M.A.I.D.s Achievement Guide

How to get 100% game achievements.



It is impossible to miss them.

Meet Wiki

Meet Daisy

Meet Bee

Meet Diana

Meet Meng Lee

Chapter I

Chapter II

Poor fellow

Do not be shy

Veil removed


Get any of the good endings, ie. don't side with Meng Lee. If you fail all in-game selections (look: "I have tried"), you won't get a good ending.

We survived, and it's all, what matters
To get this achievement, you need to fail half of the in-game choices (look: "I have tried"), or just vote against the rights for Mobile Autonomous Smart Devices. After that, choosing to confront Meng Li will lead to this ending.. Remember, that you need to make at least one "correct" choice, to be able to choose it.

Love, peace and cakes
For a better ending, you need to vote for the rights of Mobile Autonomous Smart Devices and make at least half of the "correct" choices during the game. To find out, what choices are considered "correct", see achievement "I tried".

The future is not foreseen
You need to side with Meng Lee, when the opportunity presents itself, either fail all in-game selections (look: "I have tried")


the Forbidden fruit
Follow Meng Lee to the washroom.

Dirty pig
Do not wash your hands, when the opportunity presents itself.

Well you are cool
Don't obey Diana, when she asks to clean up after herself.

Easy to manipulate
During dialogue with Daisy in the bedroom, ask about b first, but stop asking questions after sleeping with her.

Remember your choice, when will you talk to a sociologist. Then, during voting on rights for Mobile Autonomous Smart Devices, make the opposite choice.

I have tried
To get it, it is necessary to fail all in-game elections, but their logic is very specific. We have classified the elections as "correct", if they can help the player resolve the conflict with Meng Lee, which is not the same, that the right choice in terms of health care.
This achievement is the hardest to get, что вызвало проблемы у ряда игроков. Ниже приведены выборы, which are considered "wrong". Other choices, not listed here, do not affect the ending or this achievement.

1. Why should i wash my hands? As if everything is dirty.
2. Stick to that, what did you say earlier. I will try to, but I can not promise.
3. I do not want, so they have rights. Want, so they suck my ass.
4. I'm going to ignore the restrictions, because they restrict my freedom. However, you need to try to avoid getting fired, so you have to pretend.
5. I do not care anymore.
6. I decided to intervene. I don't need another family conflict.
7. Reply.
8. Yes, they have a right to know. I don't want to endanger my colleagues.
9. I already told you: I do not want, so they have rights. Want, so they suck my ass.

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