Прохождение The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Hello dear friends. This guide was written with his own hand for a good ending and for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere, and also do not worry about the choice. Checked every dialogue for maximum impact on characters.


Parting words
Guys, do not forget to copy the save to the desktop after successful dialogues and successful QTEs. If something failed or did not have time, have you missed something. Go to the main menu and copy the save file from the desktop, back to the game save folder. The folder is in —> A computer —> (C:) —> Users —> Username —> AppData —> Local —> ManOfMedan.

Chinese market
Canonical version:
Joe and the fortuneteller:

“Doubt” Will i get rich?

Choosing a chip “Bamboo”

  • “Affects the ending of PROLOGUE”

We perform all successful QTEs on the dummy

We examine the photo and the door in the infirmary. Then we examine the closet and take the key.. Open the door and go until we meet Chuck.

In the punishment cell, we examine the blood on the wall and try to open the safe. Also on the table we examine the document and the document on the shelf next to the safe

At the end of PROLOGUE we shoot

Curator’s Cut:
Conrad and Alex:

“Offense” I had to work

  • “Alex agreed with Brad”

“Awkwardness” I don't get along well with people

“Empathy” Heavy, probably

  • “Brad empathized with Alex”

“Emotionality” Trust your instinct

  • “Brad advised Alex to listen to his own instincts”
Brady and Connrad:

“Fear” I have seasickness

“Despondency” Not once

  • “Brad told the truth about his diving experience”
Alex and Fliss:

“Dissatisfaction” Brad was so sure

  • Fliss agreed with Alex

“Keep silent”

Examining the tablet and looking through binoculars

Alex and Julia:

“Concern” Thanks for the gear

  • “Julia is grateful to Alex for worrying”

“Seriousness” Needs an equal contribution

  • “Julia is grateful to Alex for his honesty”

“Support” She'll make tons of money

  • “Alex and Julia have the same opinion about Fliss”

Examining the navigation computer and Fliss documents

Alex and Fliss:

“Politeness” I'm sorry, what happened

  • “Alex apologized to Fliss for the dive”

“Overconfidence” Dived in a couple of racks

  • “Fliss commented on Alex's statement that, that he has experience”

“Keep silent”

We examine the picture in the kitchen “Arbitrariness of fate”, and then we go straight to the cabin and examine the wardrobe (Perfume and book). Back to the kitchen to Brad

Alex and Brad:

“Delight” Was not sure, what happens

  • “Alex and Brad joked about, that they could not find the rack”

“Enthusiasm” I'll bring you something

  • “Alex wanted to get something on the rack for Brad”

“Compassion” Let's analyze the finds together

  • “Alex invited Brad to sort out the finds together.”

We approach Fliss and go to Julia

Alex and Julia:

“Appreciation” thanks for the help

“Take” Powerhead

  • “Alex took Powerhead on a dive”

“We choose” Julia

  • “Romance” This night…
    • Alex shares his plans for the night with Julia
Uninvited guests
Fliss and Conrad:
  • Fliss was not happy with Konrad's flirtation

“Disapproval” I pass, I need a sober head

“Depression” Long story

“Appreciation” Very generous offer

  • “Fliss accepted Konrad's offer to invest in her business”

P.S: Make a copy of the save. Act very quickly, the mission will end quickly with a machine gun. First of all, inspect the navigation computer and hide the documents, then speak quickly with Konrad.

Fliss and Conrad:

“Calmness” Relax?

“Flirting” Pity, that there is no charm among them

“Romance” Need to watch the dive, but…

  • “Fleiss flirted with Conrad”

There is a drawer in the kitchen and there we examine the document, and in Fliss's cabin opposite Brad's cabin we examine the painting “Ran aground”.

Fliss and Brad:

“Clarification” What do you know?

“Approval” How I got carried away with World War II

  • “Fliss showed interest in Brad's hobby”

“Interest” Means, stories are useful?

  • “Fliss was impressed by Brad's knowledge”

We run to Konrad as there should be one more dialogue and on the way we look at the navigation computer.

If you have time to examine the tablet and use the radio next to it to communicate with Alex and Julia

Fliess and Konrad on the fishing boat:

“Neglect” Fishing boat, seem to be

“Anxiety” Something is wrong

“Anxiety” Downstairs divers!

