Don’t Forget Me: 100% achievements. Complete game walkthrough.

This guide will guide you through and getting all the achievements of the game..

All twelve achievements can be obtained in one playthrough, so I put them in chronological order of receipt, to make it more convenient for you. If this is your first time playing the game, just follow the guide in parallel with the passage. In case, if you suddenly missed any of the achievements during the first playthrough, then after completing the game you will have the opportunity to replay any chapter of the story, and you can easily complete the missed achievement.

I tried to make this guide without unnecessary details in terms of history and plot., so that you are not afraid to learn about any events in advance, but still I will warn you, that there are minor spoilers in the manual - be careful.

Quite possibly, there may be inaccuracies in this manual, errors or omissions, therefore, I will be glad to any feedback about the manual and will be separately grateful for your help in improving it and fixing errors.. Hopefully, that it will fulfill its task and help you in passing, Thank you, what have been here!

The work is calling

You have recreated the first chain of memories..
This is a story achievement., impossible to miss. Below is a hint to walk through the word search, if you have any difficulties.

What for…

You have recreated Ederel's chain of secret memories..
In addition to the main chain of memories, each character can open a secret…

In this case, at any moment of opening new words in the chain, you need to enter the secret word “GAVEL». A chain of secret memories will open to us, in which we can open all the words.

You can enter the secret word at any time, you will still be allowed to complete the main chain, the main thing is not to enter the word "OUTPUT», while you have unfinished business.

Let them figure it out

You decided not to join the "Forgotten" and stepped towards the unknown.
After that, how will you read Ederel's memory, he will offer you to join his movement - we just refuse and get a secret ending. Then you can replay the chapter and choose a different answer..

Fran fired first

You hit the bull's eye.
When you first hit the bar with Brendan, you will be able to approach the darts, hanging on the wall and play the game. Getting there the first time may not work, the main thing - do not spam skipping dialogue.

Why are you doing this…

You have recreated Per's chain of secret memories..
Do the same, as with Ederel. We go through the main chain of memories.

Then we enter the secret word “RECORD"And go through one more chain.

My name is Ace Santoro

You got three sevens.
When a man with a hat visits your clinic, who will ask you to erase his memory, agree and fall into his memories. There will be a slot machine right at the entrance, try to play and knock out three sevens. If you failed to knock out "7-7-7" the first time, try again.

The mafia has a long memory

You learned the truth about Alexander.
We do not refuse a man in a hat to erase his memory and plunge into his memory. We must feel the coat and read the note, lying in it; chat with the cat and find out its name; turn on the computer (password "Luck») and look through the card index of debtors in it; turn on the phone, lying on the table and find a name in it Alexander Branger; walk up and examine the cybernated corpse, as well as the device lying next to it. After the actions taken, it will be possible to get out of the man's memory (for this you need to go to the exit from the establishment). Then we wake up the man in the hat and demand an explanation from him.

B means hair

You put on a wig.
When a woman visits your clinic, wishing to delete her memory, we agree to the procedure and immerse ourselves in her memories. Near the entrance to her house there will be a large apparatus with a bubbling liquid inside.. We interact with him and choose any wig.

Mother's love

You learned the truth about Manuela.
We agree to carry out the procedure with the removal of the client's memory, lost her son, plunge into her memory. We approach the box near the window, open it and read notepad; we approach the shelving, read the article about phenytoin; chatting with the cat, there is a photograph under it, examining her; interact with boxes; approach the photo frame, get a flash drive; insert the USB flash drive into the computer, enter the password "Ushastik». After that we can return to reality, talk to a woman and decide, what to do with her.

Do not rush to decide the fate of a woman, since this decision is related to achieving “Friend of my friend», see below.

Friend of my friend

You helped Bernard renew his friendship with Per, and she saved you from Edward.
When a patient visits our clinic, wishing to erase her memory, we need: or refuse her, or, learning the truth, don't erase her memory. In this case, visiting the bar for the second time in a conversation with Bernard, he will mention his connection with Per and enlist her support. Achievement will not open immediately, towards the end of the passage.

Why are you doing this, Havel?

You recreated the chain of Edward's secret memories..
Doing everything the same, as before - we go through the story chain and discover a secret.

The secret word to enter the chain of secret memories: «ASCENSION».

Do not forget me

You have completed Don’t Forget Me.
Finish the game, reaching the credits. You will get the achievement at the end of the game., regardless of your actions during the passage.
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