Team Fortress 2: Demoman mini guide

This guide will consist of tips for destroying classes as a Demoman ( personally from my experience ).


Something important
Before I start talking about how to deal with classes, I want to explain something.
Grenade launcher, although it is the main weapon, but most often the Demoman uses the Sticky Launcher and is easier to handle than the Grenade Launcher. But you shouldn't forget about the grenade launcher.

1) Scouts (Scouts)
As we all know, Scout has good mobility. He can finish you off, and you may never even get into it.

Grenade launcher
Grenade launcher – not the best way to kill a scout. To kill a scout with a Grenade Launcher, you need to aim ahead, but what if he tries to dodge you with his double jumps? Here you must either switch to the sticky blower., or wait for the second jump and then shoot ahead.

Sticky thrower
Sticky thrower – the most comfortable way to deal with a scout. The most important thing is not to give him room to dodge., also no need to spam against scouts, more likely he will just kill you. Throw your Velcro in those places, where the scout is most likely to go first, that is, shoot in front of you. If you want to retreat , then just shoot in front of you and run backwards.

Melee weapon
Close combat – It is advisable not to reach almost (Unless you are a demo knight). Melee weapons are best obtained only then, when the scout gets very impudent.
In case you carry a sword or you are a demo knight , then it is advisable for you to have at least 2 heads, to be faster than him and then you can catch up with him.

Narrow premises
Fighting in narrow spaces is uncomfortable for all classes, but it is especially difficult for a scout to do it, to kill him, it is enough to shoot the sticky tape in front of him and behind him, and then try to hit with a grenade launcher, and if he tries to go through your Velcro, then he will not be good.

2) Solder (The soldiers)
Soldiers are not strong in speed, but this does not mean that he is an easy opponent. Since he has a rocket launcher, and this thing will be more comfortable than a grenade launcher ( as the missile launcher shells fly straight, but the grenades fly in an arc)

Grenade launcher
Grenades – it's a pretty good way to kill a soldier, since he has no mobility and he dies only from 2 Garnet, but do not forget that soldiers can jump on rockets. It won't be a huge problem., if you know how to hit opponents in the air.

Sticky thrower
It's actually more effective to kill a soldier with a grenade launcher., but if you don't know how to hit, sticky blower in your hands. You can get rid of a soldier with spam ( I know many do not like him), If a soldier is flying at you, you can shoot a sticky stick there , where is he most likely to land.

Melee weapon
Melee weapon – not effective against soldiers, because of their guns. The rocket launcher just won't let you get close, the only chance to use melee successfully, you can get it if the soldier wants a close duel.

Highround (High position)
If you want to improve your chance of winning, use the high ground. For convenience, soldiers can go to the high ground, since it is easier to spam with missiles from there. But the same rule works for Demoman, that is, if you want to win a duel against a soldier – do not let him occupy the high ground and, if possible, occupy it yourself.

3) Pyromaniacs (Arsonists)
Piro – this is the nastiest opponent for Demo. Since the weapon of the Demo consists entirely of projectiles ( shells ) . But it all depends on the level of his skill..

Grenade launcher
Grenade launcher – effective weapon, but the most important thing is the factor of surprise, i.e , if you shoot the pyromaniac non-stop , then you can already say goodbye to life. You need to shoot at the moment when the pyro, won't expect it ( The main thing is not to wait too long., otherwise he will burn you).

Sticky thrower
The sticky thrower is only effective when used correctly.. If you spam without hesitation, then you just blow yourself up. Try to Throw Velcro where it will be difficult to reflect ( on the ceiling , on the stairs, etc.. ).

Melee weapon
Pyro just won't let you come, so don't even try to hit him. Of course, you can kill him, but here again the factor of surprise is needed..

Closed spaces
Pyromaniacs don't like closed spaces. Since Demo can leave small traps when escaping from a pyromaniac (1-2 Velcro) behind the walls, but at the same time pyro can squeeze you into a corner, so be careful.

4.1) Demomans (Demoman)
Well, in such a battle, either spam decides, or skill. Such battles are usually called:”Who will spam whom”.

Grenade launcher
Battle on grenade launchers, reminds me of a battle between two spies, who try to trick each other. The main thing here is to see the enemy evasion tactics. ( walks short from left to right, long to the left short to the right, etc.. ) and then your skill will decide.