P.S: Act fast, as time is limited. Get ready to hit the A key, examining the picture “Insidious depths” and inspect the pipe.

Alex and Julia:

“Frivolity” Relax you

  • “Julia ignored Alex and climbed into the pipe "Flight plan"

“Keep silent”

Finding a bullet, we examine the compartment with boats and examine the dead soldier with a medallion. We swim to the door and use “Powerhead”

  • “Julia opened the cockpit door with Powerhead's help.”

If you have time you can sit at the wheel

  • “Alex's knife was not used during the dive”
Alex and Julia:
  • “Alex proposed to Julia”

“Amazement” We nearly died!

“Love” Yes!

  • “Julia agreed to Alex's proposal”
  • “Julia said yes”

“Caution” Heck… Okay

  • “Julia was careful and waited for decompression”

“Uncertainty” Too long…

  • “Julia agreed with Alex and waited for a complete decompression”
  • “Julia waited for decompression before surfacing”
Julia, Conrad and Fliss:

“Confusion” What do you pay the ocean for?

  • “Alex and Julia announced their engagement to everyone”
Scary tale
Julia and Alex:

“Joy” That sounds good

  • “Julia told Alex, that he will gladly take his last name”

“Emotionality” Let's plan together!

  • “Alex impressed Julia”

“Assurance” Well, of course!

  • “Julia reassured Alex”

“Adoration” I love you

  • “Julia told Alex, what loves him”
  • “Discussing this later, they were both happy”
Julia, Conrad and Fliss:

“Keep silent”

We go to our cabin. Inspecting the camera, navigation computer and a bullet on the table. With the help of Alex, we take the tablet from the suitcase

Julia, Conrad, Fleece, Alex and Brad:

“Apology” Okay, may be

  • “Julia apologized to Fliss”

“Support” Let's listen

  • “Julia supported Brad”

“Keep silent”

“Clarification” Changing the murder weapon?

  • “Julia joked with Brad”

“Appreciation” Cool!

  • “Julia loved Brad's scary story”
P.S: We pass all QTE checks

We take off all the bandages and spy on the pirates and pass the QTE check

Conrad and the Pirates:

“Seriousness” What do you want?

“Excitement” You are welcome, do not!

“Disturbance” Fuck off!

  • “Fishermen took Julia's wedding ring”
Conrad, Alex and Julia:

“Aggression” These motherfuckers will pay for everything!

We knock out a window into the account 6 and pass the QTE check, and then:

Conrad and Olson:

We take the knife and pass the QTE check

  • “Konrad attacked Junior during the kidnapping”
  • “Konrad defeated Junior with a knife, taken in immersion”
  • “Alex dragged Danny to the deck, holding scissors to his throat”

We take a pistol

  • “Konrad reached for his pistol, but it turned out to be a gimmick, and Olson overpowered him”

“Hopelessness” They made us

Fleece, Conrad, Julia and Alex:

“Assurance” We were just talking

“Keep silent”

We pass the QTE check

Fliss and Olson:

“Compliance” Heavy storm?

“Assurance” Everything is ok

We pass the QTE check


  • “Julia thanked Fliss for, that she helped her out on deck”
Fleece, Conrad, Julia and Alex:

“Optimism” He can help

The keeper:

“Curiosity” Who is forewarned is forearmed

Abandoned ship
We go and along the way we consider the document

We keep walking and examine the clothes on the bed.

We continue to hike after meeting the rat, we take the document next to “Guard note”

Conrad, Fleece, Julia, Alex:

“Puzzlement” These idiots seem to be scared

  • “Konrad sincerely admitted, what puzzled”

“Approval” It's dangerous here

  • “Konrad agreed with Alex about escaping”

“Curiosity” What it is?

