Remnant From the Ashes: DLC Chessboard Secret “Subject 2923”

Solving the puzzle and obtaining a unique weapon.


Puzzle solution and some details
The game has a place with a strange chessboard and a couple of computers, if you do not delve into the essence of the messages, then you can miss one secret place.

The place itself is in the Source block, floor B1, Doctor's Office – Angie Sato and Sebastian Weisskopf (from DLC “Subject 2923”)

But initially computers don't work, you need to supply electricity by turning on the generator, and additionally find and insert a fuse in nearby rooms.

After that we go to this room., find the computer you need (in the middle) and read all the necessary lore:

We will find out just about this very chessboard., which is nearby:

A bit of logic and voila, we have a password.!

Next, enter the password into the computer and get access to the closed room:

In which we get another unique trunk:

P.S.: If you are incredibly lucky and all the necessary locations in the world are loaded, then in the same office you will find “Manor Basement Key” (Where will you find out about the further fate of these two doctors and get another present)

From Vital Phoenix

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