the morale of the army, we will meet Falbeson on the right near his estate. He invites us to a feast, if we agree, then we will fall into the trap, you will need to complete a puzzle battle, after which Meve will receive another weapon.
  • “Execute Falbeson” – increase morale.

Assassination attempt on the queen.
We need to kill Falbeson (force 15), surrounded by guards and assassins. On our side 6 tables with booze, only 3 cards. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put Gascon up, hitting the right guard (will remain 4 strength);
2) We put Reynard up, turn the table;
3) We put Gascon down, move the lower killer up;
4) We put Reynard down, turn the table;
5) We put Gascon up, hitting the left guard (4 strength);
6) We put Reynard down, turn the table;
7) We put Gascon up, hitting the right guard (1 force);
8) We put Reynard down, turn the table;
9) We put Gascon up, we kill the right guard;
10) We put Meve up, kill the left guard.

A pile of corpses is piled in the center of the burnt field, we need to destroy them all, so that the infection does not start to spread. puzzle solution:
1) We put the crossbowman up, shoot our top row, in 4 body;
2) Crossbowman up, shoot our top row, in 5 body (6 strength);
3) Crossbowman down, shoot our bottom row, in 4 body;
4) Crossbowman down, shoot at someone else's top row, in 4 body;
5) Crossbowman up, shoot our bottom row, in 4 body (3 strength);
6) Crossbowman up, shoot at someone else's top row, in 4 body (3 strength);
7) Crossbowman up, shoot someone else's bottom row, in 4 body;
8) Crossbowman up, shoot someone else's bottom row, in 5 body.


Raila's proposal

If in the previous location we in most cases dealt gently with the elves, then Raila will leave our squad. If Rila was more often given to finish off the elves, then she wishes to stay with us.

Kurgan Upland

Abyss of Miriya.
On the hill we will find two mirror-like mines. Inside, we need to rearrange the top colored stones like this, so that they are mirrored like the lower ones. To move stones, use the leader's ability. Solving the puzzle:
1) Indicate the green stone 4 times, it will shift to the left, up and left;
2) Indicate the orange stone 4 times, it will shift to the left, up;
3) In the bottom row, indicate the red stone 1 time.

Lonely rock

In the center of the circular road we will meet a crowd of dwarves, they are waiting for their children from the annual trip, but they never come back. We can help you find, as a result, we will stumble upon a squad of skoy'taels.

  • If Rila is not in the squad, we will deliver the captive dwarves, parents will pick them up and send them to correctional labor. We will receive +1300 gold.
  • If Raila remains in our squadron, she will kill all the young dwarves, and parents will never wait for their return. After that we decide, exile or leave Raila. If we leave the killer, then the sorceress Isbel will leave in protest.
High bridge

After the cross bridge we will get to the residence of the Breckenriggs clan. Will find out, that the head of the clan Ivor trades with Nilfgaard, and will not support us. But his daughter - Eudora will ask us for a request, and then she will convince her father. We need to steal a document for her from the archive, to prove the possibility of a wedding with Zoltan Khiva.

Mahakam Archives.
The bandit Gascon will go to steal the document. We need to guide him through the playing field so, not to be noticed by the guards. We can move at every turn 3 times the leader's ability, then you must definitely take the card “Abstraction” or “Delay”. Enemies can see at a distance 2 cards. Decision:
1) Go down, down. Distracting the underguard;
2) Go right, to the right, down. This is how we switch places with the lower guard., and the bottom row will be safe;
3) Calmly go to the right, during breaks we do “Holding your breath”.

Babiy dol

Entering the city we will see, that the dragon Celtullis attacked the dwarves and burns everything around. We can fight him or get around (Eyck will oppose and attack the dragon himself)

After our victory, the wounded dragon will fly to his cave.. Dwarf Vavrynek will ask us to follow and finish off the monster, while there is such an opportunity.

