Satisfactory Guides: “All equipment”

I'll tell you about each piece of equipment in the game Satisfactory!



So to begin with, I will say that I will make three subcategories to make it easier for you to understand.


  • Initial items
  • Main subjects
  • Late subjects


Xenoshocker – this is a melee weapon, which affects the fauna, inflicting 5 damage.
Первый ксеношокер выдаётся инженеру при выходе из десантной капсулы. Additional xenoshockers can be crafted in the workshop.

To use, the engineer must hold the xenoshocker in his hands.

Engineer can press (LKM) xenoshocker in an animal, and it will receive an electrical discharge.

Double-clicking the mouse will cause a quick burst of two hits in a row


“Portable drill”

Can be installed on source with resource, to start its automatic mining.
Very limited storage space

“Object scammer”

Scans the area looking for the specified item.
Emits a signal with a period, proportional to the proximity to the subject.

The scanner can search:

  • Nuts
  • Paleoberries
  • Mushrooms
  • Energy slug
  • Wreck sites of cargo capsules(Need to study in MMA)
  • Aggressive life forms(Need to study in MMA)

“Chain Saw”

Chain Saw – this is a tool, используемый для вырубки растительности.
С её помощью можно расчистить shrub space, trees and large mushrooms.


Allows you to quickly navigate the plant, используя для этого линии электросети. Activate the zipline and target the nearest power line, to move along it.

(Opens in MMA,or rather, in the branch of katerevoy ore)


Экзоскелет позволяет run faster, jump higher and extinguish impact when falling.

  • Characteristic Norm Exoskeleton
  • Running speed 32 km / h 48 km / h
  • Jump height 2 m 3 m

(Opens in MMA,namely, the branch of the cutter ore)

“Armature gun”

Improvised ranged weapon, used by engineers for self-defense.
Requires reloading after each shot.


Improved version of xenoshocker from FICSIT

Heavy melee weapon, electrocuted.


Used to mark zones.
Will be displayed on the compass and map with the same color and name, which you indicate.

“Paint gun”

  • Paints factory buildings and foundations.
  • Before starting painting, you can выбрать цвет или создать свой.


When activated in the air, slows your fall
There is nothing more to explain

“Medical inhaler”

Can be used to fully restore health.

(There are three recipes as you learn in MMA.,you will receive them)


Rifle – this is an automatic ranged weapon.

  • The store holds up to 10 cartridges.
  • Bullets move in a straight line with infinite speed.
  • Maximum firing range – 150 meters.

“Nobel laureate”

The detonator requires the explosive itself. “Nobilisk”
Nobelisk is used to detonate cracked boulders, stones and disturbing vegetation.


Allows you to move freely while in the air.
When used, consumes fuel and refills it from the inventory, while you are on earth.

“Vaping satchel”

Vaping satchel – this is a personal device for flying, which is powered by nearby electric poles, sockets and railways.
Это позволяет вам парить infinitely, until they are within reach of the power infrastructure.


Позволяет breathe normally while in poisonous gas.
Consumes gas filters from inventory.

“Protective suit”

Protects against radiation exposure.
Consumes iodine filters from inventory, while in radioactive zones.

“Fun items”

Candy cane-club
A heavy and tasty weapon for self-defense.

FICSIT ™ coffee mug
Mug with drink,which you can carry in your hands and sometimes drink coffee

Pile of snowballs
Just snowballs

Factory Motorcycle ™
The one and only - the factory FICSIT ™ motorcycle cart. Now with special grippy wheels, specially designed for FICSIT foundations, for even smoother and faster travel around the plant!

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