Zero Hour: Codes for watches and a guide to their activation

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How to activate?

1) First of all, in the main menu, select the Store tab
2) By clicking on the tab, the store itself with the clock will appear, you need to click on the All button, to show the whole range
3) By the third step, we need to start activating the watch itself. The watch for the codes has the inscription SE CODE instead of the price tag. By clicking on them, we need to enter the code corresponding to the given watch and press CONFIRM
4) The final step is to activate this watch in your inventory. Make it easy, just click on the PURCHASED button, and then choosing the watch you like, click on them

Codes for watches

The codes are presented below:

APEX Black & Yellow : BIGFRY1013
SH-42000 : SCOTTHOT42
Operator’s Time Piece : CTRLPAIR47
The Joker : DUERAG95
The Legionnaire : JUSTIN87
The French Tour : FR13112015
Wet Job : KLEAN13376

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