How to get 100% achievements

Enjoy the game, getting all achievements in order.



There are NO achievements of the following types in this game:

  • per difficulty level;
  • for pumping;
  • collective.

Remember, what:

  • No election, other than those described below, do not affect achievements.
  • The game has 3 manual save slot.
  • When loading the save, You will find yourself at the nearest telephone booth (even if it was not open). Save and load immediately – one way to move quickly.
  • Phone booths are generally the most important way to quickly travel around the city..
  • Travel by boat – safely, and with Shift held down - also fast.
  • Place markers on the map – very helpful.
  • Monsters and loot are updated on reload or if you run far enough and return. During the game, feed resources (and experience for kills) can be here:

Chapter 1. "Cold welcome"

Tempting fate (Find out your future from a fortune teller).
According to the plot you will find yourself in a bar “Under the carpet” – talk to the fortune teller (to the right of the entrance in the corner) and ask to tell your future.

From the beginning to the end (Solve the first case at Oakmont).
Receive after completing Cold Welcome.

Chapter 2. Lost at Sea

Special! (Give an interview to a local newspaper).
Once in the editorial office of Vesti Oakmont, talk to the girl at the reception and agree to be interviewed.

The pursuit of knowledge (Use data archives in your investigation).
According to the story in the editorial office of Vesti Oakmont.

Don't hurt (Agree to experimental treatment).
According to the plot, you will come to the hospital. The doctor will suggest treatment – agree.

Deep breath (Dive under water for the first time).
By plot.

Chapter 3. "Services for service"

To live with wolves - howl like a wolf (Rob Sydney's stash. You are a monster).
"Delicate question". First side business from Throgmorton. Once in Sydney's house, on the first floor, under the sink, break the boards and pick up the cartridges.

Two worlds (Help a grieving mother).
"Through the looking glass". Second side business from Throgmorton. In the mirror's house, break a small mirror, save. В диалоге с Бетани выбрать "Okay. Let the mirror stay with you ". Report to Trogmorton – get achievement.

Family reunification (Fulfill Robert's Requirements).
"Through the looking glass". Second side business from Throgmorton. Loading save. В диалоге с Бетани выбрать "I'm taking the mirror". Report to Trogmorton – get achievement.

Ruthless honesty (Deceive the trust of a warehouse guard).
In the story, the warehouse guard will ask you not to give him up, отвечаете "I won't tell her". Then we hand it over to Anna at the fish market (фраза "He didn't even notice the thief.").

Resuscitator (Press the button).
In the story, there is a big red button in the basement of the medical school., press it several times, resurrect a strong monster, who will immediately attack you and get the achievement.

!Caution! Завершив дело “Services for service”, the desired monster will disappear from the basement and the achievement without loading the save will no longer be obtained.

A compliment to the chef (Help the professor make his plan come true).
По сюжету помочь профессору Кавендиш (фразы «Я Вас слушаю», «Взамен я попрошу Вас об услуге», чертоги «Мерзкая обманщица», фраза «Я вам помогу», чертоги «Отчаявшийся спаситель»). Attainment – после выполнения просьбы.

Chapter 4. «Отцы и дети»

Необходимая защита (Бросить вызов ужасам церкви Искупления).
По сюжету в церкви Искупления, у алтаря на первом этаже, используйте внутренний взор и найдите символ, чтобы исчезла каменная плита, убиваем двух монстров, двигаемся по сюжету, достижение получите после спуска под воду и убийства босса.

Так всегда будет с тиранами (Overthrow the head of the family).
According to the plot after the dive, go to the Carpenter mansion, talk to Graham and agree to kill Brutus, we move to the smugglers' hideout, do preservation (to achieve "And you, Brutus?»). We kill Brutus.

And you, Brutus? (Punish the upstart).
Loading save, I'm talking to Brutus (фразы "I found the culprit", "This is Graham").

Chapter 5. "Steep dive"

Real magic (Ask the Imperial Mage to show focus).
In the story in the club "Orion" on the top floor, you will meet a character in a white jacket, who will speak to you himself. Фразы "Who you are?», Show focus!», “Focus! Droh-tibidoh!».

Not so deep (Explore all the murals in the Temple of Dagon).
Not to be missed. After talking to Blackwood in the cave. Need to study 3 frescoes, walking in the corridor in order.

Chapter 6. "Deal with the devil"

The last stitch (Exile the Old Weaver).
Right at the beginning of the chapter, librarian Joy sends us a letter, beginning side quest “Silence – gold”. Obtain this achievement after killing the Old Weaver..

What could have gone wrong? (Allow yourself to be ritualized).
By plot, taking the disc in the basement of the cannery and going upstairs, talking to blackwood. Фраза "Maybe, this is my last chance. I agree". Достижение получаем после ролика, taking the disc from the altar.

Chapter 7. "Self-defense"

Crime without punishment (Kill an old lady).
By plot, Milton Pierce asks to get rid of his mother, agree. We go to her house, we agree to bring a bottle of wine from the basement, add poison, we poison Agatha.

Double shot (Finally commit a crime, which you are accused of).
Meet Johannes at the hotel, after the conversation, kill him.

Chapter 8. Flight of the Phoenix

Получаем at once 3 achievements, by following the steps below.

Try to dodge
(Defeat the little girl, I play unfairly).

Deserved reckoning
(Kill the archaeologist).

End justifies the means
(Kill the priestess).

  • Agree to help Usha;
  • Promise Hill, that you will take his side and take the ointment from him to kill Usha;
  • Kill Hill and come to the Usha Underwater Crypt;
  • Find out from her all about the Seal and Prophecy and end the dialogue with the phrase "Goodbye";
  • Kill Wushu.

Chapter 9. "Deep Sea"

Fight for life (Prevent the last self-immolation).
According to the plot in the Church of St.. Михаила на 2-ом этаже встретим огнепоклонницу.
В диалоге выбираем фразу «Вы умрёте в мучениях».

После сбора трех частей печати еще можно доделать побочные задания.
Но если войте с собранной печатью в Церковь Св. Михаила, то назад уже пути не будет.

Далее идут 3 достижения за разное окончание игры.
Все концовки получаются без сохранений, просто после титров нажмите «Продолжить».
Титры поделены на 2 parts, обе пропускаются нажатием клавиши Пробел.

Прыжок в неизвестность (Начать цикл заново).
Выбираем левый алтарь.

Звёзды сошлись (Завершить цикл).
Choosing the central altar.

I'm leaving (Leave the city and the world to their fate).
Selecting the right altar at the end of the tunnel.

All evidence found (Solve all the crimes in Oakmont).
If all previous achievements have been completed,
get along with the last one for the endings.

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