Directory. Complete walkthrough of Creepy Tale 2 [100%]

In this guide, I will try to describe in as much detail as possible all the puzzles in this game., and also help you get all the achievements.


so, so that no questions arise during the game, in the introduction I will talk about, how to manage the gameplay and where to get achievements.

Management (PC)
  • WASD (or TSFYV) – character movement, selection of an item in the inventory.
  • E (or U) – one of the most important keys in this game. With it, you can interact with the environment.. for example, take items, talk to characters, etc..
  • Q (or th) – also an important key. With its help you can use items from your inventory..
    IMPORTANT! Use the Q and E keys you can then, when the prompt appears, t. is. black circle with an image inside. It could be, eg, eye, gears, hand.
  • I (or Sh) – open inventory. In the inventory, you can combine items, using the WASD and E keys to select.
Where to get achievements?
  • Certainly not Hercules – chapter 1, episode 1.
  • Screamer – chapter 2, episodes 4 and 6; chapter 3, episodes 11 and 13 (we see a well at the beginning of the episode – we shout at him).
  • Talk to me – chapter 2, episode 4.
  • Cracker – chapter 2, episode 5.
  • Stealth Master – chapter 2, episode 8.
  • Shadow – chapter 2, episode 8.
  • It's easy! – chapter 3, episode 10.
  • Care – chapter 3, episode 11.
  • Naive boy – chapter 3, episode 12.
  • Tokkata – chapter 3, episode 13.
  • Let there be light! – chapter 3, episode 13.
  • My head is not dizzy? – chapter 3, episode 13.
  • The drowned man – chapter 3, episode 14.
  • Exodus – chapter 3, episode 15.
  • Dark side – chapter 3, episode 15.

About that, how to get any achievement, search in the relevant episode below.

Chapter 1 – Uninvited guest

Episode 1 – House

The game begins. We go down to the first floor, then we talk to the little sister. After completing the dialogue, we go outside. Turn right and head towards the hay cart. Finding the body of a teddy bear. Go left, there will be a crow with a teddy bear head. We approach her and look at her (using the E key). We return home and go up to the second floor. We go around the stairs and go to the lower right corner of the room.. There will be a mousetrap with cheese. We select cheese, we leave the house and return to the raven. Using the Q key (and, respectively, WASD and E for choice), throw cheese to the crow. Finding the head of a teddy bear, we return home and ask our sister for the keys to the locker. We go to the second floor, open the locker, take the thread with a needle. Opening the inventory and connecting the teddy bear and sewing supplies. Sewing up a bear, we go down to the sister and give her the toy.
After completing the dialogue with your sister, your father will call you to him. Talked to him, go outside, we head to the right and go through the gate to the felled tree. There we are looking for and collecting three logs. Then we turn left and go to the raven with cheese. There will be an ax and a tree stump nearby.. We take the ax, put pollen on the pen (using Q) and we start chopping wood (na and). Since the ax is heavy, you have to press E several times, to successfully cut the log and not fall.

Secret achievement: Certainly not Hercules

If you fail to cut the log 10 time, that is, you will fall so many times, then you get the achievement.
Finished chopping wood, we pick them up and take them home to their father. We speak to him, and then we go to the second floor to rest.
Further nothing difficult awaits you. Just follow what is happening and carry on dialogues. After completing the dialogues, we go to the right through the forest. Find the pointer and, using the E key, heading towards the city.

Episode 2 – City

Once in town, go right, until we find the house we need with a sign. The character will automatically go there. There we search and collect the following items: pin, threads, zamaboutk and claw. We leave the house and take the envelope near the window. Next, go left to the cart and, using claw, cut the rope. Back to our home. There will be a place to his right, where can we get the board, pressing the E key and pulling to the left (t. is. holding the A key). Open up inventory and combine the rope with the lockaboutm. We return to our house with a sign and use the resulting structure. (Q key). We hit the roof. Go left and use the board, to move to another roof. We go left again all the way, jumping over the gap between houses. Reaching the right place (there will be a jug with a mug below), open the inventory and combine the threads and the pin. We use the resulting device (на Q). To drop the thread with a pin, hold the S key, until the pin hits the mug. Next, we raise it, holding the W key. Having received a mug, going back, we go down from the roof and go into the house with a sign. Pour milk from a mug into a bowl (using Q). Leaving the house, for the cat to come down, and go back. We take the key from her. Using the claw, tears poster on fireplace. We use the key and get into the shelter.

