Geometry Dash: explanation of all settings in options

In this tutorial, I will explain to you all the sections in options


First page
  • Auto-Retry – after your death, you automatically start over
  • Auto-Checkpoints – automatically sets checkpoints in practice mode
  • Load songs to memory – music favors. levels are automatically loaded, but it makes the loading of the level take longer
  • High Capacity Mode – increases the rendering power in the host packet when the level starts. Use to improve performance at some levels. May cause problems with weak devices
  • High StartPos Accuracy – increases the accuracy of the starting position, but loading the start position will take longer
  • Quick Checkpoint Mode – checkpoints are placed more often in practice mode, only works with Auto-Checkpoints
  • Show Restart Button – shows the restart button on the pause screen
  • Force Smooth Fix – smooth transition is usually disabled, if the level lags. Switch, to check, if performance is better with a smooth transition
  • Change Custom Songs Location – the music will be saved to a different location. Turn on, if you have problems with custom music
  • Disabled Explosion Shake – removes shaking during death
Second page
  • Disable Shake Effects – removes shaking after passing a level
  • More Comments Mode – increases the number of comments on one page with 10 to 20
  • Auto Load Comments – automatically loads comments below the level
  • Flip Pause Button – the pause button moves to the left, only works with Show cursor in-game function
  • Show Percentage – shows the number of percentages when passing the level
  • Increase Max Levels – increases the maximum number of stored levels from 20 to 100
  • Inc Local Levels Per Page – increases the number of created / saved levels on the page with 10 to 20
  • Fast Practice Reset – Speeds up the respawn time of a character in practice mode with 1 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • New Completed Filter – new filter for passed levels
  • Practice Death Effect – adds death effect in practice mode
Third page
  • Hide Practice Buttons – hide buttons to enter practice mode
  • Disable High Object Alert – disable notification about a large number of objects (over 40.000), when entering the level
  • Disable Song Alert – disabling the notification about not downloaded music when entering the level
  • Manual Order – filter for sorting levels in the save tab, which filters by newness of levels
  • Show Leaderboard Percent – shows the percentage of the leaderboard
  • Disable Gravity Effect – disabling the effect of gravity
  • Disable Play Object Alert – disable alert for objects with high detail in the level
  • Default Mini Icon – old small cube icons
  • Switch Spider Teleport Color – switching color when teleporting a spider to secondary of your playable character
  • Switch Dash Fire Color – switching fire color to secondary of your playable character
Fourth page
  • Switch Wave Trail Color – switching the wave trail to secondary of your playable character
  • Enable Move Optimization – includes optimization of object movement
  • Editor Hold To Swipe – in editor mode, while holding, turns on swipe
  • Swipe Cycle Mode – clicking on the same position in edit mode while Swipe mode is on will cycle through the affected objects, rather than adding multiple objects to it.
  • Just don’t… – makes a mirrored inscription when passing a level flips on 180 the count of attempts and at death one of the different inscriptions appears
  • Increased Max Undo/Redo – increases the maximum number of undo / redo actions in the editor with 200 to 1000
  • Flip 2-Player Controls – changes buttons in two-person mode
  • Always Limit Controls – limits buttons in two-person mode
  • No Song Limit – does not limit the music limit
  • Show Cursor In-Game – shows the cursor in the game


Fifth page
  • Disable Thumbstick – removes the joystick in the game
  • Smooth Fix In Editor – smooth transition in the editor

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