Highrisers: Explanations, what and how in the game for beginners. (Spoiler alert)

Leadership in work, so please do not be offended, if there is little or nothing important.

A game about that, how to spend time wisely, and get away with your feet. At the moment, you will not be able to greatly pump characters. Trite lack of food will crush you. The game has a mechanism for growing food, but it works through the stump deck, and until the authors finish it, messing with it sheer masochism.
Skill points come one every morning. Level 2 skills can only be downloaded, when at least one level of any skill has already been pumped in for all characters. The default food is given for about 4 – 8 days. So, what do you count on 4 – 8 skill points, ie. you really will get drunk 1-2 skill level 2 for a couple of characters. Since. the game has scarce resources then, the variety of pumping will be limited to, that you have to train a chemist to get aluminum. Remember this.


Purpose of the game?

Repair and refuel the helicopter.
I will emphasize, that almost any approach is correct, if you are interested in playing. Play like this, as you want. In the guide, I will only give a hint to those who are bombed from misunderstandings in the game.

What is needed for repair?

  • Repair parts.
  • Food for that, to feed the characters.
  • Weapons to defend against zombies.
  • Fuel, to fly away.

We disassemble furniture and equipment. We collect the necessary parts, we drag them to the area near the helicopter. We choose, what to fix, I do. Do not refuel the helicopter until it is repaired.! The game goes crazy, and may fail after that. In addition, zombies will become more active.

We carry fuel from barrels in canisters. Fuel barrels red. Canisters too. Number of canisters, their location, location and availability of fuel in drums, this is all randomly generated at the beginning of the game. The task of refueling a helicopter can easily turn into an impossible task.. If barrels or canisters are located on levels with a lot of zombies. Or just low enough. It is almost impossible to break through numerous zombies. Serious weapons need pumping, and you need food to pump. Food on 4 – 8 days. So, what if we couldn't immediately collect materials and fuel, then start over.

The mechanics of the game do not provide for pauses and save points. You can just quit the game, then to continue from the same place.

Can i save? Cheat only.

  • Save. Play. If a, Something went wrong, then kill the game process. For example using the task manager.
  • Find the save file yourself. Copy it. When you want to roll back, overwrite the current.

Where are the save files, and I don’t want to tell you how to use the task manager. If you really need, I think you'll figure it out for yourself


There is a hunger indicator below the health bar. If it is completely empty, then the characters will gradually lose health, until they die. How to eliminate hunger? Drag to hero portrait: Cans of beer, Burgers, Fruit, Canned food. Food does not spoil. Water is not needed to fight hunger. Water + fertilizers are needed, to feed plants in pots. Moreover, water will also be needed on the table for chemical reagents.


The skyscraper is literally full of all kinds of junk.. Almost everything can be taken apart into its component parts.. However, not all resources are created equal.! There are resources, who are more important than others. Resources – these are initial conditions randomly generated by the game. So, that you can seriously get into, if you do not have time to collect them in sufficient quantity.
It is important to see immediately, what is in abundance, and what is not enough. Grab what's important right away, and drag it higher.

Rare resources
There are very few of these resources on the map..

High quality steel.
Icon looks like regular steel, but with sequins.

  • Need to: For helicopter repair 2-4 pieces. Complex weapon assemblies.
  • It turns out: Disassembly of units on workshop floors. In theory, you can get it in the laboratory.. In practice, you will not have enough time to upgrade your skills..

Yellow tubes.

  • Need to: For helicopter repair 2-4 pieces.
  • It turns out: Opening boxes, or found on the ground or in closets. In theory, you can get it in the lab. In practice, you will not have enough time to upgrade your skills..

Foil roll icon.

  • Need to: For helicopter repair 6-8 pieces.
  • It turns out: Opening boxes, or found on the ground or in closets. Understand: bicycles, laundry dryer, dishwashers in the kitchen. You can get it in the lab. Wherein, unlike other rare resources, it is quite possible to do it.

For obtaining in the laboratory. Train the required skill of the 2nd level to the chemist. Find the metal, or disassemble any metal object on the table in the laboratory. For successful receipt, be sure to MANUALLY place a large charged battery and a plastic bottle of water on the table in the laboratory. The game does not understand well batteries and devices. After that, make the missing aluminum with the help of the laboratory., like other things.

Regular resources:

Three gears icon.

  • Need to: For helicopter repair 5-7 pieces.
  • It turns out: Opening boxes, or found on the ground or in closets. Understand: vending machines, simulators, dishwashers, ventilation, skeletons of aggregates. Can be made on a workbench, but it may also be corny not to have enough skill points.

Metal rods.
Three rods icon.

  • Need to: For helicopter repair 8-10 pieces.
  • It turns out: While on the ground or in closets. Understand: barbells and dumbbells, metal racks, hand trainers, antennas.

Metal sheets.
Notched metal sheet icon.

  • Need to: For helicopter repair 24-30 pieces.
  • It turns out: While on the ground or in closets. Understand: Ventilation, refrigerators, metal racks, metal furniture, aggregates.

Easily accessible resources:

Needed: for helicopter repair 6-10 pieces. To build barricades. Weapon assemblies.
A source: disassembly of almost any furniture, pallets, wood waste.

Need to: Mainly for making polearms.
It turns out: Digging up piles of wood debris. Ripping apart the sofas. Special, if after the first stage it turns into a frame made of rails. Rake or mop can be disassembled.


It's best not to do it..
At the moment, the game does not reward good weapons. Ideally, get hold of them for free. Fire axes can often be found. Initially, this is the best weapon. They can destroy food machines. Also a useful piece of a sledgehammer. Machete, bits, and so on. lying on the floor.

Firearms can sometimes be found by dismantling corpses, or on the floor. Few cartridges. There are two types of cartridges in the game. For shotguns there is in the cabinets, but a little. For guns, pistols and machine guns need to be made in the laboratory, but now it's not easy. It may be trite to not have enough time to fiddle with cartridges.

The only weapon, worth doing, this is the pole! The reason for this is simple.. You can only stand on the barricade with a shotgun or polearm. Shotgun is buggy, and does not always damage, eating bullets. Therefore, a spear or analog can be made.

Situational, you can make a crossbow. It needs ropes. If you see an arm trainer or ropes on the shelves, that is, it makes sense to get confused. Spends cogs instead of arrows. It helps the wounded character to stand out of the junkyard and shoot well. Theoretically, you can make ropes on a workbench.. In practice, you get bored.

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