Episode 3 – Lair

We go down to the lair. We are talking with the brownie. After finishing the dialogue and monologue, take the hook from him (prosthesis on the arms) and insert into the mechanism on the wall. In the lower right part we find the wheel, press E and hold down the A key, to cover the light sources. We will see a highlighted place, where you will need to direct the hook on the wall. Remember this place and release the wheel (na and). We use the lever to the right of the mechanism (E key) and using the WASD keys move the hook to the desired location. Letting go of the lever (also on E) and hang the ring, directly above the hook. To hang the ring, grabbing hold of him, pressing the E key, and then pull down, using the S key. Next, go to the wheel again and darken the room.. Different parts of the mechanism will be highlighted in different colors. Remembering that area, which glows the same color, that our already suspended ring. We direct the hook there and hang the ring, located directly above it. We continue to darken the room, guide the hook to the color of the hanging ring, and hang new rings. When all the rings are hanging, the stairs will go down. We climb it.
We are in dialogue with the king and the servant. After the end of the dialogue, we automatically move to a new location. (border, entrance to the forest). Finished talking to the king, go right into the forest.

Chapter 2 – Step into the unknown

Episode 4 – Wooden idols

We are in the forest. We see a well – we shout at him.
Go right, until we see a tree with two fruits. Plucking the left fetus. Go right, until we see an oak tree with two levers and a closed hollow. Open up inventory and combine the dagger and fruit. We get the seed, which we insert into the hole next to any lever. We return to our tree and use a dagger on it. We pluck the remaining fruit and do the same with it..
By inserting the second seed into the hole, we get two working levers. The left lever selects the fruit on the tree, right – rips off. Using the left lever, choose the glowing fruit. Next, we use the cupcake on the hollow (the boy will knock and give the monster a cupcake). After that, how a monster will eat a treat, knocking again. While the shutters are open, we approach the right lever and pluck our fruit. We pick it up and go to the left into the house.
We go into the house and put our glowing fruit in the lantern to the right of the door. To the left of the door, take a shovel in advance. To find out the code from the box, which is on the table, go to the wooden toy in the lower right corner of the room and start it. We count, how many times does she knock to stop. We approach the box and translate the number of knocks into the number of sides. Correct code variant:two lines-quadrilateral-point-triangle. We get living water and leave the house.
We go left to the dug up earth next to the well. We use a shovel, we get the key. We approach the house and use living water on the idol. We speak to him 2 times, so he tell us, where to find dead water. After finishing the second dialogue with him, we go to a fragile tree, from which we plucked the fruits, and use a shovel. We get dead water.

Secret achievement: Talk to me

If you use dead water on an idol next to home, you will not be greeted. If you use dead water on it a second time, then get the achievement.Having received dead water, we go into the house. Open the right door with a key, we get one wooden from there and use dead water on it. We leave the house and take the wooden friend to the right to the bridge. We throw it into the water. We return home and repeat this procedure for the remaining wooden. When three are in the water, we can cross to the opposite shore.

