Beholder: All characters and what became of them

In this guide, we will learn , what happened to the characters

Read spoilers here at your own risk.


Beholder 1

In the first part about 39 characters including police, etc.. d

Yakov Manishek- appears in Beholder , dls blissful dream , trailer beholder 2
Description- Doubtful type
Dls Blissful Dream – He worked as a chemistry teacher, but because of one tragedy he was kicked out of work , the family left him
Beholder 1 – Drinking , plays gambling and smokes as well as injecting drugs. Hamit Karl Stein
trailer beholder 2 – was shot

Klaus Schimmer- appears in Beholder , dls blissful dream , mentioned in beholder 2
Description-Former owner of this home
Dls Blissful Dream- Lost a child due to one tragedy , Hector Medina steals the absentee ballot from him , worked as an economist
Beholder 1- With him there are four options for solving his problem, how to act is decided by the player himself ,works as a tobacco seller , gives books for study
mentioned in beholder 2- Mark Ranek talking , that Karl handed over Shimmer to the authorities

Maria Shimmer – appears in Beholder , dls blissful dream
Description-The wife of the former owner of the house
Dls Blissful Dream - Literature Teacher ,participates in the task of finding parents
Beholder 1- Gives a pan , most likely died due to the arrest of Klaus

Mark Ranek- appears in Beholder , dls blissful dream , Beholder 2
Description-Honored Worker of the City Archives
dls blissful dream-can find out the real parents of Zlata , works in the Archive , possibly rewrote his real age to Hector
Beholder 1 -works in the Archive , can help with the absentee ballot ,however, then you will be fined for an absentee ballot , Looking for her missing glasses , which Patrick stole
Beholder 2 – tells , what happened to Karl's family and the fate of Shimmer

Rose Ranek- appears in Beholder , dls blissful dream , Beholder 2
Description-dearest old lady
dls blissful dream- She is very cold can take the potion of Khan Van Megeren
Beholder 1- Mentions his son in the capital , give aspirin in exchange for a cardigan
Beholder 2- tells , what happened to Karl's family

Alloisy Starling- appears in Beholder , dls newspaper blissful dream , Beholder 2
Description- According to him – he is a famous heart surgeon
Beholder 1- dispenses whiskey , antibiotics for money, looking for a girlfriend there is a choice of Sarah Vottermach or Clara Jacquet , may issue cruise tickets
Beholder 2 - recounts , what happened to Karl's family

Jones Popanedo - Appears in Beholder
Description-Stern and taciturn sailor
Beholder 1- gives canned food for sale , can leave with Shimmer

Izadorozh Bryukic - appears in the Beholder
Description-Typical student. Hungry and nervous, thinks, that he is smarter than everyone
Beholder 1- Tells why he has such a name , expelled from the university , need to give him a box from Danton , he looks like he is the killer Aral Johnson , was most likely arrested at the end of the government's victory over “new tomorrow”

Sara Wottermach - Appears in Beholder
Description-Rose Ranek's niece. A stately and solid woman from all sides
Beholder 1-You can get arsenic by talking , her real name is Vera Renzi , wanted for multiple poisoning. works as a teacher, can poison Shpak and Karl

Clara Jaquet - Appears in Beholder
Description-Judging by the ad in the newspaper, Clara the big adventurer. You can expect anything from her
Beholder 1- can live with Alloisy Shpak , in the future Alloisy Shpak wants , for Karl to evict Clara ,then can give Karl cruise tickets

Clara Waolner - Appears in the Beholder
Description-There is a light temper, constantly laughs and dances
Beholder 1- Same character as Clara Jacquet , if you kick her out when she lived with Alloisem Shpak, she will tell you how she got out of prison , cheating on Bastian Volner

Bastian Wolner - Appears in the Beholder
Description-Dedicated his life to drawings and diagrams. Masterfully owns a compass
Beholder 1- He has a blueprint for an atomic bomb to hunt for Albert Meinicke ,asks to follow his wife , if you shield her then Bastian will hang himself , he will give us a blueprint for the bomb if we tell , that his wife is cheating . Most likely he hanged himself since the war did not end .

Theodosius Rouen–appears in Beholder
Beholder 1-Chief of Bastian Volner , Cheats With His Wife Clara Volner

Albert Meinicke - Appears in Beholder
Beholder 1-can be recognized , that he is not dumb , will give liberspit if you help him with the blueprints of the atomic bomb (if Martha does not need a liberspirst, then he will not give it) , he is a spy of another country , the war continued like this, most likely he was arrested .

Dora Noel–appears in Beholder
Description-A young girl with sadness in her eyes
Beholder- 1-music teacher, ask for sleeping pills , tell how her husband beat her , asks for a gun , will kill Bruno Noel after killing her will be arrested. Then she will send a note to the mailbox

Bruno Noel - Appears in Beholder
Description-Seemingly stern man. maybe, Dora spoke the truth…
Beholder- 1 Dorey Noel will be killed , afraid of weapons

Leo Gvizdek–appears in Beholder
Description-Won the National Labor Lottery
Beholder- 1- asks for a tie , unknown asks , so that he invest in “Horns and hooves” , asks Karl where to invest , if we ask to invest in “Horns and hooves” then he will burn out and lose money .

Sonora Vojko–appears in Beholder
Description-Fussy and fussy woman
Beholder- 1-Appears after we advise Leo Gwizdek to help his family

Margaret Sauer–appears in Beholder
Description-In appearance – ordinary old lady
Beholder- 1-Works as a Librarian , doesn't like noise , possibly to blame for the explosion

Andrzej Rothaar–appears in Beholder
Description-Carries his cane everywhere. The jaw is clenched, like he's ready to attack
Beholder- 1- Volunteer at the front , love to kill people can be involved in the explosion of the propaganda machine .

