Layers of Fear: Tree and apple

For those who have difficulties obtaining, like me



Для Ачивки требуется не только собрать все Drawings, но и в Воспоминаниях influence what is happening. Порядок сбора Рисунков doesn't matter.

Memory 1/ Picture 1:
Ground floor, from the entrance to the right Kitchen. Go to the closed door in the kitchen. IN memories it is necessary to open the door for the dog. Откройте дверь и возьмите picture.

Memory 2/ Picture 2:
Go to the door next to the stairs. Lift up picture. In Remembrance close the lock on the door.

Memory 3/ Picture 3:
In the basement, go to the end. IN memories успейте поднять ноты слева, for the father to play the melody correctly (he will be delighted). Потом поднимите picture left.

Memory 4:
At the entrance to the 2nd floor, there is a broken sofa. Pick up the flyer and go to the sofa. IN memories сгоните собаку с дивана.

Memory 5/ Picture 4:
2th floor. Straight down the corridor, to a room with a white door. Walk to the picture in the corner. IN Memories вам необходимо смотреть прямо на мольберт и не двигаться (if you did everything right, then the father will apologize). Поднимите с пола picture.

Picture 5:
Door on the left when leaving the nursery (clogged with paintings). Picture справа от входа, in the corner.

Memory 6/ Picture 6:
2th floor. In the room with the gramophone, approach him. IN memories включите граммофон. Picture в закрытом шкафу у входа в комнату.

Picture 7:
When leaving the bedroom, closed door table.

Memory 7/ Picture 8:
2th floor. Father's office. IN memories всегда выбирайте сторону отца (right). Play the piano in the first room, until mother asks to bring pencils. Now you need to play the piano correctly. (Father will positively mark the game and call it a genius). Pictureon the office desk.

Memory 8/ Picture 9:
1th floor. Workshop next to the basement. IN memories choose ONLY кисточку и краски. Подберите picture у стены.

The ending

In the Workshop there is a specially delineated field on the wall. Click on it, to fill it with drawings. Simple puzzle you need to collect the face of the Daughter. Then shine a flashlight on him (according to various sources from 10 seconds to 15 minutes. It was enough for me to do a little warm-up and coffee). Turn off the flashlight and watch the rat become the plan of the house..
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