Sticky thrower
I have nothing to say here. Just a battle of spam.

Melee weapon
At the heart of such battles – these are the battles of the demo knights. Here everyone has their own tactics of the game ( Cunning , rash , counterattack, etc.. ).

Here I just want to say that we should not forget about the ladders.. They can be used in attack , on the defensive , in the escape, etc.. For example, you go into the passage and are sure that they will jump down after you. Then you turn and put the Velcro behind you and if someone really followed you , then blow up the Velcro and finish it off.

4.2) Demonite (Demo Knight)
It is relatively easy to deal with him., until he has heads.

Grenade launcher
Grenade launcher – not particularly effective weapon, since the demo knights have shields , and they, in turn, have resists. The Demoman without heads and with an assault shield can be picked up for 4 grenades. Try to shoot them in the feet, in the air they are practically useless.

Sticky thrower
Velcro – an effective way to kill a knight. You can just put him in a stupor, if the Velcro closes the way to you. But if he is already in front of you and starts to beat you, then try to mans and during this you should throw 1-2 Velcro under your feet, Yes, most likely it will end with your death,but you will severely injure or kill the demo knight.

Melee weapon
This is the only way to get out of the battle alive (more likely). Only tactics will decide.

5) Heviki (Machine gunners)
Hevik – this is one of the easiest opponents for Demo, but at the same time he is able to give.

Grenade launcher
Grenade launcher – this is the most effective way to get rid of the Heavy, 3 grenades and it's not there ( 4 grenades if he wears Natasha ). Just shoot from around the corner or at medium distance while you need to dodge the bullets of the Heavy.

Sticky thrower
Sticky thrower – not a very effective way to get rid of a heavy weight, but he is safe. You can simply set the ladders around the corner and the machine gunner himself will fall under them.. You can also go around the corner and shoot with Velcro in the direction where the machine gunner is and thus you can kill him with a splash.

Melee weapon
Go to Khevik with hand-to-hand combat – this is a terrible idea, but still he can be killed with hand-to-hand combat. First you have to attack unexpectedly, after that you need to run in front of the machine gunner, he will get confused and by that time you will have time to finish him.

Eating a Sandwich
The easiest way to kill a Heavy – is to catch him in the moment , when he eats his sandwich. You will just need to lay under it 3-4 Velcro and he's dead.

6) Engineers
The Engineers themselves are pretty weak opponents (It all depends on the skill), so I'll talk about his turret.

Grenade launcher
Grenades – not the best way to destroy turrets (maximum turret 1 level). You need to shoot from around the corner, but if you find a turret during that, when it is being built, then shoot immediately.

Sticky thrower
Velcro – an effective way to destroy any turret. 3 Velcro and no turrets. It is important to know which positions are good to throw. 3 Velcro and undermine the turret.

Melee weapon
Not… You just don't have to do it.

This contraption gives the turret a shield and the turret under this shield can be detonated somewhere behind 7 Velcro. Here's a tip – kill Ing first, and then lay 3 Velcro under the turret, waiting for the shield to disappear… and blow up!

7) Medics
Medics are pretty easy to kill, but medical professionals can not only escape with your help, but also kill you.

Grenade launcher
The most important thing – don't shoot the medic in the legs, try to get into the body.

Sticky thrower
This is also the rule – don't throw them.

Melee weapon
Not desirable, since the medic is faster than you, in this way he will simply run away or he will simply shoot you.

Do not forget, that there are very often allies with the medic, who are ready to pile on you for their medic.

8) Snipers
Easy target, but still do not forget to maneuver, if he's an easy target, this does not mean that he cannot resist.

Grenade launcher
Simply put 2 grenades and it's not there, the main thing is to get :).

Sticky thrower
Two stickies are enough to finish this guy.

Melee weapon
Effective when attacking from the back.

This Gizmo, paired with Jarate, is capable of killing any class. (except for the hevik and the soldier) with one blow. If you are doused try to keep your distance.

9) Spies
Mostly spies are an easy target, but it depends on his skill. Also, if he has an Ambassador and he knows how to use it, then mans.

Grenade launcher
Dies with two grenades.

Sticky thrower
Everything is the same here, dies with two stickies.

Melee weapon
If a spy can trickstab, then you better not meddle with him.

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