Nathan Kehler- -appears in Beholder , dls blissful dream , Beholder 2
Beholder , dls blissful dream , Beholder 2 - Black Market Trader , in a blissful dream I wanted to buy out the house and convert it into a trading house

George Danton– -appears in Beholder
Beholder-works for “new tomorrow” , gives a box , to be given to Izadorozh Bryukich. Asks to track Anton Grubitz and give out his location in exchange for liber alcohol , also asks to kill the general and set up the propaganda machine to 101.9

Anton Grubits–appears in Beholder
Description-A close-up look and a slight squint give confidence in their invulnerability
Beholder-works for “new tomorrow” and the government , asks for scissors and paint , when his revolutionaries are caught, he writes a note to Karl asking for temporary shelter

Aral Johnson–appears in the beholder
Description-Famous and respected war hero
Beholder - Known for the operation “toucan” , George Danton asks him to be killed 3 ways

Georg Draiman–appears in beholder
Description-Working at the border tempered this man
Beholder-works at the checkpoint , makes it possible to travel from the country

Christa-Maria Drayman–appears in beholder
Description-Calm and sweet woman with a charming smile
Beholder-Works in the Goldsmith

Inga Birkenfeld–appears in beholder
Description-Works in a research laboratory
Beholder-Works as a chemist after her settlement, unidentified people throw a bomb into the washing machine , after neutralizing her, unknown people ask her to kill , you can talk to her about salvation from the unknown

Gerda Birkenfeld–appears in the beholder
Description–She whispers something all the time. Something about our Dear Leader
Beholder-She's brainwashed , can be turned against the mother

Jeanne Erne - Appears in Beholder , dls blissful dream
Description-Work drummer and muse of Georges de Latour.
dls blissful dream-Georges de Latour asks , to make her love him, Khan van Megeren made a potion , but she fell in love not with Georges, but with the Motherland
Beholder-Comes and demands a contribution in exchange says where it is better to bet on the wise or on the stupid , if you didn’t make a contribution and chose a wise one, you will still lose

Bruno Hempf - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream , Beholder
dls blissful dream-can poison Hector to the archive
Beholder-can save Karl

Karl's family

Karl Stein – appears in beholder , cut scene dls blissful dream , holder 2
beholder - The main character is all curled up by deeds
beholder 2 - As you know, Karl chose to save himself and made clones of him

Anna Stein - Appears in the beholder , cut scene dls blissful dream , mentioned in beholder 2
Description-Dear Spouse. Knows how to support and encourage. But it's better not to argue with her
beholder-Can sew a veil , requires an apple , aspirin , radio , heater , antibiotics , liberspirt
beholder 2-Uznaem , that she shot Bruno Hempf , but they immediately thrust into her 11 bullets

Patrick Stein - Appears in Beholder , cut scene dls blissful dream , mentioned in beholder 2
Description-my eldest son. Enrolled to study at the university as a mining engineer. Kind guy with a warm heart
holder -Student , stole glasses from Mark Ranek , made the quest chaos and anarchy , in love with Andrea Gorchik , wants to escape with her to South Borea
holder 2- I get to know , that he died in a mine collapse

Martha Stein - Appears in Beholder , cut scene dls blissful dream , mentioned in beholder 2
Description-My beloved daughter. With the birth of Martha, our life has become much happier., besides, we already knew a thing or two about parenting
holder- in the game she gets sick and needs antibiotics , and later liberspirt
holder 2- Find out , that Karl could not save up for liberol and she died

Dls blissful dream

In dls a blissful dream about 15 characters , which are only found in the add-on.

Hector Medina – a blissful dream appears in dls , cat-scene beholder
dls blissful dream-the main character has a son , for his age 65 years, however, the ministry says 85 , waiting for euthanasia , have a cat

Cat Warrant-appears in dls blissful dream
Description-my faithful friend
dls blissful dream- Khan van Megeren can give him a potion , so he speaks human

Johann Bessler - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Believes, that his inventions will change the world
dls blissful dream - asks Hector to decide on the choice of invention

Lionel Kramer - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Very polite and neat man
dls blissful dream-white gloved killer , can you help him with a suitcase

Murray Gibbs - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Tired and useless old man. Believes in his country
dls blissful dream-asks for a job from Hector , can give a sanitary book ,if you give Nogorost he will die

Han van Megeren - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Treatment with leeches. Long. Expensive. Painfully
dls blissful dream-buys mice , makes a potion , which damages

Courier-appears in dls blissful dream
dls blissful dream-comes for samples , wants a picture of a naked girl for out of turn

Christopher Danson - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Servant of the people, very sad in his spare time. It looks like he's very tired.
dls blissful dream-saved your father , afraid of the boss , if he drinks Khan's potion, he will die ,help you escape across the border

Gertrude Danson - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Something in her eyes is alarming. What is there, fear or cruelty?
dls blissful dream-can save Hector

Zlata Shimmer - Blissful Dream Appears in DLS
Description-Kind and funny girl. Adopted daughter of Maria and Klaus.
dls blissful dream-get into an accident , most likely stolen by Louise Manisek

Markus Manisek - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Stunningly similar to his father.
dls blissful dream-brother of Zlata Shimmeri , most likely stolen by Louise Manisek

Louise Manisek - Appears in DLS Blissful Dream
Description-Stays at home with his son due to poor health.
dls blissful dream-Most likely was the donor of Zlata , probably ran away with Marcus and Zlata

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