  • Konrad became interested in the distributor cover

Inspecting “Newspaper 1947” eavesdrop at the door, examining the picture, inspect glasses and read “Private Miller's Letter”

Conrad, Fliss and Alex:

“Skepticism” Missed the girl

“Optimism” Probably looking for, gold

“Sorry” We have two options

Move the closet

Conrad, Fleece, Julia, Alex:

“Confidence” Let's find out

Distract and then Move

The escape
We examine the room and find “Schedule of guards”

We open the next room and examine the basket with clothes, and then the washer

We continue the hike and go into another room and examine the ship's layout

In front of Julia we go into the toilets and find “Private Reedd's Letter”

Go ahead and inspect the lower room, and then opposite Alex we find “Engine room log”

We find ourselves in the dormitory, there we find the skeleton of an animal, “Diary” and a picture “On the horizon”

Conrad, Fleece, Julia and Alex

“Self-confidence” This is our chance

  • “Konrad prompted Fliss to go for the distributor cap”

Tell Fliss

  • Konrad warned Fliss about, that someone is coming
We examine the premises and find the document, and then we continue our hike to the kitchen

We find there “knife”:

Conrad, Julia and Alex:

“Fear” I do not need him

  • “Alex found a knife in the galley and gave it to Konrad.”
  • “Alex decided to give the knife to Konrad”

Inspecting “Kitchen outfit schedule” and look into the nightstand:

Conrad, Julia and Alex:

“truth” Take a look

  • “Alex decided to tell Julia the truth.”

We look into the pan and go to the next room and find a picture there “Flying Dutchman” and “Diary”

Conrad, Julia and Alex:

“Anxiety” Probably, just rats

  • “Alex tried to calm Julia down”

We continue the hike to the hold with coffins

Conrad, Julia and Alex:

“Support” It's creepy here

  • Alex agreed, that the coffins look creepy

We examine the coffins and find “A plaque on the coffin”, “Open coffin”, “Locked coffin”, “Small coffin”:

Alex on the open coffin:

“Shock” This is generally a man

  • “Alex doubted, are people in coffins”

We move the curtain and go until we reach the infirmary.

First of all, do not approach the corpse on the bed., and we follow on and find an aspirin that Konrad will immediately take

We examine the corpse on the bed and go to the operating room., and then we examine the corpse on the table. Inspecting “Scared corpse” and find “Electrocardiogram results “ and we move on.

Julia and Alex:

“Anxiety” Hey, Conrad!

  • “Alex called out loud to Konrad”
Go ahead and find the adjustable wrench, and going even further we find “Headpiece from Medan”

  • “Fliss found a captain's cap with the inscription “…Mr. Medan””

Go ahead and discover “Screaming corpse”

We continue the hike and try to examine the picture. “Face to face”, and after the video we return and look at it.

Go ahead and open the door, and then we inspect the ventilation duct and inspect with the arrows

We examine the cargo hold and find the document that Danny threw out and find “knife”:

  • “Fliss found a knife in the cargo hold”

Then we examine the corpses and find “Soldier badge”

Looking for friends
We examine the room and find Judy's bracelet., and then we open the door and go up the stairs. We go into the very last cabin and find “Hastily written note”. We return to the first cabin and find there “Infantryman Badge”, and then we move on to the lockers. We look into the locker and then again. We take “Gas mask”

  • “Brad found a gas mask in the locker.”

We examine the toilet and open one of them.. Then we hide and go through all the QTEs successfully, and then we go further. In the next room we inspect 2 poster and beside paper. We go to the second door and pass successfully QTE and find “Locks note”. We come back, and then we move the box and climb into the slot. We go into the first room and examine the picture “There is nowhere more reliable”, and then we move on. We inspect the room. We find “Radio operator's note”, examine the hanged man and take “Wrench”:

  • “Brad found a wrench above the cargo hold”

We jump off

Fliss inspect the corpse and go further along the way passing all the QTE checks

Examining the piano in a beautiful room, mannequin, closet and on the table we read a book, and then we examine the fountain. Then we run through the open door and look at the picture “Walk the plank”, and then press the lever.

We go behind the stage and examine the coffin, blood from the wall and door. Breathe and go back. Making a save. Act fast. We examine the gap in the airlock and the coffin and find “Leakage of chemicals”. In the cargo hold we find “Broken wires”, “Cargo Ship Guide”, and then if you have time for the closet with the doll, corpse mannequin and car.