  • “Kill the dragon” – Eyck will be happy with this decision., and Gascon no. Let's make a map out of the dragon's head “Trophy: Celtullis”
  • “Allow Celtullis to lick his wounds and leave the Mahakas” – we get +10 000 gold, but the people of Mahakam will be unhappy with us. Eyck will leave the squad.
Drunken cliff

Death in a barrel.
On the cliff we will see, how the dwarves try to execute the dwarf, pushing it into a barrel and planning to throw it down. Dwarf punished for wrecking because of his inventions, and for the whistle in the mine. We can stand up for him and get his card, choose how to answer:

  • “The punishment is cruel and out of proportion to the fault” – won't work.
  • “How the law sounds exactly, which he violated?” – the text will clarify, that the law only applies to dwarves, and the gnome will be set free.
  • “Can I redeem it? (-500 gold)” – pay 500 gold
  • “Do, what your laws require”

Weapons for the empire.
After passing a section of road with a blizzard, we will see traces of the Nilfgaard convoy, here they bought dwarven weapons for gold from our Lyrian treasury. We can catch up and attack them:

  • “Attack the Nilfgaar caravan” – Elder Googu won't like the solution, but if we have already helped one of the clans, they will vouch for us, and we will not be kicked out of Mahakam plus Meva will get another weapon.
  • “Let the caravan of arms leave”

Ghosts of the past.
Turn right from the roadblock with the inscription, meet the ghost of the beast, which constantly summons new squads of barghest dogs. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put a sapper (force 8), kill all dogs;
2) Put the catapult to the right of the sapper;
3) We put the alchemist to the left of the sapper, use the ability to catapult, she will become 8 strength from the sapper;
4) We put the second alchemist in another row, use the ability on the sapper, he will become 4 strength from the first alchemist;
5) We apply the epidemic, all dogs and almost all of our warriors will die. The catapult will have 5 shells, we shoot them at the beast.

Old county

Strong heads.
In the north we visit the brewery, here the bandit Gascon will argue with the dwarf Gabor, that will drink it. Need to drink faster 25 sips, using various bonuses. Solving the puzzle:
1) Add charge “Squish-squish”, do 2 pharynx (23 left);
2) “Squish-squish”, do 2 pharynx (21 left);
3) “Squish-squish”, will be added 2 onlookers, do 3 pharynx (18 left);
4) Drink “Bravery potion”, we do not spend charges, but we transfer;
5) Drink “Bravery potion”, we do not spend charges, but we transfer;
6) We apply “Intoxicating waste”, do 10 sips on 2 (0 left).

Valley of the Black Stream

Cold bridge.
In the valley behind the wooden bridge we will meet the Troll under the bridge. He puts on 3, 2, 1 damage to three nearby enemies. We need to lead the whole squad past him, without losing anyone. Decision:
1) We move the infantry down by their own order. By order of the troll, we transport the peasant. By card “Order: in attack!” ferrying the alchemist;
2) By order of the troll, we ferry the bombardier. By card “Order: in attack!” ferrying shield bearers;
3) By order of the troll, we ferry the crossbowman, do “Order: march”;
4) By order of the troll, we transport the infantry from the bottom row.

Forgotten treasures.
After the victory, we will find a treasure chest, inside will be the currency of the dwarves - leaky guilders.

  • “We will exchange tokens for gold” – we get +445 gold.
  • “Oh well. Let's arrange a feast!” – increase morale, the Gabor map will improve

Mahakam, h.2

Gold drain

There is a Krasnolyudsky bank to the north of the bridge. We can put there 2500 or 500 gold, to get the tripled amount later. If we contribute, in the last chapter we get the sum in 10 times more.

In the bowels of the earth.

  • “Let the Rivians get away” – raise morale. In the last chapter we will meet the saved, they will give us gold.
  • “Deliver the Rivians into the hands of the dwarves” – lose fighting spirit, then in Rivia again we will lose our fighting spirit or we will pay off 250 gold

An uncontrollable troll is against us, in him 8 huge snowballs, inflicting on 2 damage. We need to protect Meve from them, in which 10 strength. The troll throws a snowball in that row, where are the most people. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the peasant from below (8 Meve's strength);
2) We put the peasant from below;
3) We put the peasant from below (6 Meve's strength);
4) We put the slinger on top, cling 3 peasants upstairs;
5) We put the peasant on top (4 Meve's strength);
6) We put the slinger from below, cling 2 peasants and slinger down;
7) We put the peasant from below (2 Meve's strength);
8) We put the slinger on top, cling 2 peasants and slinger up.

