LEGO® DC Super-Villains: Farm Coins

Here I will show 2 ways to earn coins


1 way (Not mine)

There will be a tent with ducks
1.Requires a character with blast wave ability , if not, we create.
2.We approach this chamber
3.And spam with an explosive attack

For 5 I collected minutes 480 thousand coins

And I was able to buy a character for 500 thousand

2 way
It is not as efficient as 1

We need the center of Gotham
1.First you need to blow up 1 a car for the police to come to us
2.We destroy everything around
3.We fill x10 multiplication of coins
4.If you see blue , and gold coins , choose blue as it gives immediately 1000
5.Wait until there are purple coins they give 10000

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  1. Better there on 1 a way to stand in a corner where ducks appear and farm with a laser. Plus the laser is given at the beginning. P.s:any laser will do.

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