Void Bastards: Wasteland of Space Survival Guide

Here I will talk about the game-based game, I'll tell you about weapons, maps, mobs and many other things to make the game easier.

I am aware of this guide based on the fact that no one has made a normal guide to weapons and mobs, so I want to combine business with pleasure and make this guide about the whole game.
(Everything will be here except the dls, since I did not purchase it, BUT in the future I will update the manual and add a few words about the dls).


Welcome, prisoner

Hello prisoner, if you are watching this then you have been chosen to look for parts for a space ship “The ark” and you want to survive. First, you need to inform that the entire crew of the ship “The ark” was killed by pirates and you have to handle everything yourself. In this guide, you will learn about what surrounds you from weapons and about the enemies that you will meet in the vastness of the Sargasso Nebula..


If you don’t know what you are shooting from, you WILL DIE, you should not only know the enemy by sight, but also your ammunition should know no worse, on this look and delve into.




REGULATOR – long-range weapons designed for weak and medium mobs, for pirates with this doll you are a corpse.

Hole-maker – medium-close weapon that deals high damage at close range, shocker + hole punch = kill no damage.

BAKER – long-range weapon, chef don't take this weapon against sickly monsters.

KREPALO – medium-close weapon, an automatic machine with a large ammunition, which if you pump and take a perk for accuracy, it will slap the pirate like a fly, remember X-83, if you find a ship where it is indicated only that there are rivets, there should be more of them 2000.

SMOGOVIK – long-medium weapon, just a rocket launcher, 1 shot 3 corpse.


BARMALEI – a mine intended for ambushes or naughty if the doors are not locked.

VIRUS – poison novice who does not affect robots, want to do everything stealthily without noise? This is your choice.

BADABAH – if you want to kill someone without eye contact then you need it.

KESSETNIK – this baby in a small room will be very cramped, after it there is only a wet place.

IRRADIATED – a lead weapon that slowly kills even a robot, if you are a sadist with fast legs then your shoot tactic is run away.


SHOCKER – immobilizing an enemy is easy, but the robot is even lighter.

CAT – cute kitty who is able to distract anyone with her beauty, divert attention from yourself with it.

BREAKER – teleport the enemy to a closed room so that he does not interfere with anyone.

PUSHER – kill the enemy with your weapon, retract all shells, even missiles.

CODE – feud in the camp of the enemy is good, make once friends kill each other. (does not work for non-living organics)


Know the enemy by sight, or in the likeness of a person, in these places everything can be so be ready for everything. Let's move on to the most interesting.

most common enemy, very annoying and if he saw you he will not leave you until you close him or kill him somewhere. Any weapon will work against him..

Nasoil petty creature, 1 he is worthless but usually he is found in group 2B and it is better to reflash the turret against them and not waste ammo, but if there is no turret nearby, then any weapon with a large ammunition will do.

Walking… creeping mine, do not waste on 2 her form cartridges (2-I shape is called a firefly).
Mine with homing, explodes only when she wakes up at an intimate distance, subject to shooting for a Pushkin shot, since she spent much more in it than in the usual form.

A cowardly space dweller 3 will shoot and run away, it is recommended not to spend ammo on this individual.
the difference from the usual during a tactical withdrawal leaves behind focal mines.

A cunning creature that can be tricked with toxic and radioactive syringes, knows how to teleport to any side of you so look around if he sees you.

Cluster of 8 heads, rad-hiss are effective against them, rivets and bombs.

Surgical Experiment Error Firing Blue Bomb Clumps, keep this medical error away from you as it can only throw blue poison at medium range.
The improved version can make you vomit and see all the colors of the rainbow for a while, keep it away from you too.

This semblance of a secretary carries a shield and projectiles like rockets, against this bugaltersha, the rad-thorn gun works perfectly(it works even when you hit the shield) and bombs that are better to throw behind her back.

The fattest and most painful enemy against which you have to spend a lot of lead, do not waste ammo on it, it is useless, better use a cracker or encryptor.

These nedo raiders have plundered “The ark” and because of them, there is not a single normal person in the Sargasso nebula except hermits. if you see their ship, you better avoid, but if you met them, then either bombs will help you, whales or um-bombs or you have to meet them on tet a tet. They always know where you are on the ship, you will not be able to escape from them except to disconnect the pirate docking module after which you can leave them with the nose.

From MR.Foxe

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