Ruins of the White Forge

Inheritance of Vidmarov.

  • “Let Murko Vidmar take the treasure” - he will leave Mahakam, worsening relations with the headman, but in another chapter, Murko will throw us a piece of gold.
  • “Assign the treasury to yourself” – gold, Knight Eyck will leave the squad.
  • “Return the treasury to the headman” – improve relations with dwarves.

On the verge.
On the way north, one of our wagons will fall off a cliff.. Some people and chests will end up on a separate cliff with barbegaz monsters. We can go further, or organize a rescue operation:

  • “Attack barbegaz” – we participate in the battle, save resources.
  • “Continue the journey” – lose fighting spirit, 1500 gold, 200 wood, 8 human.

Stone hearth.
Gwent is played by special rules in the northern settlement - Hearthstone parody. Two enemy heroes on the battlefield, behind them, mana is accumulated every turn. On each turn, orders can be used to hit either the summoned monsters, either a hero. Cards are taken for mana, but for a move you can only take 1 map.
1. Instead of the sequence of actions, we will continue to consider the mechanics, by which you will win in battle. On the first turn, you can put a card on the board, requiring 1 unit of mana. In the second, you can lay out a card, requiring 2 units of mana (or two cards with requirements for 1 units of mana).
2. Each card has the ability "Order" and 1 charge, but it can only be used on the next move after it is placed on the board.
3. so, lay out the card, skip the move and it becomes possible to activate the "Order".
4. Absolutely every card replenishes its charge on the next turn (if a, sure, was not destroyed).
5. We try to use the remaining charges of all cards to, to deal damage to Stoneblast.

In the southern settlement, the Fearless and Experienced Vampires will face us. They take turns dragging our strongest and weakest warriors away. We must not lose living people, substituting stuffed animals. Decision:
1) We put a scarecrow;
2) We put a scarecrow, use Meve's ability on Haiduk;
3) We apply “Bravery potion” for the remaining scarecrow;
4) We put a scarecrow, the archer will return from captivity;
5) We put a scarecrow near the archer, shoot vampires.

Valley of the ancestors

Blood and tears.
At the place of the funeral, the relatives of the victims accuse the foreman of, that he forced the dwarves to work in an explosive gas mine.

  • “Protect the foreman” – dwarves will start to shower us, but the fight will be stopped by the sorceress Isbel.
  • “Keep out” – foreman will be killed, nothing will happen to us.

White death.

  • “Attack the Nilfgaardians” – let's join the battle, violation of neutrality will worsen relations with the headman.
  • “Forget about revenge” – nothing will happen.

Twin peaks.
Upstairs, the Dahlberg and Gogog clans argue, whose peak is higher. Us, as a third party, instruct to take measurements of height.

  • “Submit a truthful report” – the decision will be supported by the knight Eyck.
  • “Submit rigged results” – improve relations with the headman. Eyck will leave the squad.

We get to Frosty guardhouse, location will be finished. Bruver Hoog will be unhappy with, that we have destroyed the breeding grounds of monsters, since he has not finished his investigation there yet. We choose, what to answer him:

  • “My deepest apologies” – later Gabor will be grateful to us, and will remain in our squad.
  • “It was the work of the Zigrins” – Gabora is executed


The bridge on the Yaruga

Battle for the Red Bindyuga.
Raynard will report to Gascon, that he made a deal with the Nilfgaardians. In response, Gascon will tell, that it was Raynard who corresponded with Willem.

  • “It's a thing of the past. This time I forgive you” – both heroes will remain in the deck and in the squad.
  • “Gascon, I do not want to see you” – minus Gascon, will return at the end of the chapter.
  • “Our paths diverge, Raynard” – minus Raynard, will return at the end of the chapter.
  • “Get out of my sight. Both” – we will lose 2 hero cards, come back at the end of the chapter.

