Friendly Fire: Everything 5 endings

Getting all five endings in Friendly Fire (for july 2021)



In this Guide, I will try to talk about, how to get everything (for july 21) endings in the game Friendly Fire. This is my first guide…
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Ending A ([BUT]pocalypse Not Today)

After choosing a character, we are shown, like he (she is) exits the portal in the cave.
It is full of tablets with basic game mechanics., as well as skull and bone (the bone is needed for ending B). After passing the cave, running through the clouds and falling from them, we get to “glade”, going down with which we meet “Big-eyed” the fire.

We talk to him and get “main” quest. We are shown a tree on the right side of the map., the wood of which Fire needs. Coming in this direction, we bump into a broken bridge, which you have to jump over.

Falling under the bridge, we are talking to “shadow” in a dark corner and learn to run.

(Ability name and shadow lines — direct reference to the song Fear of the Dark by Iron Maiden) + (shadow plays PokemonGo).

With a running start, we jump over the bridge and through the cave with springy mushrooms we get to the Special Tree.

We interrupt his singing and to prove, what we deserve, dancing to the song “Dancing Tree Queen”, pressing the keys “1” and “2”, when the corresponding icons reach the area between the two stripes.

Talking to the tree, we get the quest – sprout his bump on the mountain and “Double jump boots”, to climb the mountain.

Take the bump and jump to the platform on the left.. We reach “Places for throwing seeds”. And we throw the bump up.

We go down and go to the entrance to the mountain path.

We go up and take the bump. We go left until “Advanced place for throwing seeds” and throw the bump again.

Go ahead and remember the hint.
(Important: the hint is generated randomly and differs from the one given here)

We go into the room of the Stone Monk, disciple of the Wise Stone, what's on the top of the mountain, (There is a textbook on non-euclidean architecture in the closet) and go up following the hint (we pass there, where is the stone on the tip) (In my case: left, case, twice from the left and, finally, case + pair of levels without conditions)

We take a bump and go up further, jumping on platforms.(During the last jump to the Wise Stone, the second jump is best done after passing the highest point of the first)
And we plant a pine cone on the top of the mountain.

Speak to the Wise Stone, we agree to accept his wisdom and call him the Teacher.

Raising the Stone (references to Mjolnir (To the hammer of Thor) and the animated series Masters of Universe)
and we refer it to the river, and then we throw it into the water.
Jumping over objects in the water, we cross the river and reach the cave Friendly fire, where do we get the ability “flight”(multiple jump)

“We fly” to the top of the mountain. There is a cloud right above the planted bump, and to her left is the house.

Inside are: a mimicroid chest on a well-deserved rest, grilled chicken, restoring 5xp and infecting with salmonella, conventional radio and true flight ability. In a conversation with her, we ask about seeds and get “Dancing Dave” – ability to make rain, dancing on the clouds.

Dancing on the aforementioned cloud.

“We fly” to the tree, talking to him, and take the log.

We throw the log into “Big-eyed” the fire…
This radish betrayed us…

We speak to him. It consumes all of our (useful) skills, leaving Dave as “eternal punishment” and there is a change of location.

Jumping on the clouds make it rain and put out the fire.

We speak with fire. Done.

Ending B (Good boy)

To get this ending, you need a bone from the first room.. To get it you need to stand with a bone in front of “by the door” throw it into the left wall and press the exit key, then quickly pick up the bone.

We bring the bone to the edge of the clouds and leave it there.

Further passages as option A until receiving “flight”.
“We fly” along the left border of the map to the top and find the dog.

We talk to her and find out about her brother, stayed in the clouds, and we agree to find him.

We fly to the cloudy house, get Dave and dance. To the right of the house there is “Dog gain” – a dog who has become reinforced through meditation but has forgotten about his past.

In a conversation with him, we mention our brother and go to inform the tree dog, that his brother forgot him.
Tree dog reports, that there is a way to return memory to my brother – bone.

Back for the bone, we refer to a cloud dog and throw it at him. The dog remembers everything and asks us to give “flight” his brother, so they can meet again.

We give away “flight” to the tree dog (before that, it is better to take the log to the fire (do not feed!!!)) and we stomp up the mountain to “Bird feeding area”, where do we meet brothers. We absorb the gain and get “Eternal Friendship”.

Throw a log into the fire…
We speak with fire…
This is what happens:

We speak with fire… Done.

Ending C (Soft Lo[c]when)(…)(Soft imprisonment?)

After falling from the clouds and meeting the Evil Fire, go to the left and jump along the river to the cave (it is very difficult).
Go downstairs and talk to “Prisoners”.


Ending D (Drowned in ecstasy)

Pet the dog…

Wait, without stopping ironing…

Ending E (Awakening[is]we)

Throw a log into Friendly Fire…

Go to the portal. Go left. Look out the window…
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