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How not to ruin the pumping of your partners


General information

Artificial intelligence of satellites is not working in the best way yet. This leads to the fact, that not everyone “play style” suits them. Unfortunately, the most effective use for companions at the moment- this is “tanking” and distracting enemies, while you are cracking down on archers or killing enemies from behind. I will describe controversial and useful skills, magic and weapons, which suits the satellites best. But before, characteristics


Unlike your main character, for which agility is the strongest attribute, leveling companions can be fairly uniform.
Vitality– we pump depending on the level of difficulty. If you feel, that your partners are dying too quickly, pump. Personally, I always rock vitality first., to 5 glasses, which adds up 500 hp, there is no point in investing more (I described this in detail in my guide on treatment and hp)
Power– gives a very weak increase in damage (+3), the increase does not depend on the type of weapon. You can download, if the character uses daggers or short swords. But so far, the benefit of this characteristic is questionable.
Strength– with sufficient survivability, not a bad choice. Companions will use magic in certain situations. But it's not worth investing heavily in strength.- you will not make full-fledged magicians out of them
Agility– useful characteristic, which will slightly increase the total damage of your succubi. Companions often inject enemies into the camp with a sustained series of attacks, so a lot of stamina will not hurt them either. Personally, I train agility at about the same level as strength. but, yet, agility is priority

Why partners will not be full-fledged ranged characters?
You can undress the character completely, give him only mana potions and pump magic- he won't use it often
Can give a companion a bow, pump Bow Mastery and other damage bonuses- it will take a very long time to kill one enemy, how to pump. Useless character on the battlefield
Also a significant flaw, in my opinion- your teammates don't use a fireball, when they have a bow. If my memory serves me, I saw a few bugs in my archer's casting animation for this spell, but great benefit, naturally, it didn't bring
Sims love to shoot through walls like arrows., and magic…
but, This does not mean, that magic is completely useless for pumping

So what about the magic?

Frostbite– a very good choice for companions. They won't use it, if there is no group of enemies nearby. Companions do not use rolls, and being surrounded by enemies usually means dying for them. Frostbite can save in an unpleasant situation, or as a last resort- hold up time, until you come to the rescue
Healing aura– this skill will be used frequently by your companions. If you are not going to download Rebirth, that would be a great choice
Fire ball– used quite often at the beginning of a fight. Damage is not very big, but usually affects multiple enemies. Unfortunately, often flies into walls or bumps into another partner of yours

Leveling tactics

so, we made sure, what partners will best show themselves in the role “tanks”. They help keep enemies in the camp, can handle small groups on their own. I will briefly describe useful skills

Fast learning– I recommend increasing to the maximum first of all. Increases the experience gained in 2 times

Hardened skin– very strong skill, significantly increases armor depending on the initial amount of armor. I recommend getting it as soon as possible.

Rebirth – your teammates will take a lot of damage and heal often. If you want to completely abandon healing potions, pump it to the max

Athletics– not the best, but a very useful skill. Your teammates will often lack stamina on a series of hits, to finish off the enemy.

Phantom Strikes– great skill, increases the damage of your companions, who will often deal combo, but most importantly- stacks with your combo

Ignoring pain– controversial skill. In theory, he is useful, when your partners are surrounded by enemies and cannot leave the camp. But the magic Frostbite handles it better. Download last

Blocking– controversial skill. Companions will often use the block, they do not know how to roll. However, they will still miss the blows., and quite a bit of damage goes through the block itself. Download last

Alchemy– little use skill. I described its work in detail in Guide for treatment and hp. Download, if your companion has a high score Forces and you notice, that he drinks a lot of mana potions. In my experience, companions rarely use these potions. If you want, so that companions heal mainly from healing potions- can be pumped too

Which weapon to choose?

Two-handed weapon- not the best choice for satellites. Daggers are very good for their moveset after rolls and in a run, satellites don't use it. Hence, one-handed swords are best, axes and maces

Clubs- the best choice, but not in this patch[/b] (0.762). Clubs- have a similar moveset with axes, but more effective against armored opponents, making them the best choice for companions.

Ax mastery – by the method of elimination we come to the conclusion, that axes are still the most powerful weapon for companions (staffs, braids- refer to axes in this game). When pumping on +5 adds +50% ax damage, making the damage done by satellites more noticeable
After a recent patch, the issue of lack of weapons has been resolved, and the strongest choice will be the clubs. Or, pump that weapon skill, which you visually like more

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