Episode 5 – Cannibals

We go right to the incredibly cute house. We talk to a kind old woman and go to her house. We rejoice in life, until they give us a bone in the head.
We appear at a new location and talk to the guys. After finishing the dialogue, push the cage to the right, until we hit the toilet. Push the cage once to the left, and right again. We repeat this, until the toilet board breaks our door. Freed, go left and enter the house through the left door.
In the room that appears, we look for and take the key. When the old woman leaves to feed the disabled grandfather (before that he rings the bell), go to the central room and take a dagger from the shelf. We go to the right room and open the door. (it will be needed later). We go to the left exit and wait in the room again, while the old woman leaves to feed grandfather. We go up to the second floor and take a bowl with a spoon.. We go down and run to the exit, but not leaving yet. There are the following figures in the central room above the table.: month, web, pitchfork, bird. Pay attention to their colors:yellow, green, blue, red. Knowing this, leaving the room.
We go right to the small house. Go in. On the right we take gloves and two watering cans.. Go to the table on the left side of the room and insert the key.. Among the papers we are looking for a drawing with a month, cobweb, pitchfork and bird. Pay attention to the shape of the leaf next to each of the shapes.. We leave and find a bush next to this house. We pour it with an ordinary watering can – the shape of the leaf changes, multicolored – the color of the leaf changes. Do you understand, what is what? First month. We look at the drawing in the house, what is the shape of the leaf, located next to the month. Change, watering the bush with an ordinary watering can. And then we pour it with a multi-colored watering can, until the color of the leaves on the bush is the same, what color was the month in the old lady's house. Having got the correct leaf shape and correct color, collecting the sheet, using gloves on the bush. Do the same, to get other leaves. If done correctly, the main character says, what, most likely, turned out poison.
We go all the way to the left to the weeds. We use a dagger, to get a thorn. We return to the old woman's house. When she leaves to feed her grandfather again, we run to the second floor to the boiler and use our bowl of poison. We run to the first floor to the left room and wait, until the old woman feeds the old man with poison. Grandfather sends mistress, because of what she closes the door to his room. Now the old woman will move according to different tactics: she will only walk on the first floor, moving from the central room to the right one and back. When she drinks from her mug and goes to feed the bird, use a bowl of poison on a mug and a thorn on a chair. We wait. If done correctly, the old woman dies.
We take a bunch of keys from her and open a room with grandfather. We get from there the key from the cells. We go to the exit. When grandfather grabs us, we use a dagger on it.
We go out into the street, open cells and run home (straight).

Secret achievement: Cracker

To get this achievement, you need to use two wrong keys in a row. One key in the left room on the first floor in the old woman's house, second – her bunch of keys. This achievement does not require opening the locker in the desk. (that is, you need to remember the shape of the leaves) and, before opening a room with grandfather, go to the guys and use these two wrong keys on their cells. If done correctly, you will get an achievement.

Episode 6 – Animal rescue

Go right. We see a well – we shout at him.
We jump to the branch. Take a hanging knife (left) and a jug (case) in the tree house. Using the knife on the left lantern, we cut it down, to make it fall on the monster.
Then we go down the stairs from the tree, then, when the monster left. Go right, when we see a rope on a tree, we cut it down, using a knife. We hide in the bushes and wait, until the monster goes through and turns left again. Follow him. We go upstairs to the tree house and go to the right branch. We use the obtained rope on it. We wait, until the monster leaves, go down and use the pitcher on the rope (we hang it from below). We go upstairs. We raise the jug on a rope and wait, when the monster goes from left to right and gets close enough. We throw off the jug. We calmly go down and approach the girl, and then to the animal. After finishing the monologue and dialogue, go right to the river. Trying to get to the other side of the river. Back to the animal, we are in dialogue. After we take the girl and drag her to the river. Our character gets into the boat automatically, and you just have to wait for the arrival.

Episode 7 – Sleep

We are in place. We conduct a dialogue with local. Go to bed automatically.
In a dream in the fog, we are quickly looking for red bubbles, shrouded in weeds, and we pop them with our foot. It's over, when will it burst 4 such a bubble. Next, you just have to find the white glow that appears and leave the world of dreams..

Episode 8 – The escape

We wake up. Now our task is this: escape from these owls, trying not to catch their eye.

