ENDER LILIES: Kill the Fel King easily

Build to easily kill the final boss of the Fel King.



First of all, you need to prepare for the battle., namely:

  • To find necessary relics
  • Strengthen necessary perfume to the limit
  • To find everything chains
  • To find everything shards of amulet

If you can't find souls or equipment, then you are welcome to the guide section on Steam, there is a map of both

Building a build (Relics)

First you need to equip everything necessary relics:
Something like this. Now I will explain what each relic is for..

  • Situational ring, if you are comfortable with the local parry system, then put on, And if not, then it will only interfere. Of the advantages, it does not take up equipment slots.

  • Very useful artifact, as it significantly reduces damage to you. On this boss, at least from somewhere, and a splash will arrive, and they hit painfully and even with maximum HP to destroy Lily for 3 blow.

  • Simply, but useful. Increasing survival.

  • A badly needed relic to increase the number of times the spirit has been cast, you will learn about its need a little later.

  • Main ring. Serves to increase the scale of our ults special skill for 1.

  • Increase prayer by 1. Only takes 2 cell, which gives the right to wear more artifacts.

  • Ring for opening a secret phase at the final boss. Takes nothing away, whether or not to use your solution.

Just score a slot, since nothing is more useful for 1 I have not seen the cell.

  • The highlight of the program! An extremely useful artifact for lightning-fast knocking down the balance of the boss. Synergizes perfectly with one spirit, which also later.

  • Another increase in prayer. Total with earrings 5 healers. If there is enough treatment, then you can replace it with an artifact that increases damage. Everything is at your discretion.

Building a build (Perfume)

The easiest part. Total required 3 spirit, to do high damage.

  • Black Knight

  • Flower witch

  • Black Witch Elaine

All these spirits can be found almost at the very beginning of the game.. I highly recommend improving them to the limit, to simplify the battle.


A very simple tactic is used in the fight against the Fel King..
Used here 3 spirit.

  • Black Knight. Always used. Damage to the boss, destroys summoned enemies, accumulates a secret skill bar.
    High speed and decent damage at the last level of improvement.
  • The flower witch is used to knock down the balance of the boss and also deals damage to minions. See how the boss wants to call the assistant, wait until the minion has a HP bar and activate the spirit. Thus, the balance of the King will be quickly lost., and also damages minions, which you need to finish off while reloading the witch. Perfectly synergizes with the crown and very quickly knocks down the balance of the boss. Just like a knight, it helps to accumulate an ult scale.. She has very little use, therefore, a ring is used to increase the number of these.
  • Balance knocked down, the boss is inactive for a while and then Elaine will appear. She deals huge damage, if all spheres hit the target. For this effect, you need to stand right under the boss and activate her skill. And if we have a ring, which increases the scale thereof by 1, then 2 using the skill will take down ~ 40% of the boss's HP.

Brief tactics:
The boss casts a call → Wait until the hp minion appears → Flower witch → The balance is knocked down → 2 or 1 ult Elaine. During the recharge of the flower witch, beat the minions.
Repeat until done.
During the second phase, the order of actions does not change., do everything exactly the same.
Thus, the King dies quickly and easily..

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