After capturing the fortress, sorceress Isbel confesses, that she comes from nilfgaard, and participated in the war, but did not want to destroy all enemies of the empire, that's why she became a pacifist. We solve, what to do with her:

  • “I agree. Stay” – get the card “Isbel: destroyer”, she still accumulates all damage taken, but no longer heals allies, but attacks enemies with this damage.
  • “I cannot agree to this” – minus card Isbel

Abandoned post.
The predatory plant Archispora settled inside the wooden fortification.. In battle, we need to kill 4 archispores, without losing their fighters. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the crossbowman down, shoot at any archespora;
2) We put the crossbowman down, shoot a healthy archespora;
3) We put the crossbowman down, shoot a healthy archespora;
4) We apply “Bravery potion” on a beaten crossbowman;
5) We put the crossbowman down, shoot a healthy archespora;
6) We put the crossbowman down, shoot the last archespora.

Swamp plague.
Further the only way is through the south bridge. At this point, one of our soldiers will catch the disease Typhus. If you run it, she will become contagious. We solve, what to do:

  • “Take, how much do you need” – the option is available only if the unit has the sorceress Isbel, give her 250 gold and it will cure the disease.
  • “Take the sick soldier with you” – possibly minus a small number of troops, need to check.
  • “Throw a sick soldier” – lose fighting spirit.

Swamp song.
In the western swamps we will find a cave and water women. We need killed 4 women, and thus stop the rain in 4 ranks. Decision:
1) We shoot the crossbowman at the bottom woman. We put Meve on the field;
2) Apply the map “Slinger: descent” on a woman, shoot a crossbowman;
3) Apply the map “Slinger: climb” on a woman, shoot the crossbowman at the bottom;
4) We shoot the crossbowman at the top woman.

Shattered circle.
The only way will be blocked by a fallen oblong stone. A squad of druids will approach us, and remove the blockage. They follow south, so we can go together:

  • “You can join us” – they will go with us, and later they will give a small reward of 1k gold and 500 wood, or attack and we will lose some wood, if we take part in the bloody ritual in the swamps.
  • “Happy journey to you” – druids will go on their own.
Lumberjack camp

Gold Angrena.
After defeating the nilfs, captured lumberjacks will turn to us. They were promised to be paid, when they finish work, because they are against the destruction of wood. We solve:

  • “Allow timber to be fused to the shipyards west” – lower morale.
  • “Confiscate timber” – lumberjacks will be unhappy
  • “Pay for wood and pick it up” – spend 400 gold, we collect wood ourselves, it will turn out 250 wood.
Temple of Gernichora

Bloody sacrifice.
To the north of the outpost we will find a huge obelisk, where the locals sacrifice animals to the swamp gods. We solve, what to do with it:

  • “Stop the bloody ritual” – we destroy the obelisk, the old woman will curse us with the name of Gernichora, then some of the soldiers will be poisoned and only Isbel will help not to lose recruits.
  • “Offer sacrifice to the swamp gods” – increase morale, if druids travel with us, then they attack us further and we will lose 1k tree.
  • “Keep out”

Gervin's fortress

Lord of the swamps. Find a neutral fortress in the northern dead end, where Lame Gerwin rules. At the very beginning, he took an oath from us not to violate the laws of hospitality.. By the evening we will notice all the atrocities, which Gervin does with his charges. We solve, what to do:

  • “Free the peasants from Gervin's rule” – we enter the battle.
  • “Keep the oath and not interfere” – hastily leave the camp, avoiding battle. But if in our squad there is a knight Eyck, he will independently enter the battle with the tyrant, and we still have to fight.

Aspen masonry.
We go south along several bridges, the path is blocked by a detachment of Nilfgaardians. We use mercenaries and Meve to destroy them.. Solving the puzzle:
1) All 4 with landsknechts we hit the riders with force 15;
2) Apply Meve's ability to any of your squads, hitting again 4 lancehets of riders with power 11;
3) Apply the map “Order to speak”. Use Meve's ability again, hitting again 4 lancehets of riders with power 7;
4) The sappers alternately throw all the enemies with force 3.

