Crusader Kings III: First start or hidden game mechanics

For those who want to learn very quickly and use the rules of the game



The essence of the game?

The essence of the game – this is your dynasty.
The more in your “Home” There will be living representatives of power (emperors, kings) – the faster you can unlock all the legacy of the dynasty, which will apply to all its living members.

Fast start

So how to spread your influence over most of the territories?
Your own skills will help you with this.:
Will let you get right to the territory
It will allow you to seize new territories and keep them from the attacks of legitimate contenders
This is the ability of your state to wage protracted wars and growth in development
Your ability to achieve what you want at the lowest cost

Your own playing skill will depend on how well you combine these 4 skill.

Where to begin?

1 Build an approach to the game
I)In shooters, you upgrade your reaction and hitting skills, as well as gear and weapons. In this game you upgrade your yard.
From skills diplomacy your chosen advisor – will depend on how much you can influence your neighbors and subordinates.
From skill warfare your chosen advisor – will depend on how successfully you suppress riots in your possession, the size of the conscripted soldiers and the chance of winning the war.
From skill intrigue your chosen advisor – will depend on how successfully you will get rid of competitors and defend against attacks and blackmail of enemies.
From skill management your chosen advisor – will depend on how successfully you collect gold from your subjects vassals and how much you can ensure the economic growth of your lands.
And finally from skill learnedness your chosen doctor – will depend on how successfully your court doctor will cope with your family's illnesses.
So how to pump the yard?
You can marry between your yard and a stranger – thereby you will attract specialists in your business. And you can also assign top teachers to their children according to their talents.. This way you can nurture a new generation of professionals and increase your chances of success.. When starting the game, it is better to do it first.
in the picture above – top military leader – he can be attracted to your yard by matriarchal marriage – he will move to your yard. If you want to make him your warlord – offer him a wife with top military skills. Wife strengthens husband. You can also appoint him as a teacher for children of your court with gifts in military affairs..
II)Children of your yard and your Rod and your neighbors – this is your future environment and you need to bet on it.
For example, your neighbor has only a daughter – you marry her off as your heir. Their children are heirs of both territories.
2.Choose a direction of development:
I) If you just started with a small territory and your Domain has not reached the limit – you need to develop diplomacy in order to have a case of forcible vassalization and seizure of the duchy,
To clear territories from intermediaries, you need Crown Authority
And in order not to lose the tidbits of the Domain during inheritance – it is necessary for the duchies to establish laws of inheritance
In the image above, the territory is completely subordinate without vassals.(this is part of the Domain – not to be confused with the House – as part of your dynasty) and according to the laws of inheritance, this territory will be transferred to my heir whom I will manage
II) If you have a Kingdom or an empire – then it is necessary to establish economic growth – this is achieved through the construction of Ports and other structures that give economic growth. Need to enlist the support of vassals, so that riots don't start – it is necessary to send the military leader to the territory with disgruntled peasants. Think about the creation of sacred orders, make alliances with top neighbors

Subtleties of the game


The outcome of the battle depends not only on the ratio of the number of soldiers, but also from:

  • Army commander level
  • Are you defender or defender – you will have a super advantage if your troops are located in a swamp and cavalry attack you while crossing the river
  • Penalties and advantages of the territory in terms of defense and the type of troops according to the terrain
  • The number of professional troops in your army *

*Troops can be picked up – during the replenishment of troops, there is a maximum expenditure on the maintenance of troops

How to Defeat a Stronger Opponent

  • Form an alliance with an even more ally and call him to war
  • Dissolve the enemy's alliance by killing(image below)
  • Defense in territory with bonuses will give you a better chance of winning
  • Don't let the enemy join forces( a broom on a twig breaks)
  • Hire mercenaries if the forces of the enemy outweigh in accordance with the type of terrain on which the battles will take place and bonuses to counter the composition of the enemy troops
  • Appoint a more experienced army commander
  • A high level of your advisor will help you get troops
  • Siege weapons help you besiege castles faster
  • You can win a quick victory if you catch the enemy. Usually sits in the capital or his family or he leads his army.

The image above shows the marriage of a prince and a princess – eliminating one of them, the union will not be able to exist

Because your advisors are very valuable – they shouldn't be sent to war – you can lose them there(they will just be killed)
By forbidding the advisor to participate in the war, you will save his life.

Capturing territory

Capture types

  • To capture territory you need a casus bely and an army, comparable to the enemy and all his allies
  • You can simply ask to become your vassal. To do this, you need your title to be higher.. And then just take the title away from him.
  • Receive land by inheritance. If you arranged your successors into a profitable marriage and their children become heirs to your dynasty – then there is a chance to expand the territory.

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