Secret achievement: Stealth Master

If you come across the same owl 15 times in a row, then you get the achievement.
We go right to the passage in the wall, making sure, that the owl on the floor will not notice us. Through it we get into the room “AND”. When the green artifact from above comes close to the owl, use the lever. Focus on the nearest dream catcher on the ceiling: when the green artifact is near the dreamcatcher closest to the owl, use the lever. If the owl looked up, run back to the aisle: you didn't succeed; come back, when the owl sits on the chair again. If the owl squints, we run to the right all the way, we take a hacksaw from the table and quickly run into the nearest passage, getting to the lower floor. Here, when the owl goes to the right, we leave and run to the left into the next room (do not run into the passage there, it's pointless). In the next room we notice a wheel, twist it, freeing the future path. Then we return to the room, where did they come from, we go into the passage, we run into the room “AND” and we run back into the passage, to get into the room “WITH”. We go to the right into the next room and with the help of a hacksaw we get the ball, embedded in the wall. Further in the same room we go into the passage, to get into the room “⊥”. There, when the owl goes to the left, we run to the right to the next room. We also extract the ball with the help of a hacksaw and return to the room. “∠”. At the right moment, we run to the left to the aisle with two concavities for balls. We insert the balls and go into the passage.
Once in the leader's room, switch direction from “WITH” on “S” and quickly hide behind the right column (since the alarm is triggered, which wakes up the main owl). As soon as the owl passed our column, run to the throne, grab the key and hide behind the left column. Making sure, that the owl fell asleep, go to the closet on the left side of the room and use the key on it. There is a puzzle waiting for us.
In my opinion, this is the hardest puzzle in the game. but, if you understand the principle, everything becomes easy. Keeping your hand on the pearl, we rotate numbers or an arrow, which indicates the selected digit after, how did we let go. First we rotate the numbers counterclockwise, then clockwise, and then the numbers, and arrow (one moves clockwise, other – vs). When an incorrect combination is entered, the three protruding pieces begin to rotate and then stop.. In this case, you need to pay attention to the fact, how they rotate. The wheel on the left rotates clockwise, wheel on the right – counter-clockwise, sun centered – so, so. The wheel on the left has 4 knitting needles, the sun in the center has 6 rays, and the wheel on the right – 8 spokes. First, when we enter the first digit, counterclockwise movement, means, we take into account the figure, which rotates the same. This is the right wheel, which has 8 spokes. Means, first digit of code – 8. Similarly, we find the following code digits. You should get the following code:846. If done correctly, pearl lights up green.
We turned off the alarm. Now we switch the direction near the aisle with “WITH” on “S” and we run there. Once in the room “S”, we run to the right aisle and go there. We head to the boat and get into it.

Secret achievement: Shadow

To get this achievement, you need to complete this episode less, in less than four and a half minutes.

Episode 9 – Surrounding the boat

There is a lantern on the boat on the right. We take it in our hands and scare it away with the light of freaks. Everything, what you need, – come up to freaks with a lantern, when they try to climb up to you. Hold on like this for awhile.

Chapter 3 – A source

Episode 10 – Cave

We are sailing. Going to the right again, until we see the cave. To open the passage, you need to solve the puzzle, by extinguishing the red lines on the four stones next to the cave.

Secret achievement: It's easy!

The puzzle can be easily solved, if you put your palm to stones with one burning red line. That is, first you need to put your hand to the second stone., and then – to the third. Voila! The passage is open! Only now you also have an achievement.
We pass into the cave. Go right, normally. We conduct a dialogue. We automatically run out of the cave. We wait, until the girl on the monster passes. We follow her.

Episode 11 – The rescue

Go right. We see a well – screams at him.
We go to the house. solving the puzzle, to open the door. To solve the puzzle, you need to get at the top, left and right cells key image, and at the bottom – butterfly image. You can change the drawing in the cells, moving the pebble in the middle up, to the left, right and down. When moving the pebble up, the image changes to the next one in the top and bottom cells, when moving left – in the left and right, when moving to the right – in the right and bottom, while moving down – at the top, bottom and left. Sequence of images: the sun – storm – key (or butterfly) – cloud.
We go into the house. We are looking for a knife on the central table and select. We are looking for a kettle on the table next to the fireplace. We take. We go up to the second floor. Free the guy on the left with the knife. We go down to the first floor and leave the house.
We wait, until the girl with the monster passes. We go right to the bridge, we pick up mushrooms and return to the house. We go up to the second floor. We open the inventory and combine the mushrooms and the teapot. We give the guy on the left tea with mushrooms.
We conduct a dialogue.

Secret achievement: Care

If you wait after completing the dialogue with the saved boy 15-20 minutes, and then go down, go outside and then return back to the second floor, the boy will no longer be there (apparently, it got better and he left), and you will get an achievement.
We go down to the first floor, we take the can from the fireplace and return to the second floor. Freeing the guy on the right with a knife. We catch a butterfly in a jar. We go down and go outside. We go to the monster lying to the right of the house and release a butterfly next to it. Go right, leading our monster to the stone slab. Move the slab and go down.