Blood Carn

Swamp fortress.
To the right of the main road we will see the Nilfgaard fortress, where only recruits serve. Killing recruits is useless, new ones come in their place. We need 7 kill an Inexperienced General once. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the crossbowman up, shoot the left recruit;
2) We put protection to the right of the crossbowman, protect him;
3) We place the fodder to the left of the crossbowman, do not use the ability;
4) We put the crossbowman between the forager and the crossbowman, shoot the general. Mevoy we finish off the general, we finish off the left recruit for her;
5) We put in turn 4 crossbowman on the right, kill 4 generals. Mevoy kill recruits at the first opportunity, but she will not have time to pump up to 5 damage;
6) We put protection on the right, we protect the crossbowman near the forager. Using the forager ability, die 2 crossbowman, but because of protection they will return to our hands;
7) We put in turn 2 crossbowmen on the right, kill 2 generals.

Angren, h.2


Eternal peace.
In the northern village we will find a cemetery woman. Grandma (force 19) invulnerable to most attacks, she is covered 2 barge dog (force 3), they constantly resurrect, increasing your strength by 2. Baba destroys the weakest creature on every turn. Solving the puzzle:
1) We kill the first barghests with Meve's ability;
2) We constantly use “Royal decree”, put everything 8 crossbowmen in one row, one by one we shoot at the barghests.
3) At some point, our crossbowmen will have the minimum strength, and the woman will kill them all. On the next turn, apply the Skull, choose all 8 slain crossbowmen, attack the woman.
4) The woman will have minimal strength, and she will destroy herself.

Abandoned village.
In the south we will find a village, where live 10 headaches. We only have two catapults with us, charges for them are replenished, if you kill your warriors. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put 2 catapult. We put a pit down to the enemies;
2) We put the slinger, hitting 2 queens, 1 drone;
3) We place the feed to the left of the sling, we get +1 charge;
4) All charges of catapults are spent on one queen, we get 3 cards;
5) We put the cart with the infantry;
6) We apply “Mardrem: revenge”, forager will die and be in hand again. We put the forager to the left of any infantry, we get +2 charge;
7) We spend all charges of catapults on the second queen, we get 3 cards;
8) We put the slinger, everything 3 we strike at our infantry, +3 charge;
9) We put another cart with infantry. We put a sapper, we destroy all the infantry, get more +5 shells. We fire at all the remaining monsters.

A split in the ranks.
On the road we will get caught in the rain and spend the night. In the morning it will be found out, that a dozen soldiers wanted to desert. We solve, what to do with them:

  • Demote deserters in rank and deprive them of their salaries” – choose a small punishment, the soldiers will remember this and further on the way a small part of the troops deserts (-1000 gold, -500 wood, -20 soldier.)
  • “Order to hang every third deserter” – Isbel will leave the squad.

On the road we will be met by an exhausted detachment of Nilfgaardians. The enemy commander will offer not to fight yet, but disperse and recuperate. We solve:

  • “Let the Nilfgaardians get away” – let's disperse peacefully.
  • “Attack the enemy” – we enter the battle.
Bloody mistress

– You cannot take a relic with you into battle, which does damage, all leeches will burst from it, and we will be left without cards (one leech bursts – we lose the card from hand) Best to take “Horn of Valmir”.
– In the normal state, Henrykhor is invulnerable, but also does not attack, and every 2 move only creates leeches “Gernichora fruits”. You cannot shoot leeches, otherwise we will lose cards from our hand.
– Gotta wait, when the leeches move to the top row, there they will start sucking the life out of the boss. At this moment, the monster transforms into a map. “Гернихора: mother”, you can shoot at it by any orders, spells, arrows.
– The leeches themselves will be amplified by +3 strength. They need to be hit too, so that they do not grow to strength 10, otherwise they will explode and damage all our cards.
– Knight and sorceress are useless in battle, since we are not being damaged. From Trousers, too, little sense. Slingers can be used, to move satiated leeches from the top row down. Meve's Beats, when leeches have the same health. It is best to take more archers, to attack the whole row, and pump them by moving messengers and infantry from carts. To destroy Gernichora itself, we use lightning, riders shots.

Wandering light.
At the road sign we will meet a blue light. If we follow him to the west, find ancient wrecked carts, carrying the princess bride. Seem to be, the legend of Gernichor was true (and, in which she is a princess, killed on the way to the wedding with the Temerian prince). We collect all the dowry: +5300 gold, +1700 wood, we will lose -12 soldier.

