NEKOPARA Vol. 4 Russifier (translated to 100%)

At the moment, crack – ready for 100%

Main text – translated to 100%

18+ Version – translated to 100%


Group of translators in VK:

Link to the post with all the details about the download ( I can not post direct links because developed by Nekopar, they remove all such manuals):

1.Down-load a game.
2.Download the crack from the link from the group post in VK (Second link).
3.Download and install 18+ patch (Optional).
3.Copy the file from the archive to the game folder.
4. Confirm replacement of all files.

Question answer
1. When will the translation be released?

– 25.07.21: Translation completed!

2. Who is translating?

– The team is engaged in translation “Epic Eagle Team”.

P.s: I am not the author of the translation, but I work for distribution.

3. What is the current status of the transfer?

– Completely ready!

4.Do achievements work?
– Yes, work!

5.What version of the game is the crack for?
– Translation fits, as on “All Ages” version, and on 18+.

6. How much does the crack weigh??
– 55 MB.

7. Where to get 18+ patch?
– Buy from developers on the site (We do not encourage piracy., truth?).

8. Can we, help the translators somehow?

– Yes, sure. You can subscribe to a group in VK, as well as, if not sorry, then you can help with the minted coin – translation authors (by requisites, which are indicated in the group in VK).


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