Metro 2033: Obtaining an achievement “Stalker”

In this guide, I'll help you complete the achievement “Stalker”


First, let's analyze the description of the achievement.
“Find all stalkers' caches in the levels "Dead City 1" and "Dead City 2".
Means, you will have to look at two locations. Fortunately, one location is very short.
So, let's start searching for all stalkers' caches in these locations.
Well, I would be pleased to get steam points for this.)

Dead city 1
At the beginning of the location, look for this passage.
There is a stretch with a log, be careful.
Further after your contact with Black, go to the elevator
After we go further.
Remember, in some moments, the guards can be left alone. It is enough just to crawl past them.
On the way, you may notice a sign “Hairdresser”, we climb there.
After the second contact with Black, move on.
After you hear the flashback again, come to the corpse, then turn the camera to the right. Go to the end of the store behind the stash.
Go ahead…
After you get to the moment, where is the Demon (personally Bourbon calls him bitch :D)
turn the camera back, there will be a minibus waiting for you. By the way, the demon can be killed “Velcro”
We go further into the house.
This passage is impossible to miss.
Move to the Dead City 2…

Dead city 2
For those who pass the game on Ranger Hardcore difficulty, advice.
Once you boot, turn back.
Further down the road, you will see this gap.
Radioactive water, I say right away).
Further after meeting with Bourbon, go in the opposite direction from Bourbon.

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