The Adventures of Pants.
There is a cave to the right of the last chest, our dog will run into it. We need to run them through the maze, collect all soups, and drink wine at the end. Everything is done in one move, move the dog with the leader's ability. Solving the puzzle:
1) We start in the lower left corner;
2) We run up, then right;
3) We fold to the bottom soup, then up again;
4) We go down to the third row, go left to the soup;
5) We go down to the fourth row, go right, and then up to wine.

Battle of the Yaruga.
Colonel against us, which takes an additional card every 2 course, so the enemies are outnumbered. Better to pick up the sorceress and the knight, to accumulate damage. We do not use orders, until we kill all the enemy cavalry, which is pumped from this. After a hard victory, we decide, what to do next:

  • “Leave the injured and act immediately” – the soldiers will be unhappy, but the morale will not drop.
  • “Wait, while the medics bandage the wounded” – during this time, the army of nilfgaard will increase, but we will not lose some of our fighters.



Invader's right.
After the victory, we will find out, that local merchants helped us, and opened the gate from the inside. For this they ask to abolish the law, which was introduced by the Nilfgaardians – nonhumans are entitled to part of the seats in the guilds and city council. We solve:

  • “Fulfill the request of the merchants and cancel the reforms” – it will worsen relations with non-humans. Gabor will leave the squad.
  • “Leave the Nilfgaardian reforms in force” – merchants will be unhappy, but it will inspire the dwarves from Mahakam in our army, map “Gabor Zigrin ++” will receive a second upgrade.

Eternal peace.
In the southwest of the location we will find a cemetery. If there is Gascon in our squad, he decides to leave, we can follow him. We will find out in a conversation, that this is the tomb of his Brossard family. Among them was a traitor, rebel against the king, for this the whole family was cut out, only Gascon survived. If we pay -1000 gold for the restoration of the tomb, then the card “Gascon +” will get an improvement.

Devil's Tower

Prodigal son.
We get to the ruins on a separate island, my son comes here. Willem offers a peace treaty in exchange for conditions: do not cancel reforms, guarantee his safety, remain a successor. We answer:

  • “I accept your terms” – son will join our squad, get the card “Prince William”, then the prince will be rehabilitated in the eyes of the people and will be a hero.
  • “Such a treaty is unacceptable” – Willem will die, when he opens the gates of the mother and her army in Rivia.
  • “Arrest Willem” – take him prisoner, the prince will die in prison.

War propaganda.
We will find the printing house in the northwest, in a fenced-in village. We join the battle, against us 2 commandant and daredevil, he must be killed first. After the victory, we choose:

  • “Start producing your own flyers” – peasants will be inspired by leaflets, and will bring to the needs of the army +2000 gold and +40 soldier. Further along the road, on the boards, we will see laudatory leaflets.
  • “Destroy the Nilfgaardian Seal” – increase morale.

Troll Gourmet.
Among the eastern rocks we will find a cave with a troll. He makes soup from 4 our warriors, we need to replace their inanimate cards with the same scent, focusing on their description. Solving the puzzle:
1) Place the mandrake root to the left of the alchemist;
2) Put the spoiled ale to the left of the slingers;
3) We put the skulls to the left of the forager;
4) Place the mushrooms to the left of the scouts.

In the northwest village, where no one else goes, head eyes started up. We need to grow one of them to 125 strength, so that he annihilates others. Solving the puzzle:
1) Applying Black Blood, hitting two enemy lines, we make reinforcement on the 5th head of the eye in our top row;
2) We use the leader's ability many times on the top 5th monster;
3) When all the enemies around will have more 50 strength, use the ability on the 2nd top monster several times.

Earl of Caldwell's estate

Father's sins.
We go north, the son of the murdered Earl Caldwell lives there in the estate. Dragomir asks to have mercy on him and not to execute him for his father's sins. We solve:

  • “Exile the Caldwell Family” – let's join the battle, increase morale.
  • “Let Dragomir stay in Rivia” – we will receive from him a donation for military needs +1000 gold. But the morale of the army will fall from this. Then reinforcements will come from him for the battle..

Vorony Yar.
There is a dangerous quarry in the northeast, where the Nilfgaardians resumed work, using slave labor. We can attack and save the slaves.