Episode 12 – Descent

Let's go down. As soon as the girl noticed us, run to the right and close the door behind us. After we run to the right all the way, climb the stairs and close behind us again. We run to the left to the wheel. Spin the wheel, thus opening up the future path. We run to the right again, go up the stairs, close behind us. We run to the right until it stops, take the key and run to the left until it stops. We jump down, as soon as the monster opened the hatch to us. We run to the castlein near the wheel and use the key to open the passage down. We go down and run to the left to the girl in the room.

Secret achievement: Naive boy

If at this moment you do not run to the left (to the girl), and straight (to the closed door), then the monster will catch you, and you will get an achievement.
We are in dialogue with the girl. Having finished, take the key from her. We go right to the closed door, open it with a key, we go to the stairs, we go up.

Episode 13 – Church

Go right. We see a well – we shout at him.

Secret achievement: Screamer

If you shouted into the well in the fourth, sixth, eleventh and thirteenth episodes, then you get the achievement.
We go to the right and enter the church. From the seat we select a tablet with notes and go out into the street. Approaching a musical instrument, put the notes and start playing, paying attention to, what keys work, and what – not.

Secret achievement: Tokkata

To get this achievement, you need to play the beginning of the toccata and fugue in D minor AND. FROM. Baha (we see a fragment of this work in the sheet music). However, not all so simple: many keys don't work, and they, what work, don't sound like that, as should. Therefore, you will have to select the fragment by ear., rather than play it by sheet music. If you are not a musician, i can make your life easier. Mentally number the white keys from 1 to 14 from left to right and play the next combination:14 13 14 13 12 10 7 6 7.
Back to church. Paying attention to the church stained glass window, go to the lectern on the right side of the room and solve the puzzle. Solving the puzzle (move red artifacts, nested in quads):up-right-left-up.
The elevator goes down. We go up on it, take a torch and start lighting candles.

Secret achievement: Let there be light!

Light all the candles on the chandelier.

Secret achievement: My head is not dizzy?

Quench 20 candles.
To get ahead, light those candles, which correspond to the operation keys on the instrument. That is, light the following candles (numbering from left to right):1 3 5 6 7 10 12 13 14.
If done correctly, another candle appears below. We go down and automatically light it up. Next, we conduct a dialogue, at the end of which we leave the church and head left to the well. As soon as we leave the church, we see the girl with the monster again. The girl runs up to a musical instrument and begins to play with stops. Your task: carefully go left only then, when a girl plays an instrument (so she won't hear your steps). Reaching the well, we go down there.

Episode 14 – Swamp

We leave the well. We go right to the swamp. We carefully redirect through the swamp, avoiding pop-up bubbles (in these places we drown) and not staying long in one place. Reaching the bridge, we go along it and come to the hut.

Secret achievement: The drowned man

To get this achievement, you need to drown in three different places: in the swamp to the left of the well, in the swamp to the right of the well (through which we go) and in the swamp to the right of the hut.
Reaching the hut, knocking on the stone door. After that, we run to the left to the reeds and hide in the left bush. When the kikimora passes and starts sniffing, we run across to the right bush. When the kikimora examines the left bush, will pass right and start sniffing again, we run across again to the left bush. When the kikimora stops studying the right bush and goes to the right, follow her to the door, we wait a bit and knock again. We immediately hide behind a rotten stump near the house. When the kikimora sniffs, we are not afraid: she won't find us. When she goes to the left, immediately follow her and hide in the right bush of reeds. She will go to the right, without even sniffing. As soon as she walks to the right, follow her, we wait a bit and knock on the door again. Again we are hiding behind a rotten stump. We wait, when she stops sniffing and goes to the left, we run after her and hide in the right bush. Expect, when she goes to the right, follow her to the door, we wait a bit and knock for the last time.
P. S. If you have your own version of the passage of this moment, you can share in the comments.

We conduct a dialogue with the wizard. He tells us, how to destroy evil and sends us to the right place.

Episode 15 – Final

We go into the cave.
We conduct a dialogue, after which we have to make a choice: refuse to destroy evil, to reunite the family (hold A) or destroy evil, by killing a member of his family (hold D). For your choice you will receive the corresponding ending with the achievement:Dark Side or Exodus Dark Side or Exodus.
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