Cell to Singularity Evolution Never Ends: All Achievements [16/16] + Hidden achievements and codes for Darwinium

Everything 16 achievements + 9 Hidden, relevant at the time of writing (19.07.21)

A concise and clear guide to getting all the achievements in the Cell to Singularity game – Evolution Never Ends
Difficulty gettingNormal
Estimated time to get all achievementsfrom 40 to 70 hours
Having bugged achievementsNot
The game is developing rapidly, due to this, the number of achievements may increase with each update, this guide will be updated as new achievements are released


Major achievements

[1/16] First life
The first living organism developed
The very beginning of the game, it is necessary to open a prokaryotic cell
Evolutionary path to the Prokaryote cell:
Home Star ➔ Planet Earth ➔ Primary Broth ➔ Amino Acid and Nucleotides ➔ DNA and Protein ➔ Prokaryotic Cell
[2/16] Out of the Ocean!
Life has evolved, who can swim
Next, behind the prokaryotic cell, open the Eukaryotic cell, We study the sponges and go out to Medusa, with the appearance of the first jellyfish you will receive this achievement
Evolutionary path to Medusa:
Prokaryotic cell ➔ Nucleus and Mitochondria ➔ Eukaryotic cell ➔ Tissues and Filtration ➔ Sponges ➔ Jellyfish
[3/16] Out of the ocean
Development of the first land animal
Reach the tetrapods, and develop 1 time, after the appearance of one tetrapod, you will be credited with an achievement
Evolutionary path to tetrapods:
Jellyfish ➔ Cnidocyte ➔ Radial symmetry ➔ Flatworms ➔ Bilateral symmetry ➔ Vertebrate ➔ Pisces ➔ Gills ➔ Cold-blooded ➔ Horntooth ➔ Tetrapod
[4/16] Dawn of the Dinosaurs
After the development of flatworms, you will find a fossil , these remains will help you move to the Mesozoic valley. To obtain the achievement, you must enter the Mesozoic Valley
[5/16] End of an era
After execution 3 tasks, a button will appear on top “Asteroid” you need to click on it
[6/16] First Technology
The first tool
Unlocked Idea Generator (Human brain) It is necessary to reach the monkey by Evolution and further develop the Monkey's Brain ➔ The first idea ➔ Abstract thinking инструменты Stone tools, after that the achievement is unlocked.
[7/16] First man
Develop a person
From monkeys, we continue to pump the evolutionary branch until we reach the addon “Homo erectus” after studying it, we will be able to pump a person, after pumping the first person you will get the achievement
[8/16] The end of the Singularity
There is a long way to go to the Singularity , Stone Age ➔ Neolithic ➔ Bronze Age ➔ Iron Age ➔ Middle Ages ➔ Age of Discovery ➔ Scientific Revolution ➔ Industrial Revolution ➔ Atomic Age ➔ Information Age ➔ Rover ➔ Emergent Age ➔ Singularity, You can go directly without pumping additional evolution lines. To get an achievement, you need to click on the Singularity and reset all progress, the game will start over, and you will get an achievement
[9/16] Reptilian relatives
A branch departs from tetrapods and mammals “Shell” it needs to be pumped, and also from tetrapods to pump a branch “Scaly epidermis” this will allow us to discover the Reptiles, from Reptiles to pump the branch of Archosaurs, then go to the crocodile, After leveling one crocodile, you will receive the achievement
[10/16] Ultimately Terraformed Mars
At the moment, the very end of the game in the primary simulation, you need to reach the Martian city and then pump the branch “Fully terraformed environment”, after pumping this branch, you will immediately receive the achievement
[11/16] Deja vu
see achievement 8 “The end of the Singularity”, to get the achievement you need 2 times to reset your progress in primary modeling through singularity
[12/16] Prehistoric research
The first tee-rex is created
We pump in the Mesozoic valley to the rank of 26, after which we will have the opportunity to pump Tyrannosaurus, if we don't get the achievement right away, we drop the asteroid and start pumping 27 rank.
[13/16] Bird Ancestors
Opened birds
After receiving 23 rank in the Mesozoic valley , in the primary modeling, the possibility of pumping birds will open (Through the archosaur line) After you get the birds, your achievement, if the achievement is not issued , continue to pump the branch of birds
[14/16] King of the jungle
Feline open
In the primary simulation there will be interference that can be bought for metabolites Unlocking all the interference, the very last will be the silhouette of a lion, buy it and get an achievement
[15/16] Tsarist assassination
Gigantosaurus created
In the Mesozoic valley we reach 48 rank, there we will have the opportunity to pump the last dinosaur at the moment (Gigantosaurus) do it, after which we drop the asteroid and get the achievement
[16/16] Shark week
The game has a daily login reward, the ultimate reward is the question mark, when you receive it, you will receive a Shark, everything in the game 6 sharks of different species , you will receive each shark on the 14th day of arrival, it is important not to miss days.

If you are too lazy to enter the game 84 days without missing, then you can use time rewind on your device.

Hidden Achievements
At the moment in the game there are only 9 hidden achievements
[1/9] Shark week
All sharks unlocked
Echoes the achievement of the same name, you need to collect everything 6 shark species and your hidden achievement

[2/9] King of beasts
Click on Archie
Archie can be found in the Mesozoic valley, he stands next to Tyrannosaurus, to get an achievement, you just need to click on it

[3/9] Ape
Monkey dab done
Find the monkeys and click until the monkey dabs

[4/9] Voyage on a ship “Beagle”
Galapagos Islands Discovered
This hidden achievement overlaps with another achievement. “Bird of Paradise”
To get it, you need to click on the bird of paradise and follow it , she will lead us to the Galapagos Islands, there will be a statue of Darwin, you need to click on it

[5/9] Archie-olog
Archie's fossil found
Click on the lion, turn the camera and click on the bones lying on the ground, this is Archie's remains 🙁

[6/9] Bird of paradise
Click on the bird of paradise
see achievement 4 (Voyage on a ship “Beagle”)

[7/9] Amazonian dolphins
Mysterious river dolphin found
Clicking on the crocodile, a dolphin splashes far away from him, he sometimes jumps out of the water, just click on it

[8/9] Speed ​​demon
Singularity limit reached before 5 minutes
Need to reset progress (Singularity) and during 4 minutes 59 sec ( possible earlier) upgrade our modeling to the Singularity itself

[9/9] Gotta go fast
Singularity limit reached before 120 seconds
We also reset the progress and it is necessary HIGHLY quickly level up to singularity in 1 a minute 59 sec(possible earlier), your fastest singularity can be tracked by the Reality Engine(screen below)

Codes for Darwinium
Codes are current at the time of the release of the manual, due to their irrelevance, they will be removed from the manual or replaced with new ones.

1. JUNO – 20 PC
2. ORBIT – 20 PC
3. ARIES – 20 PC
4. BOOST – 25 PC
5. DEPTHS – 25 PC
6. AQUA – 25 PC
7. DARWIN – 25 PC

Enter all codes with CAPSOM in the appropriate box, below on the screen

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