  • “Agree” – spend 1600 gold for their uniforms, and get +80 soldier. In the epilogue, they will kill captured Nilfgaard soldiers
  • “Refuse”

New house. To the east is the village of Ivica, enemies cut down the whole grove here. We recapture this place from the Nilfgaardians.

The battle for Ivica.
After the victory, we will find out, that all Rivians have been evicted from here, and all residents – these are Nilfgaardian peasants immigrants. Deciding what to do with them:

  • “Allow the Nilfgaardians to stay” – morale will decrease.
  • “Evict the colonists” – morale will increase, Isbel will leave the squad.

Enemy genus.
In the south is the castle of the aristocrats from the Malebon family, longtime rivals of the royal family. We can ask them for help.

  • If there is Prince Willem in our party, then we can agree.
  • If Willem is in our captivity, then we can attack the castle.

Siege of Karlobag.
After the victory, residents will come up to us and ask to punish the local blacksmith, armed the enemy army. The other half of the inhabitants will protect him. We solve:

  • “Let go of the blacksmith” – lose fighting spirit, but the blacksmith will give us a new weapon - card “Mewa: a spear” (leaves the selected card with everything 1 force).
  • “Give the order to whip Todor” – nothing will happen.
  • “Order to cut off the blacksmith's head” – Isbel will leave the squad.

Bestial conspiracy.
Behind Kralobag on the central field we will find a riddle with two cows. One moves to the left, the other is on the right. In the bottom row, they eat the peasants (get +3 strength) and corpses (expire depending on the time counter). You need to rearrange the peasants like this, so that the cows overeat corpses and die. Solving the puzzle:
1) We move the right peasant to the right corner;
2) We shift the left peasant by 1 map to the right;
3) We apply the alchemist on the far right corpse;
4) The right surviving peasant is swapped with the last corpse in the right corner.

The island

Hidden price.
Let's enter the town of blacksmiths, unable to compete with the masters from Mahakam. As we approach, the Nilfgaardians will leave the city in laden carts. Deciding what to do:

  • “Take the city without a fight” - I miss the fight.
  • “Chase the Nilfgaardians” - let's join the battle.

Back to town, locals will be unhappy with dwarves, who make weapons better than them. In conversation, we can intercede for them. After we decide, what to do with production. If there is a dwarf Barnaba in our squad, we can use its variant. We solve:

  • “Invest in seedy workshops” - we will spend -2500 gold, but let's raise the fighting spirit. In the end, all this will not help early.
  • “Do not delve into the problems of Otok residents”
  • “To entrust the management of manufactories to Barnabe” - we will lose the card “Barnabas”, a little later we will benefit from this in gold.

Work force.
There is a slave camp north of Otok.. To win, need not fight, and strengthen the slaves so much, so that they themselves kill their drivers. Solving the puzzle:
1) We put the peasant up, use the leader's ability on him;
2) We put the robber on the right, aiming at the left slave;
3) We put the alchemist on the right, use his ability on the robber;
4) We put the hayduka to the left of the alchemist;
5) We put 2 haiduka to the left of the alchemist, we apply two abilities of the alchemist on the middle and on the right slave.

Rivia, h.2

Battle of Rivia

In the camp, we choose who to entrust the opening of the gate:

  • “Raynard will lead the attack on the dock” - the commander will be assisted 3 mercenary, who will be able to move enemy warriors.
  • “I entrust this task to Gascon” - the bandit will be helped 2 the killers, they will be able to eliminate a couple of guards on the way.

Battle of Rivia.
In this puzzle, we need to quietly get from the bottom row to the map “Tower” at the top. Enemy scouts are constantly moving from left to right, and reaching one edge, appear in another. They can only spot us on adjacent maps. After detection, there is still 3 turn to complete the mission. Decision:

1) We put the card down between the 1st and 2nd cards;
2) Take a step to the left, up, to the right;
3) A scout in the 3rd row above us, kill it or move it;
4) In the 4th row, kill or move one more scout;
5) Taking a step up, up.

Our army will infiltrate the fortress, but the sent character will die after completing the task (unless Prince Willem is arrested and fights with us)

Upper lock.