Fliss and Brad:

“Approval” Reacted quickly

  • “Fliss agreed, that Brad did the right thing”
  • “Fliss later met Brad, and together they went to look for the rest”
We continue the hike and examine the corpse, discover “Ghost Report”, and then we go up and examine the iron bar. Examining the stairs and the hatch, and then we go back and jump off by Brad

Fliss and Brad:

“Keep silent”

  • “Brad fell into the room below”
  • “Brad was able to open the door, because of what water rushed inside, and he was trapped”


“Beat on the loops”

  • “Fliss tried to knock down the hinges with a shovel”

“Beat on the loops”

    • “Fliss helped him get out, and they climbed higher up the ship”
Under water
We swim and examine the corpse, and then the ring

Julia and Alex:

“Motivation” Go on!

  • “Julia shouted at Alex, so that he would continue to drown the second Alex”
Beautiful girl
We walk around the cabins and find “Water treatment plant plan”, picture “Peace of mind”, “Duke” in the bottle, “Man Overboard Search Order” and document. We pass further and examine the candlestick, portrait and examine the closet. Then we examine the candlestick again.. We go to the next room and pull the door, and then we return to the candlestick and use it on the door. We pass all successful QTE checks and then select “Run away”. We continue to pass all QTEs successfully.

“Resist and don't stab”

We pass all QTEs successfully

“Run away”

  • “Alex and Julia were able to run away from someone, who looked like alex”
Open deck
The keeper:

“Curiosity” I need help

Julia, Alex, Brad, Fliss and Conrad:

“Fear” This is a ghost ship?

“Anxiety” Where is the team?

“Bewilderment” Where is the gold?

“Clarification” What happened on this ship?

Distress signal
We look around and find “Anti-aircraft machine gun sleeve”, “Lost boat”, “Gas mask instructions”, and the ventures go up and go to the wheelhouse.
In the wheelhouse we find “Ship log”

  • “Alex found the logbook with the inscription “Orang M…””

We look around and find a picture “Crazy bullet”, “Nautical chart”, “Navigator's Notes”, “The last note of the radio operator” and go to the radio

Alec, Julia, Brad, Fliss and Conrad:

  • “The group found a radio station and contacted the military”

“Frenzy” This is very urgent!

“Anxiety” We are on a ship “Orang Medan”

  • “They passed on the name of the ship – “Orang Medan” – but did not give their coordinates”

“Encouragement” Well, if you can handle…

  • “Alex let Brad go down the hole”
  • “Brad and Julia went down the hole in the radio room”
Brad, Alex and Julia:

“Hope” We are ok

  • “Brad assured, that everything is ok”

We look around and find “Meeting minutes” and 2 documents from the prologue, in lazaret we find a photo, corpse and “Private Patterson's medical history”

In the engine room we examine the plate and find “Engine room command log”. Examining the picture “Knot” and “dead body”.

Brad and Julia:

“Concern” It can be anywhere.

We cut in the energy and go into the passage

  • “When electricity was restored, the radio is working”
  • “Alex gave their coordinates”
Brad and Julia:

“Determination” Take

  • “Brad and Julia found a rebreather and decided to take it with them”
  • “Brad disagreed and took a rebreather”

Making a copy of the save and completing successful QTEs

Examining the document “Military orders”, Danny and Ventilation


  • “Julia searched Danny's body and found a wedding ring”

We pass QTE successfully

Brad and Julia:

“Arrogance” Moving is risky (Save your save)

Brad, Junior and Julia:

“Curiosity” Why can't you breathe in fog?”

“Anxiety” Okay! There was something

“Despair” Not. We held our breath!

“Grab the trunk”

  • “Julia defeated Junior with a rebreather.”
Matters of the heart
Passing successful QTEs

Finding the document “Secret Intelligence Note” and make a copy of the save

Passing successful QTEs

  • “Alex was able to pick up the distributor cap despite, that he was attacked by rats”

“We do not attack”

“Confusion” Who are you?

“We do not attack ourselves, no monster”

the end
We listen to the comments of comrades-in-arms and get a ring from Julia

  • “Julia gave it back to Alex”

Watching the last video after the credits

  • “After they escaped from the ship, the military found “Orang Medan””

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