– From the relics it is better to take the Horn of Valmir, amplifying all our new cards.
– Winning in the 1st round, immediately pass in the 2nd round, to get your hands on more cards.
– Better not to take cards with uncontrollable damage, so as not to accidentally kill the weak cards of the enemy.
– The General constantly compares the strengths of our random cards in the deck with his own., if his card is larger, he strengthens his troops, so cheer up before the battle and remove weak cards.
– At the beginning of the 3rd round, lay out on the field “Mahakam ale”, so don't take your Pantalone with you.

Epilogue. Aldersberg

A battle for nothing.
The scout will find a squad of skoy'taels in the bushes. The forces are not equal, very quickly we will defeat them. After the victory, it will become clear, that they didn't prepare the trap, but just unsuccessfully hid. We solve, how to deal with them:

  • “You could give up” - we can release them or hand them over to Demavend. If we let go, get better relations with non-humans.
  • “I understand… But I can't forgive”
  • “I'm not interested in your excuses” - we put them in shackles and send them to Demavend.



  • Arrested – Meve never forgave him.. He was thrown into a dungeon, where he weakened in health and soon died. Buried him quietly, without speeches and honors, in the sarcophagus, unadorned.
  • Let's make a deal with him – Willem remains alive and shows his best side in the future. Become a hero, and if you didn't speak to Raynard in the epilogue, that will be the mother's right hand.
  • Didn't make a deal with him – will die in Rivia, when will open the gates to the army of the Lyrians, thereby washing away the shame.

  • If sent to open the gate – die a brave death. The count is buried in the castle chapel of the rivia castle, his soldiers come to say goodbye to him, and the queen brings fresh flowers to the sarcophagus every day.
  • If survived, but you didn't talk to him in the epilogue, he is not mentioned.
  • If survived, and you spoke in the epilogue, hinting at love-carrots, it will help Mewe, becoming big, than just a general and advisor.

  • If you went to open the gate, it will die. If Meve rebuilt the Brossard family tomb, then after the war he is buried with honors next to his family and put on a pedestal a statue of a heraldic cop in a princely crown. If Meve didn't do it, then he is buried in a tomb within the walls of the Rivian fortress.
  • If survived, then after the war he receives an estate near Spalla and becomes a specious nobleman and landowner, until one night he disappears from his estate, jumping on a horse and taking with him his bow.

  • If they killed all the Nilfgaardians along the way, evicted their colonists, attacked the ambassador in the first chapter – In Nilfgaard, the news of the defeat was received with disbelief. Imperial soldiers, who returned from the front, talked about the cruel queen from Lyria, killing captives and violating sacred laws. They gave her the nickname Gvaelded – Bloodthirsty.
  • If you made concessions (not necessarily always), did not evict the colonists, did not touch the ambassador in the first chapter – Although Nilfgaard was defeated largely thanks to Mewe, her name was pronounced there with respect. The soldiers, who returned from the front, talked about her courage and generosity with admiration. They gave her the nickname Gvaedyn – Disobedient.

  • If all the skoy'taels were killed – After that, how the Scoya'taels left the Kingdoms of the North, elves and dwarves had no choice: they came out of the woods and returned to human cities. Inhumans lived in constant fear, conscious, that sooner or later another bloody pogrom will break out…
  • If the skoy'taels were left alive (I missed this ending, even though I rarely helped proteins, but in Rivia let the inhumans be on the council of the city) – After the conclusion of peace, the feuds between the races in Lyria and Rivia subsided a little.. Under pressure from the queen, new laws were introduced, designed to curb oppression of other races. Progressive… but universally violated.

  • If agreed with Willem, but did not speak in the epilogue with Raynard – She ruled with an iron hand… With the continued support of his son. She could rely on him again, trust him, and it became for her, perhaps, more important victory, than the liberation of Rivia.
  • If you talked to Raynard in the epilogue – She ruled with an iron hand… Sponsored by Reynard, which softened the queen's temper. For her, he became not only a general and a trusted advisor, but someone big… Much larger.
  • If Willem and Raynard died – She ruled with an iron hand… Always alone, adamant, able to suppress any objection with a powerful gesture. Without a doubt, subjects loved her… But they sighed with relief every time, how her menacing gaze passed them.

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